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Camper Review: Kamper 2+2

The first time I met Henk Blaauw, he pulled into the parking lot in front of our office, his camping unit loaded onto the thundering V6 Hilux Raider.

Mountain Zebra Isuzu KB 300 2

Impression: Isuzu KB 300 D-Teq LX 4×4

I was probably one of the first people in South Africa to tow with the brand new Isuzu KB 300 4×4 double cab. In fact, the vehicle had just arrived in the Cape and was being driven by one of the top managers of Isuzu before we arranged to steal it away for our Mountain Zebra trip.

All-new Land Rover Discovery HSE TD6

The turbo-diesel engine pushes out a massive 600 Nm of torque; and there is the ability to reverse a caravan without having to touch the steering wheel, thanks to advanced towing assist function!

Discovererer ID2 Motorhome

Euro quality & style in SA

Fresh back from touring Scotland in a hired motorhome (and having owned a Jurgens Pioneer some years back), I find that I have developed a renewed interest in motorhomes.

Skipper Oyster Family

Trailer Review: Skipper Oyster Family

Skipper Tent Trailer. Three simple words that in my estimation seem inadequate to describe this compact home on wheels. Simple, easy to put up, comfortable, and with the side tent it is also very spacious.

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