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Citroën Holidays Redefines Van Life and Glamping with a Touch of Classic Elegance


Citroën Düsseldorf is reinventing the van life experience with the unveiling of the Type Holidays. This concept pays homage to the iconic Type H while incorporating modern features from the Citroën SpaceTourer. The result is an interior configuration that will soon be accessible through the forthcoming ‘Holidays’ range, to be offered by the Citroën network. Embodying freedom and sharing, Citroën’s commitment to the expanding campervan market is evident, drawing on the SpaceTourer’s exceptional qualities.

A Legacy of Expertise for the Future

Citroën has always embodied the spirit of movement and leisure, creating practical, ingenious, and affordable models that resonate with the ideas of escape and adventure. The brand’s profound understanding of leisure has positioned it as a significant player in the market – the second-largest supplier of motorhome-based vehicles in Europe. Demonstrating this heritage, the Type Holidays teaser transforms a SpaceTourer into a Type H-inspired vehicle, created in collaboration with Italian coachbuilder Caselani. Known for their ‘neo-retro’ Citroën designs, Caselani seamlessly marries the old with the new, highlighting the unique appeal of ‘van life.’

The Type Holidays teaser is an invitation to a distinct style of travel, standing out with its remarkable design paying homage to the legendary Citroën Type H. The modern design of the SpaceTourer naturally lends itself to carefree travel, with a flexible setup to accommodate solitary or shared experiences. The brand’s past ventures into the camper van realm with concept vehicles like Hyphen, Rip Curl, and The Citroënist laid the foundation for the brand’s expansion into the flourishing camper van market. The Type Holidays teaser previews Citroën’s robust commitment through the upcoming Holidays range, available across the Citroën network.

Investing in Lifestyle and Freedom

This investment resonates with a growing social phenomenon – a preference for freedom, nature, and independence within budgetary considerations. Enthusiasts who wish to wake up to breathtaking landscapes at their doorstep are turning to camper vans, which can navigate urban and coastal environments alike due to their compact size. With around 90,000 new camper vans sold in Europe annually, this ‘van life’ trend captures the hearts of the younger generation, offering unrestricted travel freedom combined with essential comfort on a competitive budget.

Unveiling the Splendours of the Citroën Type Holidays

The success of ‘van life’ hinges on thoughtful layouts and enhanced comfort, ushering in the era of ‘glamping.’ The Citroën Type Holidays harnesses the SpaceTourer’s virtues: spaciousness, comfort, quiet operation, dual sliding side doors for easy access, an independently opening tailgate window, and more. To outfit the van, Citroën partners with the leading specialist Bravia Mobil, who equips the Type Holidays with:

  • A pop-up roof accommodates a spacious bed.
  • A convertible bench seat forms a comfortable two-person bed and provides extra storage space.
  • Swivelling front seats for a versatile living space.
  • A complete kitchenette, including cooking facilities, sink, and fridge.
  • A folding table for dining or work, along with ample storage.

The Citroën Type Holidays promises a distinctive travel experience. With its blend of retro aesthetics and contemporary comforts, it’s your ideal companion for a stylish getaway. This teaser heralds the forthcoming ‘Holidays’ range, set to grace the Citroën network in the near future. Explore the future of van life – reinvented with panache and elegance!

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