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ATKV Buffelspoort Camping Adventure – A Perfect Weekend Getaway with the OKTO Cabana Gravellor Caravan


In early October, as the first summer heatwave swept through, Nicole Ostrom embarked on a memorable camping trip to ATKV Buffelspoort in South Africa’s North-West Province. Filled with excitement, she set out on a journey that unfolded as the perfect outdoor escape.

On a Friday, around mid-morning, Nicole bid farewell to Randburg, accompanied by her trusted companions – the Toyota Hilux Extra Cab 2.4 and the striking OKTO Cabana Gravellor. Her route guided her through the Cradle of Humankind, where the magnificent scenery captivated her, prompting multiple stops to capture it with her camera.

The OKTO Cabana Gravellor, celebrated for its stability and comfort, provided a smooth and graceful ride. The additional weight of the caravan hardly registered as it ascended the hilltops and crossed the Hartebeespoort Dam wall. Though slightly wider than the caravans she had previously towed, the Gravellor effortlessly navigated the narrow roadwork lanes, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Arriving at the resort marked the start of an exceptional camping experience. Nuzzled in natural beauty, the resort proved to be a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The staff, from reservations to check-in and the daily ground crew, was exceptionally warm and helpful. For those seeking assistance, it was readily available for setting up their campsites. The spacious campsite comfortably accommodated her single-axle, 3-berth caravan, while the nearby ablutions were impeccably maintained and spotlessly clean, ensuring a trouble-free stay.

The resort offered a variety of activities to enjoy, from swimming and cycling to the thrills of the supertube. Despite the school holidays ending, the resort maintained a pleasant level of activity, with reasonable noise levels and minimal waiting times at facilities. Children cycled along the winding roads during the day and evening, and as night descended, tranquillity prevailed, with crickets providing a soothing backdrop to the campfire’s dancing flames.

When it came time to set up camp, Nicole opted to utilise only the first roof of the full modular tent that came with the OKTO Caravan. This provided ample coverage for the slide-out kitchen unit and pantry cupboard, ensuring shade throughout the day. Inside the caravan, she discovered an unexpectedly generous amount of storage space in the OKTO Cabana Gravellor, which is actually the smallest of the gravel-road models.

Even though she camped alone for just a few days, she didn’t come close to filling even half of the available cupboards. She ingeniously employed sheet fastener clips to secure her bedsheet, which proved especially useful at the tapered foot-end of the large double bed. The high pop-up roof and large mesh roof vents allowed abundant natural light and ventilation, creating a comfortable, spacious, and homey atmosphere inside the caravan.

As the weekend ended on Monday, 9 October, the inevitable task of packing up emerged. The process was well-organised and straightforward, yet bittersweet. Leaving behind the memories created at ATKV Buffelspoort with the OKTO Cabana Gravellor proved to be a poignant challenge. With the tent stowed away, loose items secured inside the caravan, and corner steadies raised, she reluctantly began her journey back home, cherishing the enduring memories of a delightful camping getaway.

ATKV Buffelspoort delivered an unforgettable weekend filled with adventure, relaxation, and the sheer joy of camping. Ostrom’s journey underscores the natural beauty and comfort that South Africa’s caravan enthusiasts can savour at this gem of a resort. You can be certain she will return soon to create more memories in this paradise-like scenic setting.

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