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Comfort food always comes out tops! Cooking the tastiest tagliatelle and combining it with a mind-blowing mushroom sauce is a must for those cooler autumn evenings where the whole family comes together for this saucy dish. Always, yes always cook more than the serving suggestion in your Remoska Standard or Grand cooker because without fail, there will be those who pitch up like Oliver Twist for more. Put the oil, shallots and mushrooms into the Remoska and cook until soft. Add the sauce, fill the empty sauce jar with the water and stir in. Add the tagliatelle, stir to coat

Sometimes, the lightness of a fish dish is just what the doctor ordered. In this recipe, we delve into succulent salmon fillets, seasoned and cooked to absolute perfection in our Remoska cooker. Plan on having your entire meal prepared and ready for eating in under 30 minutes. Salmon with coriander and lime dressing – it’s zest at its best. Put the pieces of salmon skin side down in the Remoska. Mix together the lime zest and juice, honey, ginger, oil and coriander. Pour your zesty mixture over the salmon and leave for 10 – 15 minutes. Cook for approximately 15

There are few meals that can beat the flavour and delectable taste of a well-seasoned, delicious roast leg of lamb, cooked to perfection with salted roast potatoes in a Remoska cooker. Not only will your whole family be lining up for seconds and fighting over who gets to scrape out the last tasty bits bathed in gravy and meat juices at the bottom of the Remoska cooker, but your neighbours might also make a sudden appearance in the hope of being offered dinner. You’ve been warned! Trim any surplus fat from the lamb, lightly brush with melted butter. Cut a

Sometimes, all that is required to release the stresses and strains of life is a good Pasta Timbale. Let’s go comfort food! Pull out your Remoska Cooker and get going with the easy preparation of your delicious Timbale. The fragrant aromas emanating from your Remoska Cooker will attract many a hungry mouth. Be sure to make a few extra portions because there will be a long queue for second helpings. With such a wide variety of cooking options offered by the Remoska Cooker, it is without a doubt a must-have in every kitchen. Ingredients Standard 2L Remoska cooker Grand 4L

There is something so delicious about a succulent ‘sausage roll’ as we love to call it in SA. It’s certainly easy-eating at its best, and when prepared in the Remoska cooker, your Sausage Puff Delights will be the talk of the town. When you take your delicate, golden brown Sausage Puffs out of your Remoska cooker, you’ll have the whole family, as well as friends and distant relatives popping in to taste your scrumptious puff pastry delights. Be prepared for a sausage roll feeding frenzy! Ingredients Standard 2L Remoska cooker Pastry, puff 375g Mustard, Dijon 1tbsp Oil 1tbsp Onion, small,

This light and refreshing dessert offers the perfect balance of sweet and sour to tickle your tastebuds. It’s melt-in-your-mouth stuff, a fluffy delight that can easily be put together and baked in the 2L or 4L Remoska cooker with great success. So, get cooking good looking! St Clement is the patron saint of blacksmiths but after tasting this delicious dessert, you’ll understand that all burly hammer-wielding artisans have a softer side and that is … their love for a thick slice of St Clements Pudding baked in a Remoska cooker and washed down with a hot cup of tea. Ingredients

The Remoska cooker (Standard or Grand) makes short work of your favourite roast pork dinner, and it’s always cooked to perfection. When the roast is done and you reveal the aromatic delicacies within your Remoska, your family and friends will be expectantly jostling for improved positions in the food line, with their plates at the ready. Ingredients Standard Grand Flour 1tbsp 2tbsp Allspice ground 1tbsp 2tbsp Cinnamon, ground ½ tsp 1tsp Peppercorns Salt Rolled pork loin, boneless joint 1kg 2kg Apples, dried 175g 225g Pears, dried 175g 225g Prunes 110g 175g Sugar 50g 75g Orange juice 150ml 300ml Method Place

One of the great things about cooking in a Remoska cooker is that you can prep right into the pan. This roast chicken and vegetable dish is a perfect example of the ease of use of this cooker. And, who doesn’t love to tuck into a scrumptious roast chicken and veg dinner? Once the veges are peeled and diced and the chicken receives it secret spice rub, it’s time to sit back and wait for the fruits of your labour. The Remoska cooker certainly makes “roughing it” in the wild a lot easier. Ingredients Standard Grand Olive Oil 1tbsp 2tbsp

Getting your lamb shoulder cooked to perfection is as easy as preparing and cooking it in your durable Remoska cooker. Cook the rolled and seasoned lamb for approximately 60-70 minutes in the Remoska Standard cooker or 80-90 minutes in the Remoska Grand cooker. Just when you thought that delicious lamb shoulder needed hours of preparation and continual overseeing, along came the Remoska oven to make your camping and outdoor experience a whole lot easier. The smell of succulent lamb shoulder bathed in peppers, spring onions and lemon is enough to entice the hungry masses.   Ingredients Standard Grand Lamb, boneless

Gratin is a culinary technique in which an ingredient is topped with a browned crust, often using breadcrumbs, grated cheese, egg or butter. Gratin originated in French cuisine and is usually prepared in a shallow dish of various kinds. Ingredients Ingredients Standard Grand Potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced 500g 750g Salt and pepper Pancetta, diced 100g 150g Garlic cloves, crushed 2 3 Cream, whipping 300ml 450ml Cornflour ½tbsp 1tbsp Butter 15g 20g Cheese, Gruy`ere 75g 100g Method Cook the potatoes in a pan of boiling salted water for 2 minutes. Drain well and put into the Remoska. Season with salt

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