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BunduTec Launches New Affordable and Customisable B-Licence Overlanding Caravan in South Africa: BunduWarrior


In the dynamic world of overlanding and camping, where innovation is paramount, BunduTec has long been a name synonymous with quality. With a legacy spanning over two decades, this South African company has continuously pushed the boundaries, catering to the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

From their groundbreaking BunduTOP rooftop tent to their range of sought-after awnings and accessories, BunduTec has consistently delivered products that improve outdoor experiences.

A Legacy of Innovation

BunduTec’s journey began with their BunduTop rooftop tent in the early 2010s, revolutionising the overlanding and camping scene. This self-pitching rooftop tent, which operated effortlessly with the flip of a switch, offered unparalleled convenience to adventurers. Additionally, its unique design, boasting 360-degree viewing points, set it apart from traditional clamshell rooftop tents, making it a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

BunduTop Rooftop Tent.

Fast forward to 2024, and BunduTec has expanded its product lineup to include a wide range of overlanding and camping accessories, catering to the diverse needs of the outdoor community. Among their latest offerings is the BunduTrail, an EB-license overlanding trailer featuring the same innovative design as their flagship BunduTop RTT tent. Additionally, BunduTec manufactures a variety of high-quality and affordable awnings, popular among overlanding enthusiasts in South Africa and beyond.

BunduTrail EB Offroad Camping Trailer.

Introducing the Newly Launched BunduWarrior, A B-Licence Teardrop Caravan

The spotlight in this review is on BunduTec’s latest creation, namely the BunduWarrior. Representing a significant shift in focus for the company, this cleverly designed teardrop caravan targets the affordable offroad towing market in South Africa. Crafted from durable aluminium with insulated panels, this compact teardrop caravan is sold as a B-license leisure vehicle, eliminating the need for further personal license applications.

Click on the video below to take a look at the newly-launched BunduWarrior manufactured by BunduTec:

Unravelling the Features

The BunduWarrior boasts an array of features designed to improve one’s outdoor experience. With external dimensions measuring 3520mm in length, 1930mm in width, and 1750mm in height, it offers a minimal footprint, perfect for storage in garages or security complexes. Weighing approximately 550 kg, its lightweight construction reduces fuel consumption and minimises drag when towing, ensuring seamless travel across diverse terrains.

Customisable Comfort

One of the standout features of the BunduWarrior is its customisability, allowing owners to tailor their caravan to their exact preferences. With an impressive 80% customisability factor, adventurers can add their personal touch, ensuring a unique outdoor experience. Additionally, the interior sleeping area provides ample space for two individuals, offering a cosy retreat after a day of exploration.

Affordable Luxury

Despite its premium features, the BunduWarrior remains remarkably affordable, with a retail price of just R199,000 at the time of publishing. This base price includes essential features such as a custom-made double mattress, a 35-litre fridge/freezer, a gas burner stove, and a basic electric package. BunduTec’s flexible financing options further imrove accessibility, making the Teardrop Caravan an enticing option for variety customers.

Durability and Reliability

Crafted on top of a robust 3CR12 stainless steel chassis, complemented by a 1500 kg solid braked axle, the BunduWarrior promises unwavering performance across diverse terrains. With a departure angle of 36 degrees and all-terrain tyres, it is perfectly suited for offroad adventures, offering peace of mind to adventurers tackling rugged landscapes. Additionally, its aluminium construction ensures longevity and durability, resisting rust and wood rot even in harsh conditions.

Empowering Off-Grid Exploration

For those seeking off-grid adventures, BunduTec offers a range of power and water upgrade options. Customers can choose from 220V power, solar power, and inverter upgrades to meet their energy requirements. Similarly, water upgrades include additional water tanks and a gas geyser, ensuring added autonomy and comfort during extended outdoor sojourns.

Conclusion: Your Gateway to Adventure

In conclusion, the BunduWarrior emerges as a trailblazer in the overlanding, camping and caravanning industries, offering a compelling blend of affordability, versatility, and quality. Whether embarking on a weekend escape or a transcontinental odyssey, the Warrior promises unparalleled comfort, convenience, and customisation options. Backed by BunduTec’s legacy of innovation and quality craftsmanship, the Teardrop Offroad Caravan is poised to redefine the outdoor experience for adventurers worldwide. The amazing value-add when purchasing a BunduWarrior is that you can always upgrade the unit later when it suits your finances.

Click on the gallery below to see more features and images of the new BunduWarrior, manufactured in Southern Africa:

Caravan Base Model information

Full Product Name BunduWarrior
Licence Weight\Tare (unladen caravan weight) 550Kg
GVM  (maximum weight of caravan when packed) 750Kg
Legal packing weight? 200Kg
On-road\Off-road\Gravel Road Off-road
Caravan Licence B Licence
Axle Type Solid Braked Axle 1 500Kg
Chassis Material 3CR12 Stainless Steel
Body Material Aluminium
Caravan Berth (sleeps) 2 Adults
Caravan Length (external) 3520mm
Caravan Height (external) 1750mm
Caravan Width (external) 1930mm



Basic Electrical Package 12V
Battery 1X 100Ah LifePo4 Battery
Battery Charger 1X Victron DC to DC Charger
Fuse Box yes
Led Lights 2
USB Sockets 2
Hella Sockets ( 12v cigarette connector) 2


Standard Items

Tyres and Tyre Size All Terrain 265/70R16
Suspension 6-blade Leaf Spring
Kitchen External Hatch
Spare Tyre Included Yes/No (Tyre Size) Yes – Full Size
Gas Bottle + Size (kg) Yes 3kg
Gas/Electric stove (plates) 2-plate Gas Stove Supplied
Number of Entry Doors 2
Number of Windows 2
How many windows open 2
Does the caravan have a pop-up roof? No, Fold-out Front Section
Does the Caravan have stabilising legs? Yes – 4
Mattress Size Double – Made to Order 1900X1250
Mattress Depth 100mm STD Upgrade Available
Mattress type – Foam, bamboo, Spring, etc. Foam
Sold with Fridge/Freezer? Yes 35 Litre SnowMaster fridge/Freezer


Upgrade Options

Roofrack with Storage Compartments Mandatory for Awning or Privacy Suite
Awnings Extra
Bathroom Enclosure Extra – BunduRoom
Cutlery + Crockery Extra
Is bedding included? Extra
Kettle Supplied Extra
Privacy Suite Extra
220V Charging Package Extra
Solar Upgrade Extra
Inverter Extra
Geyser/Hot Water Extra
Water Tank 100 Litre Extra
Water Tank 55 Litre Extra
Air Suspension Extra
5 Litre Geyser (gas + shower head + plumbing) Extra
Hot Water Upgrade (geyser required) Extra
Battery Upgrade 1x100ah Extra
Battery Upgrade 1x150Ah Extra
Battery Upgrade 2X150Ah Extra
Air Conditioner Extra


The BunduWarrior aims to become a top contender in the B-licence off-road caravan market segment, catering to young couples who do not seek to obtain an EB towing licence, elderly
travellers who prefer something light and easy to tow, or young overlanders who are considering upgrading from their rooftop tent or canopy accommodations.

When comparing the costs of canopies, rooftop tents, and your base 4×4 vehicle with recovery gear, the BunduWarrior appears to be a more attractive and affordable option. This is especially evident when considering its compatibility with a broader range of towing vehicles. Additionally, one should compare the utility offered by a rooftop tent to that of this overlanding teardrop caravan. This off-road caravan is easy to store, and you can unhitch it when necessary, saving on urban fuel consumption. Moreover, you won’t need to dismantle your entire campsite for a day of game viewing. It is also quicker and easier to deploy than conventional canopies and rooftop tents. Furthermore, with six insulated sides, it offers greater security than a rooftop tent, boasting ample storage options and straightforward ease of use.

Rest assured, your wife or partner would prefer one of these towable units over conventional rooftop tent living or larger off-road caravans. Finally, this teardrop is 80% customisable, allowing you to make upgrades yourself or have the BunduTec team handle them based on your needs if you lack the time or technical know-how.

We believe this teardrop will excel in our leisure lifestyle and overlanding market segments due to its competitive price, availability, and customisation options, all backed by a well-known and reputable manufacturer.

Availability and More Information

For those interested in learning more about the BunduWarrior or seeking a quote, visit BunduTec’s website or contact one of their 110 outlets and fitment centres across Southern Africa, including Namibia, Botswana, and Kenya. Stay tuned, as this lightweight aluminium teardrop camper will soon be available nationwide, empowering adventurers to embark on unforgettable journeys.

To enquire about updated costing, standard features or optional extras, please use the contact form below to request an official quote. Alternatively, you can click here to redirect to their website, or call them on 063 872 7667.

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