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Modular Adventures Launches New Hogzilla Xpander Camper, Revolutionising Camping for Overlanders and Campers Alike!


Introducing Modular Adventure’s world-first Hogzilla Xpander Camper, the key to unlocking extraordinary camping adventures. This isn’t just a game-changer; it’s a game-starter, designed for outdoor enthusiasts looking to take their camping experiences to new heights.

Unparalleled modularity

What sets the Hogzilla Xpander Camper apart is its remarkable modularity. It is built to fit all bakkie brands and configurations without compromising your vehicle’s everyday utility. This means you can explore the wild during the weekend and return to your regular routine on weekdays without a hitch.

9 Unique functionality features that make the Hogzilla Xpander Camper a must-have:

  1. Enjoy a luxurious 180mm thick king-size foam mattress bed with a double-layered zip door made of canvas and mosquito net for a great night’s sleep.
  2. Stay dry with a weather-tight 360-degree awning for expansive shelter.
  3. Find personal space in the included privacy room for toilet and shower needs.
  4. Access food and drinks stored within a unique fridge drop-down slider, and enjoy an organised cooking experience with the built-in sliding pantry.
  5. Keep your camping essentials neatly organised with storage racks and boxes.
  6. Extend storage options with a bakkie cab and camper roof rack for additional space.
  7. Carry up to two emergency wheels with the spare wheel rack.
  8. Ample water supply with dual 40-litre water tanks.
  9. Keep your adventures powered up and stay connected with the included battery and electrical wiring setup.

Customisable extras

An array of customisable extras that cater for your specific adventure needs. You can tailor your Hogzilla Xpander Camper to match your outdoor passions. It’s all about making your camping adventure uniquely yours.

Comfort in the great outdoors

Picture yourself surrounded by pristine landscapes, cradled in the lap of nature, and basking in the sun in ultimate comfort. The Hogzilla Xpander Camper boasts a luxurious 180mm thick king-size foam mattress bed, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep after a day of thrilling outdoor activities. So, you can always look forward to rejuvenating sleep, ready to conquer new adventures every day.

Weatherproof shelter

The 360-degree weather-tight awning with side panels keeps you sheltered from the elements while allowing you to stay connected to the beauty of your surroundings. Rain or shine, you can enjoy the great outdoors without compromise. The Hogzilla Xpander Camper is your dependable shelter, offering protection and a front-row seat to nature’s spectacle.

Privacy and security

For those moments of solitude or when you need privacy, the Hogzilla Xpander Camper includes a 2 x 2-metre privacy room. It’s not just any privacy room; it’s designed with your comfort and security in mind. Featuring a double-layered canvas and a mosquito net, you can unwind, change, or take a moment to yourself, knowing you have a private space that’s both cosy and secure.

Effortless setup in under 10 minutes

This camper’s lightning-fast setup is a difference-maker in itself. From arrival to relaxation in under 10 minutes, it redefines what it means to embark on a camping adventure. No more struggling with complicated installations or wasting precious daylight hours. With the Hogzilla Xpander Camper, you can maximise your time enjoying the great outdoors.

Culinary excellence

A built-in pantry ensures that your culinary endeavours are not just enjoyable but also well-sorted. Preparing meals in the heart of nature becomes a breeze. You can keep your refreshments chilled with the convenient fridge drop-down slider. Now, you can savour your favourite meals, snacks, and beverages while immersing yourself in the beauty of the outdoors.

Off-grid pleasure

Backup water tanks and batteries ensure your off-grid experience is nothing short of pleasurable. You don’t need to compromise on essential amenities when exploring remote locations. With the Hogzilla Xpander Camper, you have the independence and reliability to venture off the beaten path, explore the unexplored, and discover the extraordinary.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revitalise your outdoor experiences. Get your Hogzilla Xpander Camper today and embark on the camping adventure of a lifetime. This versatile, modular camper is your ticket to discovering the full potential of your outdoor adventures. It’s time to improve your camping game and experience nature in a whole new way.

Discover the Hogzilla Xpander Camper. This is the very place where camping and innovation meet. Get ready to explore, relax, and make memories that will last a lifetime with this exceptional camper. Your passport to unparalleled camping awaits – are you prepared to take the plunge?

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