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Bush Lapa are well known for their off-road trailers and caravans and, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they recently launched their first brand-new caravan. The Bush Lapa Gravelroader. Built particularly with the family lifestyle in mind, this caravan has been designed for easy camping, offering comfort and convenience. It most definitely takes camp life to the next level. Unpacking and setting up camp with an off-road trailer can take time, fact! Recognising this gap in their range, Bush Lapa realised there was a need for an off-road caravan that could be set up quickly and easily. One that doesn’t come

Ever since I saw the new prototype, Jurgens Penta, late last year, I have been eager to get one for review. The older model has been a firm favourite for what seems like decades but, to be fair, this is possibly because it had very limited opposition capable of challenging it for the number-one spot. In fact, the original Penta has been around so long that it must surely be the yardstick on which all future Penta’s will be judged? You could correct me here, but in between the original and the 138, the Penta 135 GS was launched, with

2019 saw the introduction of some wonderfully good looking, South African-made caravans, really top of the range stuff for which I applaud our local manufacturers. They lifted the industry out of the ‘same old/same old’ doldrums by becoming caravan designers and manufacturers, launching innovative, stylish, modern products. So much so that, I believe, their caravans are good enough for display on the world’s biggest caravan stage in Düsseldorf. However, if I had to nominate the best caravan I saw in South Africa during 2019 it would be the imported Swift Atlantic. Now, let me establish from the outset that I

The name might be a bit of a mouthful, but before you go reaching for your German-made Enigma code cracker, the Evo 6 is much easier to decipher. The H in the new Stealth XHR’s name stands for hybrid, possibly the first time this word is being used among caravan manufacturers in South Africa, and this certainly sets the mind racing. If you have a thought process such as mine, you may have to cross your fingers and hope to be forgiven for illogical thinking… For we know ‘hybrid’ in the case of motor vehicles relates to a combination of

Pretoria Caravans, the agents for the Summit range of offroad trailers, has launched a new addition to the range, the Summit Karenga. This is a dedicated two-person offroad trailer with a side-folding, hard-top roof, to create increased interior height and sleeping space. The hard-top roof is ideal for attaching solar panels when camping off the grid. What sets the Karenga apart from the many other off-road trailers is the fact that it is built on a hot-dipped, galvanised steel chassis fitted with conventional leaf spring suspension. The body is steel framed for strength and durability, which is why it has

If style is what sets your pulse racing, then this new breed of gravel-roader – the Okto Gravellor – is just for you. Based on the award-winning Okto (winner of Best Caravan stand at the recent 4×4 Expo show), the Gravellor has the exact same floorplan. The only difference being, it has been given a dose of steroids, beefed up for trundling down dusty, potholed country roads for camping in exotic and exciting places. Mind you, it would be equally at home gracing the lush, green grass lawns of an upmarket caravan resort as it would looking out from the

As André van Helsdingen the designer and builder of the new Destination Wonder caravan explains, “The Wonder is not about camping but about having a holiday in style!” This eight-meter luxury caravan, with its fully independent suspension and twin oversized shock absorbers, is fully capable of taking you on any reasonable gravel road in the country. Actually, when I fetched the Destination Wonder for my more-than-a-thousand kilometre and 10-day camping trip André said, “Take it on any grond pad you like!” Just in case someone attempts Van Zyl’s Pass with his new Wonder, I thought I had better add the

Move over Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov and Bobby Fisher, there is a new potential chess grandmaster on the rise in South African caravan circles, and they have just declared “Checkmate”! While the people behind Crown Caravans have been in the caravan manufacturing business for a good few years now, they are expanding their horizons and want to take the current players head on. They have two new, conventional caravan models (non pop-tops) aimed at the upper end of the market where owners place more importance on interior space, a bigger permanent double bed, plus that of having their own exclusive

Bush Lapa relaunched their little Geitjie off-road caravan earlier this year after an almost seven year break. The new variant comes with a host of upgrades and improvements, providing ample sleeping space inside, a characteristic Bush Lapa exterior kitchen, off-road capabilities, and easy set-up. The Geitjie is the smallest in Bush Lapa’s range of ‘Goggas’ and, with a GVM of 750 kg, it is legally allowed to be towed with a B license. Bush Lapa promotes this “tiny but tough” caravan as “ideal for the light traveller or adventurous couple”. That said, earlier this year at the Caravan, Camp &

I rarely go to the caravan and camping shows, and now and again I get a bit miffed that I miss out on seeing all the exciting new products first hand. But as I drove up to the Custom Camper factory in Meyerton, I realised it didn’t really matter, since I get a much better deal: I don’t just have to look at the caravans parked at a show, I get to experience them! I get down to the nuts and bolts, I see them being built, and actually trundle away and spend some time camping in these dream machines.

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