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ELXV Unveils Their Ghari Camper Caravan: Luxury Redefined in Off-Road Adventure


In the realm where rugged terrain meets sheer opulence, Elite Luxury Off-Road Vehicles (ELXV) is a beacon of innovation and style. Recently showcased at the prestigious 2024 Caravan Show held at Gallagher Estate in Midrand, ELXV’s Ghari Camper Caravan left attendees spellbound with its blend of sophistication and rugged capability.

For those who dare to dream of off-road escapades while basking in unparalleled luxury, the ELXV Ghari Caravan offers an experience beyond compare. From navigating the toughest African landscapes to witnessing breathtaking sunsets from the comfort of a meticulously crafted interior, the Ghari Caravan redefines adventure.

Crafted to perfection, the Ghari Caravan boasts a lineup of features that elevate the off-road experience to new heights. With a chassis built from durable aluminium and equipped with Al-Ko Enduro X suspension, this caravan is prepared to conquer even the most challenging terrains effortlessly.

The Ghari Caravan comes in various layouts, ranging from the compact GHARI 3.2 to the spacious GHARI 4.7, ensuring there’s an option to suit every adventurer’s needs. Each layout features a pop-up roof for added convenience and a stylish exterior that exudes elegance on the road less travelled.

Inside, the Ghari Caravan is a haven of luxury and comfort. From the stainless steel kitchenette to the queen-sized bed and built-in storage, every detail is designed with the discerning traveller in mind. With options for additional amenities like a microwave, air conditioning, and outdoor shower, ELXV ensures that no luxury is spared, even in the heart of the wilderness.

But it’s not just about luxury; the Ghari Caravan is engineered for adventure. With ample storage space, a robust electric energy system powered by Victron, and optional extras like solar panels and Line-X coating for added durability, this caravan is ready to tackle any expedition with ease.

After its debut at the Caravan Show and the KyKNet Expo, the ELXV Ghari stands tall as an all-encompassing jewel of innovation, captivating audiences with its unmatched features and unparalleled performance.

Customers who were unable to attend either of these shows and would like to receive a catalogue and price list of features and optional extras must use the enquiry form below.


  • General & Dimensions:
    • Chassis: Aluminium
    • Suspension: Al-Ko Enduro X
    • Roof: Pop-up
    • Total Length: Ranges from 5m to 6.5m
    • Width: 2m
    • Storage Height: Ranges from 2.3m to 2.5m
    • GVM: Ranges from 1650kg to 1950kg
    • Tare Weight: Ranges from 1100kg to 1500kg
    • Load Capacity: Ranges from 450kg to 550kg
  • General Storage:
    • Nose Box: Ranges from 700L
    • Hatches: 250L
    • Water Tank: Ranges from 150L to 250L
  • Kitchen:
    • Fridge/Freezer: Vitrifrigo (Optional Extra)
    • Stove: 2 Burner Gas
    • Microwave: Optional Extra
    • Sink: Stainless Steel
    • Storage: Kitchenette & Pantry Drawers
    • Worktop: Stainless Steel
    • Dinner Set: 16 Piece melamine
  • Bed & Bath:
    • Mattress: Queen
    • Storage: Built-in Cupboard & Drawers
    • Hanging Closet: 1
    • Windows: Ranges from 2 to 3
    • Shower & Basin: Interior Fixed
    • Toilet: Cassette
    • Quick Pitch Outdoor Shower: Optional Extra
  • Electric Energy System:
    • Solar Panels: Optional Extra
    • Charging from Vehicle: DC to DC
    • USB Points: 3
    • Interior Lighting: LED plus 2 Reading
    • Exterior Lighting: 2 x LED
    • Equipment Batteries: 200AH Lithium
    • Aircon: Optional Extra
    • Geyser: Hansen 14L
    • Water Purifier: Optional Extra
    • Gas: 1 x 9kg Contained
    • Fusion Radio-4 Speakers: Optional Extra
    • Awning: Optional Extra
    • Tent: n/a
    • Line-X Coating: Optional Extra

For more information on these amazing offroad caravans, including online ordering, specifications, sizes, costs, or applications, please fill in the enquiry form below. A member of their team is standing by to assist you with all your needs and requirements. Alternatively, you can click here to be redirected to their website or you can call them on 082 444 2850.

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