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There’s a new manufacturer ready to make a big splash in the road caravan market. And when we say big, we are talking about 9 METRES BIG. Andre van Helsdingen, the man behind this massive luxury caravan, is no stranger to the industry. Andre is one of the twin brothers behind the successful Twin Boats & Trailers. His brother, Riaan, started and ran the famous Sensation Caravans brand which he has recently sold. Andre says that he decided to go into caravan manufacturing also after the sale of Sensation, when people kept on asking them for caravans because of the

Check out the latest designs in the Jurgens Safari range. They look like they’ll eat up any sort of terrain, while keeping you comfortable, cool and well-equipped. The XT140 Predator The Predator prototype is a rough-and-ready offroad trailer with a steel body-construction on a galvanized chassis. The heavy-duty axle is rated 1 800kg, with an independent rubber torsion swing arm system. The standard model offers a payload of 500kg, as the trailer has a Tare of 1 100kg and GVM of 1 600kg. The outside kitchen has a two-plate gas burner on the fold-down hatch, while the slide-out section comes

[Industry News] There’s a new kid on the block in the off-road trailer market. The Rhino Ranger is the first model to be released by Trailer Mega Custom Steelworks (TMCS).

[Industry News] The GTR is the third model from Panther Caravans, joining the top-of-the-range Alpha model and the economical Cub variant, and is the first attempt at a gravel-roader.

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