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Leon Ras has given us a sneak preview of his new Maxmo Arizona X. The compact touring camper for two persons has been designed for long distance travel in Africa and Australia or places like Patagonia or even, you guessed it, destinations like Arizona and North Carolina. The vehicle can fit inside a 2.2m-high garage, and will fit into a shipping container for the adventurous who want to take their home-on-wheels all over the globe. When not on tour, the customer can mount the seats in the second row for daily use and then remove them before going camping, to

How much do you know about your car battery? If you’re like most people, chances are you think the car battery is a black box that starts your car and that you don’t really think too much about…until it fails. The humble and understated automotive battery has a remarkably rich history and the best part, South African battery manufacturers have been showing the rest of the world how to innovate in this sector. The first battery changed motoring forever It all started in 1799 when physicist and chemist, Alessandro Volta invented the electric battery, known as the “Voltaic pile”. With

Motorhome-World (MH-W) has expanded their international footprint by securing a new export destination: China! MH-W has successfully exported its Discoverer Xtreme motorhome bodies to Australia since 2017, and has now also been able to gather in orders from a Chinese distributor. Based in Luoyang City in China, the Loncen Caravan Company has ordered two Discoverer Xtreme bodies. Motorhome-World has designed and developed a layout specially suited for the Chinese market. The design was developed to be mounted to an Iveco Daily 4×4 chassis with 3 400 mm wheelbase. The one motorhome will feature all the necessary items to make it

Start counting down the days to the Pretoria FM Caravan, Camp & Destination Show, because we’re officially hitching on for the ride! The 2020 show will be presented in association with Caravan & Outdoor Life, and we will be taking a more active role in the build-up and coverage of the event. The Pretoria FM Caravan, Camp & Destination Show (now in association with Caravan & Outdoor Life) is acclaimed as the show with the largest indoor stands in Southern Africa. Currently the show takes up about 17 000 m2 of the indoor space at Gallagher Convention Centre,  with over

The brand new Summit Karenga has arrived at Pretoria Caravans. Caravan & Outdoor Life gave you a sneak peek of the Karenga in our May edition, and now we can reveal more of the rugged off-roader with its unique blend of precision engineering and practical yet stylish functionality. The Karenga is a collaboration between Summit Trailers and Pretoria Caravans dealer principal Adri Conradie. Summit brought their engineering and design expertise, and Adri her many years of practical experience of what a caravanner wants and needs in order to enjoy their caravan to the fullest. Adri says: “The result is an

Stealth Caravans are conducting extensive gravel road tests with their standard first model, the Evo XR. Garry Caody, managing director of Profibre Products, that manufacturer the Stealth, tells Caravan & Outdoor Life that they have taken the Evo XR we put it to the test for for limited gravel road use in an endeavour to realise its limitations as well as to understand what is needed to do for a more suited gravel-road version. Garry says: “During our 800 kilometres of gravel road tests, the microwave came out twice, and we made modifications, but we are still going strong. “Yes,

Conor O’Hagan Ward recently took over as General Manager of Dragon Peaks Mountain Resort, reporting directly to the Tungay family – the proprietors. Conor hails from the hotel industry where he saw “action” with the Southern Sun group initially and then went on his own. He is no stranger to the Drakensberg, having run two popular hotels in the area. He has also been a managing partner in a Game Lodge and Reserve in the Pietermaritzburg area before semi-retiring to a B&B in the Eastern Cape, where he also ran a small safari business. Conor is a keen off-roader and

After purchasing a caravan a few years ago, Brandon Hardie found he always had a choice to make when going camping: take the caravan, or take his “toys”… that being his kayak, bikes, quad bikes, etc. His wife and kids liked the comfort of the caravan, while he was fine to “rough it” if it meant he had his outdoor adventure gear. Then he came across “toy haulers” in the United States and Australia – a caravan or trailer that combines mobile living space and an equipment hauler. Brandon thought this would be the perfect solution for adventurous South African families,

Since the first Swift caravan arrived from Europe on South Africa’s shores in September 2018, almost all of the 29 units have been sold. And of the next shipment of 8 caravans on its way (at the time of going to print), most have already been allocated to customers. Swift Caravans, sold exclusively in South Africa at Loftus Caravan City in Randburg (Gauteng) and Cara-Camp in Somerset-West (Western Cape), have gone through both South African SABS and UK product approval and come with a full warranty. Good news for caravanners wanting to upgrade to international camping standards is that Absa

Silver Lakes Caravans was founded in 2001 by Johnny Bell as a Venter Trailers dealership and a trailer rental business. In less than a decade, the dealership grew to be the largest Venter Trailer dealership in Pretoria. In 2009 Jurgens Ci contacted Johnny and asked if he would not be interested to add Jurgens trailers and a Campworld shop to his existing trailer dealership, because they wanted a bigger trailer footprint in the marketplace. A few year later, Johnny wanted to expand the business and in 2018 got his brother Chris on board. They wanted to be the first choice

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