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Tuinroete Woonweans is gearing up for summer and for those who know what they want… we advise you to get in touch with them soonest! Put down a deposit for a new caravan or trailer in October and receive a FREE R4000 in-store gift voucher. Hot off the press is the news that Tuinroete is now a fully-fledged Bush Lapa dealer offering a full range of best-selling Bush Lapa caravans and motorhomes, which include the Bosluis, Mammoth, Boabab, Kewer, Miskruier, Boskriek, Rooimier, Vlooi and Ratel. We’ve included a few happy snaps from current owners proudly displaying their models below. Did

Why the Air Spring Supply Company? The Air Spring Supply Company is proudly South African family business which was established in 1983 representing world renowned companies such as Firestone, OESP, Viair and Airlift for the core product they offer Firestone Air Springs and Air accessories. Air springs have many advantages when dealing with actuation and vibration isolation. Specialising in these fantastic products has been interesting and challenging working with design engineers from many different sectors including diverse applications such as Mining, Paper mills, Trailer manufactures and Recreational vehicle applications. Air Spring Supply Company has been instrumental over the past thirty

Most people have used Google Street View to view places they plan on going to. But what happens when the places you’re venturing to aren’t on Street View? Dirt roads in particular are sometimes not mapped. To help solve this, Dunlop recently embarked on Grandtrek Uncharted – their most ambitious project yet – to go where Google hasn’t yet been and add those roads to Street View. The Dunlop Grandtrek Uncharted journey took the brand to all 9 provinces in South Africa, seeking out roads far from the beaten track that could be added using a special 360-degree camera. The

The further one travels into Botswana, the more alone one is but the less alone one feels. “Why is this?”, I ask myself as we travel along in a happy silence on some of the loneliest roads in Africa. Even the music playing softly in the background gets too much. I switch it off and Arthur, my husband, gives me “the look”. But he knows better than to say anything and we just smile at each other and carry on. We both love the bush with a passion and need to go often. After every trip I feel as though

Invader Off-Road Campers celebrates spring in the most wonderful style with their Jerusalema dance moves. Clearly Invader is a company with an abundance of “gees” that filters right down to the grass roots of the company. What better way to spread spring fever than by dancing a jig and offering a selection of off-road camper specials. So what is the Jerusalema dance challenge all about and where does it originate? Well, it originates in sunny South Africa and is taking social media by storm, with people around the globe sharing videos of them dancing to the hit song. Like the

Carnival Camping & Caravans is back with a bang and you can save more than R 40 000 on their selected spring deals. Their incredible specials, which run for the whole of September, on both new and used caravans are not to be missed. They have many top selling and popular brands on offer such as Jurgens, Sprite, Gypsey and more. Plus, a variety of pre-owned units are also available with large discounts ranging from R 6000 – R 20 000. How’s that for striking the perfect deal? Alternatively, you may choose to forgo your discounts and propose other offerings

Being thorough as I am, I decide to compare what I know to the infinite wisdom of Google, and confidently typed in “How to Choose a Tent for Camping in Africa”. Pages and pages of info comes up. All incredibly helpful and insightful – if you’re going to a caravan park on the south coast where your biggest issue is whether you have enough space to play ‘snakes and ladders’ should it rain, and whether the tent is waterproof. If I had been Joe Soap Newbie, I would have been completely taken in – rather fancying the somewhat startling array

Ian and I lived in Johannesburg, working 9 to 5 jobs to provide for our family and as a consequence we were fortunate enough to send our kids to decent schools to get great educations. We were also able to go on hiking and camping holidays at least a few times every year. This is where our passion for camping began. There were no such things as TV’s and aircons, it was camping with the basic necessities, which is what camping is all about. Camping in the outdoors gave us quality time to relax and go to the beach from

New and pre-owned caravan specials GC Caravans, is offering all caravaners, campers and 4×4 enthusiasts great deals on selected new and pre-owned caravans and trailers in their June / July 2020 promotion. Enquire now and you could save up to R 78 000 on a brand new Hoefer Nevada caravan! Or maybe you prefer their other leading caravan brands such as Quantum, Jurgens or Bush lapa? Just a tip: GC caravans has added an extremely generous R 25 000’s worth of extras to any new Quantum Connect purchases made during the month of June and July. The list of extras

While South African’s are patiently waiting to hear when the government will allow citizens to go camping again and to travel, it looks like domestic travel regulations are being lifted across Europe, and trends are arising of holidaymakers pursuing domestic camping trips. The trend is already making its way across Europe, with the UK swiftly following suit. The UK government is slowly beginning to ease lockdown restrictions and accommodation businesses are aiming to open on July 4 which will include campsites, caravan, and holiday parks. The 4th of July is currently the earliest possible date for the reopening of campsites

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