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Roast Chicken Dinner


One of the great things about cooking in a Remoska cooker is that you can prep right into the pan. This roast chicken and vegetable dish is a perfect example of the ease of use of this cooker. And, who doesn’t love to tuck into a scrumptious roast chicken and veg dinner? Once the veges are peeled and diced and the chicken receives it secret spice rub, it’s time to sit back and wait for the fruits of your labour. The Remoska cooker certainly makes “roughing it” in the wild a lot easier.

Ingredients Standard Grand
Olive Oil 1tbsp 2tbsp
Butter, melted 2tbsp 4tbsp
Grainy mustard 1tbsp 2tbsp
Honey 1tbsp 2tbsp
Carrot, sliced 1 2
Potato, large, chopped 1 2
Parsnip. Sliced 1 2
Salt and pepper
Lemon thyme sprigs 6 8
Poussin 1 2


Mix together the oil, butter, mustard and honey.  Toss the vegetables in half the mixture,  add salt and pepper to taste and put into the Remoska with 4 sprigs lemon thyme.

Season the poussin with salt and pepper and put the remaining thyme sprigs inside. Place on top of the vegetables and pour over the remaining oil mixture. Cook in the Remoska for approx. 50-60 minutes,  until the vegetables are tender and the poussin is cooked through,  with no pink juices.

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