The Remoska mini oven is a superb electricity-saving one pot cooker. It makes a great accessory for all camping holidays – you can make cakes and pudding at your braai, as well as cooking roast chicken, roast potatoes etc. When your holiday is over, use your Remoska at home to save up to 80% electricity.

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  1. The Remoska ovens come in two sizes, 2 litre and 4 litre
  2. Manufactured in the Czech Republic with a three year warranty
  3. The heating element is in the lid with a simple on/off switch
  4. The Standard 2 litre has a 400 Watt power unit
  5. The Grand 4 litre has a 580 Watt power unit
  6. The lid has steam vents so that pastry stays crisp
  7. You can cook anything that you can cook in an oven