With the incessant load shedding on the cards for many south Africans everybody is now carefully reviewing their electricity consumption. As far as household ovens go, traditionally household ovens can consume between 2500 Watts  – 4000 Watts of electricity.

Now compare that to the 400 Watts and 580 Watts of the Remoska standard and Remoska Grande.

“The best culinary cooking invention for the Solar home user or Portable Power Stations” – CaravanSA

 Take a careful look at the below images. We tested our Remoska with our Eco Flow Dela 1300 Portable off grid Power Station.

As you can see, we were able to run our Remoska Grande during stage 4 and stage 6 load shedding for two full hours. and consumed an average of 556 Watts on the Grande Remoska with our Lithium Ion Portable Power Supply.

The Remsoka standard is the smaller of the two pot cookers, and was able to run for 3 full hours consuming an average of only 406 Watts.

* The average cooking time for many Remoska recipes is between 60 minutes – 90 minutes, depending on your dish and recipe. Roast Chicken for example is around 90 Minutes or less, depending on the size of your chicken.

The Image below was taken at our product testing facilities where we tested both cooking products which showcases the versatility and easy of use with our Portable Power Station and Remoska units.

The Remoska mini oven is a superb electricity-saving one pot cooker. It makes a great accessory for all camping holidays – you can make cakes and pudding at your braai, as well as cooking roast chicken, roast potatoes etc. When your holiday is over, use your Remoska at home to save up to 80% electricity.


  1. The Remoska ovens come in two sizes, 2 litre and 4 litre
  2. Manufactured in the Czech Republic with a three year warranty
  3. The heating element is in the lid with a simple on/off switch
  4. The Standard 2 litre has a 400 Watt power unit
  5. The Grand 4 litre has a 580 Watt power unit
  6. The lid has steam vents so pastry stays crisp
  7. You can cook anything in a Remoska that you can cook in an oven
  8. This unit can operate on solar energy

When last did you clean the inside of your Air fryer? Remoska is 5x easier to clean! The image below is of a traditional home used Air-fryer after 6 months of use.

Click on the YouTube link below to watch our product test of the Remoska cooker

“Ideal for caravaners and campers that want the ease of cooking at home – inside or outside their Caravan.”

“It’s almost like having your own portable holiday oven”CaravanSA


“I just wanted to let you know that I have just come back from camping for nearly 3 months in Botswana. I bought a Ramoska pot from you and it is the greatest piece of cookware ever! I used it for everything – from stews, to roasts, to even baking muffins and cakes! It does it all. The Best Buy ever. So much so – I would like to order another one please for home. It is versatile and easy – there is no need for anything else. Thank you so much for an amazing product.” Christine

“Finally a product that does more than promised. Food comes out yummy every single time. Easy to use, quick and easy to clean. Remoska makes the best roast chicken and roast potatoes. Can be used for so many things, such as pork belly, pizza, curry, crispy chops and chips, bread, etc. I have two at home (both sizes) and we use them at least 3 times a week! Can highly recommend this product.” Maggie

To enquire about the Remoska portable cooker, including availability, pricing, online orders or delivery, please use the contact form below. A member of the Remoska team will get in touch with you shortly.