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8 Reasons to Gift Your Loved Ones or Yourself a Remoska Cooker Ahead of Christmas


With Christmas just around the corner, many face a familiar dilemma: what to gift their loved ones during this festive season. If you have faced the usual ‘I don’t know’ response, fret not; we have a game-changing solution for culinary enthusiasts, eliminating the need for last-minute gift hunting.

Click on the video below for a short demonstration of what a Remoska Cooker is and how it works:

The compelling unique benefits and features below give Christmas shoppers every reason to make the Remoska one-pot cooker part of their year-end celebrations:

1. Portability

The Remoska one-pot cooker, available in Classic and Grand sizes, effortlessly caters for couples and from four to six people. Its versatility allows placement on countertops, tables, or any food preparation area. Compact and lightweight, it is perfect for both home and outdoor use, including caravanning adventures.

2. Energy efficiency

In an age where electricity costs tons and loadshedding looms, the Remoska outshines traditional ovens and air fryers. Using 220V-240V electricity, the Classic model consumes a mere 480W, while the Grand Model uses only 580W. This is a fraction of the energy used by household ovens and air fryers, reducing electricity costs and environmental impact.

For a detailed article on how the Remoska is a superb electricity-saving one-pot cooker or a shorter route to ordering your own right now, click here.

3. Solar and portable power compatibility 

For those who embrace off-grid living or possess solar-powered setups, the Remoska seamlessly integrates with inverters of 1,2KVA and beyond, aligning with eco-conscious living principles.

4. Culinary mastery

The Remoska excels in handling both main dishes and delectable side courses, making it the star of your Christmas gathering. Its versatility knows no bounds.

5. Roasting and baking capability 

This versatile cooker performs roasting and baking with unparalleled capability, ensuring your holiday meats and desserts are spectacular.

6. Easily maintained

With a non-stick surface and ingenious design, the Remoska simplifies the post-feast clean-up process, allowing you to savour your decadent meals rather than dwell on tiring cleaning rituals.

7. Surpasses the air fryer

The Remoska one-pot cooker outperforms air fryers by far. It consumes far less power (400W or 580W), resulting in reduced energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint, and is very easy to clean. Its culinary features cover everything from baking to roasting, promising an extravagant yet eco-friendly feast.

For a more in-depth and technical review of why a Remoska is by far better than an air fryer, click here for a comprehensive comparison. 

8. Three-year warranty

The manufacturer’s confidence in their Remoska cooker’s quality is evident through their generous three-year warranty, ensuring lasting satisfaction.

A couple of our recent customers commented as follows:

“Already own a 2L and a 4L Remoska – one in the house and one in the caravan. We absolutely love them! Planning to purchase two more as Christmas gifts.” — Sean, Limpopo

“Cooked pork belly in the Remoska – easy and very good with crispy skin. Also made lamb chops and it was as good. It is truly easy to make in the Remoska.” — Elmarie, Cape Town


In summary, the Remoska one-pot cooker is an exceptional Christmas gift for your spouse, loved ones – and even for yourself! It is suitable for caravanning, adventures, and even solar-powered setups. For pricing and delivery details, visit their website or submit an enquiry form. Having used ours for the past two years, we can attest to its amazing performance. We are confident that you will find it just as impressive!

To enquire about the Remoska portable cooker for Christmas, including availability, pricing, online orders or delivery, please use the contact form below. A member of the Remoska team will get in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, you can click here to redirect to their website or call them on 083 694 3766.

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