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6 reasons why a Remoska cooker is way better than an air fryer


Check out the quick 20 second video above, it clearly shows the ease of use of the Remoska cooker.

As load shedding struggles to improve for most South Africans, we decided to test our Remoska portable cooker on our home-based PPS (Portable Power Supply) and the results were deliciously phenomenal!

Using only 400W of electricity on our PPS, this incredible little all-in-one pot cooker is able to run for almost 3 hours!


We personally tested our 2L pot (Remoska Standard) on our 1300W PPS which ran for 2 hours and 50 minutes. The 4L Pot (Grand Remoska) is equally poised to last for 2 hours and consumes only 580W of electricity.

In our opinion, this makes the Remoska more economical than gas or coal-based cooking methods because we used green renewable energy to cook our dishes with the PPS! This makes a Remoska ideal and practical for all home users who want to save on electricity costs, solar homes who have a limited amount of solar energy available and caravanners who have portable power supplies (<1000Wh) to accommodate their off-grid cooking lifestyles and needs.

Read below and discover why we give you six reasons why a Remoska cooker is better than an air fryer.

1. Its energy efficient
Due to the Remoska’s low power usage (400 Watt or 580 Watt) they are very economical to use and they can be run off-grid quite easily with a 1 kva inverter. Air fryers on the other hand range from 1500 Watt to 2000 Watt, using which is a much higher current draw and consequently more expensive to operate.

2. It’s extremely versatile
The Remoska is a very versatile cooker and can be used to bake, cook roasts, make soup, pastas and much more . In fact, you can cook anything you would cook in a conventional oven whereas air fryers are more suited to cooking chips, fried chicken and other fried foods. Essentially, air fryers utilise a heating element with a high-powered fan, which operates on the same premise as a fan assisted oven. This can often cause your foods to dry out if not operated or set properly. The Remoska cooking pots use conventional heat from their lids to circulate heat directly around your dish and retain food moisture, making it more succulent and flavourful. Have you ever tried to cook fresh greens in an air fryer?

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3. It’s highly portable
The Standard Remoska has a 2 litre capacity, with a 22cm diameter, a 10cm depth and weighs 3 kg. The Grand Remoska has a 4 litre capacity, a 29cm diameter, a 11cm depth and weighs 5 kg. This makes both variants of the Remoska cooker very easy to store in your caravan or in your kitchen when not in use. Alternatively, leave it on the kitchen counter, it’s a good looking culinary accessory. Air fryers are not very portable and are not recommended for outside operation or use.

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4. It’s easy to clean
The Remoska has a large Teflon coated no-stick pot, which is easy to wipe clean and is dishwasher safe. The heating element of the Remoska is conveniently and cleverly situated in the pot lid, set behind another layer of non-stick Teflon coating, again making it extremely easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. Air fryers on the other hand are much more difficult to clean, particularity when food splatters onto the heating element.

5. It’s cleverly designed
The Remoska is a clever cooker with improved design and aesthetics. Air fryers are large and bulky and take up considerable counter top space. Unless you have the largest of air fryers. you won’t be able to even fit a medium sized roast chicken in the air fryer basket. You can cook a medium sized chicken in the Remoska Standard and a full size chicken in the Remoska Grand. The size of the Grand Remoska is equivalent to a 3.2 litre air fryer. This makes the Remoska more compact, it utilises less counter top space and you can cook larger portions of food easily.

6. It’s simple to use
The Remoska comes with an on or off switch for easy operation. No additional features are required or necessary. The Remoska is also fitted with glass top lid, so that you can check your cooking progress without the need for stopping and starting the cooking operations. To check progress in an air fryer, you continually need to stop the cooking operation to check on the food that is being cooked.

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Based on using a Remoska four times a week, we have calculated the potential electricity savings are shown in the table below. A Remoska can pay for itself in less than two years.

Incredible annual energy savings Peak Rates Off-peak Rates
Remoska Grand vs 3000 Watt oven R2,499.18 R1,812.10
Remoska Grand vs 2500 Watt oven R1982.82 R1,437.70
Remoska Standard vs 3000 Watt oven R2685.07 R1,946.88
Remoska Standard vs 2500 Watt oven R2,168.71 R1,572.48


Here is some feedback which we received from one of their latest users

“Many thanks , I have indeed used my Remoska, made bread, Frittata, lamb, pork & chicken. Even my wife has had a go! I’m super impressed with my Remoska. We have also joined the Facebook Group called Remoskateers where they share tips and recipes which is great.”
Pierre, Cape Town – April 2022

For additional information on the Remoska Grand or Standard and for the most affordable pricing offered online to Caravan & Outdoor Life users, simply fill in the enquiry form below and the seller will contact you directly so that you can benefit from the special promotional price.
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