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5 pet-friendly caravan camping sites in the Western Cape


Traveling with a dog can have its downfalls as it isn’t always easy to find pet-friendly places and if you do come across some, they often only allow small dog breeds. 

What’s a getaway without the entire family – fur babies included? Pet-friendly caravan camping sites are ever-expanding, especially in the Western Cape.

However, it is important to keep a few valid points in mind when taking your canine companion on a camping trip with you:

  • It is always important to inquire about bringing dogs before booking your camping trip
  • Make sure your dog is up to date with vaccinations
  • Bring your poo spade and bags along to clean after your dog
  • Be sure that your dog does not bother other campers as not everybody is a dog lover and it may cause a neighborly feud if your dog had to jump on other campers or their children
  • Make sure your dog is well-behaved and not aggressive or unsocial towards other dogs or people
  • Be sure to check for ticks if camping in September – October
  • Dog camping gear
  • Bring enough outdoor safe toys
  • Watch out for allergies
  • Never leave your dog unattended and watch out for wildlife
  • Protect your dogs paws
  • Remember a dog first aid kit
  • Beware of overheating. It is important to have an awning where you dog can lay under and keep your dog hydrated. Click, here to view awnings
  • Make sure your dog has a ID on its collar
  • A leash

Now, you can ditch the stress and guilt of leaving your pets at home thanks to these few pet-friendly spots in the Western Cape that is definitively a must add to the bucket list:

Kleine Eike

Picture: Instagram / kleineeike

Can you spot the doggo doing his/her business?

  • Number for bookings: 082 809 9896
  • Where: R406 Road, Greyton

Montagu Caravan Park

Picture: Facebook / Montagu Caravan Park

The park is pet-friendly (only camping) with prior arrangements with management.

  • Number for bookings: 023 614 3034
  • Where: 4 Middel St, Montagu

Silwerstrand Caravan Park

  • Number for bookings: 023 626 3321
  • Where: R60 Road, Outside Robertson

Click here for more information.

George Country Resort

  • Number for bookings: 044 889 0034
  • Where: N2, George

Click here for more information.

Klipdraai Karavaanpark

  • Number for bookings: 076 017 4354
  • Where:Kookfontein Farm, View Lane, Meyerton

Click here for more information. They do not allow big dogs and they must always be ona leash.

Please note, that most caravan parks would prefer it if you called ahead of time about bringing your pet as they prefer to have your caravan plot fenced all around for your fur baby’s safety and for others around you.

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