This revolutionary solar-panel kit includes a solar generator with plug-and-play portable power. The kit is powered by unique leadcrystal battery technology and is extremely tough and durable. This all-in-one kit can power lights and other 12V appliances such as fans, fridges and radios, and can be used for charging phones.


  • Rated output: 160W
  • Max. operating voltage: 14.4V
  • Operating Current: 8A
  • Dimension Folded: 403 x 292 x 355mm
  • Weight: 12kg


  • 2 x 10W solar panels
    Stand for daily battery maintenance
    2 x 3W LED lights,
    with independent switches
    1 x Ecoboxx 12V
    Lead Crystal battery
    2 x USB charging ports
    150W External modified
    sine wave inverter
    AC DC wall charger