The Trolley Inverter applies to diversified loads due to its digital design, with pure sine wave output and excellent over-current protection, which can withstand the loads with a large starting current.

The trolley inverter is provided with an independent solar three-stage charge management system to improve charge efficiency of the internal battery, resulting in longer battery life.

It has 2 x 5 volt USB ports and a 12 volt DC output which are standard features on the Trolley Inverter and can be widely utilised for a range of devices. Best of all, it’s highly portable and you can take it anywhere. Imagine you’re set for loadshedding stage 2 between 6pm – 8pm in the Cape and anywhere between 4 – 8 hours if you’re situated in Gauteng. What activities are you limited to in absolute darkness? Well, with this unit you can easily run your DSTV, Wifi router, Google Home, a lamp, a 65 inch TV, laptop with computer screen and still power your mobile phone for a few hours, provided the current draw from your devices equates to around 200W in total.

As an example, if you only wanted to power your WiFi and TV to watch Netflix or movies, you could do so for about 8 hours. Now that’s entertainment! For us, this is absolutely critical when working from home with tight deadlines. We couldn’t survive without our Mecer Trolley Inverter. Plus, this pure sine wave inverter means that power output is 100% regulated meaning that it won’t harm any devices connected to it. Pure sine wave inverters are the industry gold standard when it comes to power supply options.Best of all, it’s set on sturdy wheels, making it highly portable and you can take it anywhere.


  • Pure sine wave output
  • Selectable mains mode/battery mode
  • AVR voltage regulator function
  • Mains utility and solar charging functions available
  • 5Volt DC USB and 12Volt DC outputs standard features
  • Built-in power frequency ring transformer
  • Low no-load loss inverter stability
  • All round protection circuits protect the inverter from, battery over charge, battery discharge, overload and short circuit

For more information on the portable compact AC power supply (Mecer trolley inverter), simply fill in the enquiry form below and a qualified member of the Neo Technologies team will get hold of you with regard to pricing, delivery and availability.