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Full Report: 2024 Caravan Overland Show – A Record-Breaking Event!


The 2024 Caravan Overland Show marked another milestone in the illustrious history of South Africa’s premier event dedicated to caravanning, camping, and outdoor exploration.

With over 90% of the South African caravanning industry represented, the show has built a reputation of being the launchpad for new products into the market and 2024 was no exception. The CaravanSA team recorded OVER 70 NEW AND UPGRADED products on the showroom floor.

Held at the Gallagher Convention Centre, this year’s show also saw an impressive surge in attendance, underscoring the enduring appeal of the outdoor lifestyle and the industry’s resilience in the face of challenges.


2005 – 2020: Average 22 500
2021: Covid
2022: 22 000
2023: 22 000
2024: 27 000

Friday: 17.68%
Saturday: 43.93%
Sunday: 38.39%

Friday: 11% increase
Saturday: 32% increase
Sunday: 25% increase

Record-Breaking Attendance

After navigating the tumultuous waters of past years (COVID), the caravan community rallied with unprecedented enthusiasm, resulting in a staggering attendance figure of over 27 000 visitors.

The massive crowds had more than enough to appreciate, with the Caravan Overland Show floor space having grown from last year to incorporate an entire extra Hall in Gallagher Estate – including a first-ever “Jurgens Heritage section,” presented by Quantum Caravans.

This notable increase from the previous year reflects not only the demand for outdoor adventures but also the growing interest in caravanning and camping as a lifestyle choice.

A Flood of Upgrades and New Releases

From sleek motorhomes to rugged off-road trailers, exhibitors spared no effort in captivating the imaginations of visitors with their cutting-edge designs and features.

Gallagher Estate buzzed with excitement as enthusiasts explored the latest offerings, each representing a blend of craftsmanship, comfort, and adventure.

The “vibe” at Gallagher Estate was electric, with a noticeable atmosphere of excitement and optimism not just from the crowd, but also from all of the exhibitors!

CaravanSA congratulates the Caravan Overland Show team on a very successful 2024 event, and we look forward to working together in the future as the show grows.

Hampie and John de Kock, successful event organisers of the national Caravan and Overland Show 2024.

If you missed the show, or did not have enough time to visit all the exhibitors, don’t worry: CaravanSA was there to cover all the action and bring you the latest news from the industry.


Adventure Xtreme Caravans – VIKING

The latest addition to Adventure Xtreme’s line-up, the Viking caravan, is poised to conquer the great outdoors as the smallest warrior in their caravan range. Designed for adventurers seeking compact yet rugged versatility, the Viking offers a range of features to enhance your off-road experiences. With a tare of just 640kg and a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 750kg, the Viking is a gravel roader that packs a punch. Its lightweight construction means it only requires a B-license to tow, providing accessibility to a wide range of travellers.

The Viking comes equipped with a host of features to support your outdoor lifestyle. A 2-tonne brake coupler and 195xR14 wheels ensure stability and traction on varied terrain, while LED combo lighting illuminates your campsite after dark. A spacious 270-degree awning provides shelter and shade, creating the perfect outdoor living space. The awning folds out to the back of the caravan to cover the entry door.

Accessing the Viking is a breeze with its rear entrance, while under-bed storage maximises space efficiency. Inside, a comfortable double bed awaits, complete with two reading lights for evening relaxation. Additional amenities include an inner 220V plug outlet, clothing cupboard, headboard, fridge, and two shelves for storing crockery and cutlery. The Viking is equipped with both 220V and 12V systems, along with a battery and charger for power on the go. Safety features such as a fire extinguisher and spare-wheel mount offer peace of mind during your travels.


Adventure Xtreme Caravans – VARGO

The new Vargo is a lightweight aluminium camping trailer that campers can customise to their needs. The base model is basically just the trailer body, with a tare of 180kg and GVM of 750kg, the Vargo offers a payload of 570kg.

Access to the trailer interior is via the roof, and there are doors at the back and on the passenger side. Slide-out rails can be fitted at either or both. A large nose cone with doors on the sides offers additional storage space.

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Afrispoor – SAVANNAH

The newest addition to Afrispoor’s line-up is the innovative Savannah caravan. This entry-level model boasts a distinctive design reminiscent of teardrop caravans while offering quality and design excellence we’ve come to know from Afrispoor.

The Savannah is constructed from aluminium and stainless steel materials (no fibreglass or plastic), ensuring robust construction and longevity. One of the standout features of the Savannah is its full interior solid bed, providing campers with a comfortable sleeping space.

With a GVM of 1450kg, the Savannah strikes a balance between lightweight manoeuvrability and sturdy build quality. At the rear of the caravan, a unique kitchen setup awaits, featuring two slide-outs for added functionality. One slide-out houses the kitchen unit, complete with a two-burner gas stove, drawers, and a foldout work surface, while the other accommodates the fridge, providing convenient access to refreshments and food supplies.

Inside the Savannah, nine drawers concealed behind canvas doors offer ample storage space for camping essentials and personal belongings. At the front of the caravan, a fold-up hatch creates a window above the bed, allowing campers to enjoy natural light and ventilation while relaxing indoors. Completing the outdoor experience, an awning is situated on the passenger side of the Savannah, providing shelter and shade for outdoor dining and relaxation.



The African Wildcat 2 offers campers two design options: A double-entry door option, which allows access to the exterior pop-up shower room; or a single-entry door option which creates a dinette area inside. It also now comes with a 270-degree Afri-Awn swing arm awning. The African Wildcat 2 has a permanent setup full-size queen-size bed, a pop-up roof, and a fully functional exterior kitchen.

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AlphaGo Off-Road – S6 AIR V4

AlphaGo showed off the latest version of their famous inflatable off-road camper, the S6 AIR V4. AlphaGo campers are all self-inflating, with advanced inflatable beam technology that eliminates the need for traditional poles. In just minutes, the camper transforms from a compact, towable trailer to a spacious villa with a 7-seater dining area and up to three double beds.

The new S6 AIR V4 integrates the air pump directly into the camper, so it is no longer a separate piece of equipment. Equipped with 16″ alloy wheels and off-road tyres, this camper is built to tackle rugged terrain with ease.

The exterior kitchen is full stainless steel complete with a 4-burner gas stove. Inside, the upgraded leather 7-seater diner sofa invites you to relax and unwind after a day of exploration. Integrated roof racks offer ample storage space for all your gear, while the new fold-down stone guard provides added protection during off-road adventures. The S6 AIR V4 features a state-of-the-art HD projection system with a 60″ screen, delivering a cinematic experience no matter where you are camping.

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Badger Adventure Caravans – EXTREME

Badger Adventure Caravans are known for customising their standard units to fit the needs of their customers. And this is why they are also so good at making upgrades to their units that keep improving already-loved concepts.

At the Caravan Overland Show, Badger showcased their updated Extreme caravan. The evolved exterior kitchen now has an additional spice rack, as well as more slide-out and soft-close drawers. On the inside, Badger has made a slight layout change that creates a semi-island bed, allowing some space next to one side of the bed.

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Berg Offroad – CX6

Berg Off-Road made waves at the recent Caravan Overland Show with the unveiling of their latest caravan, the CX6. The brainchild of FC Buys and Schalk Meintjies, the CX6 is the result of meticulous development and engineering aimed at meeting the needs of adventurous families. The CX6 stands out as the only off-road caravan boasting a king-size extra-length bed, and having a total sleeping capacity of six people!

The caravan houses the XL king-size bed on a slide-out at the back, while slide-outs to either side create four single beds. As if that’s not enough, the camper can add up to three Berg annexe tents that connect to the awning and sleeps up to three people each, which in theory means you could house 16 people! The CX6 has a full indoor bathroom in the front with a toilet, shower, and basin. The bathroom roof can be opened for an open-air shower experience.

At the heart of the CX6 is its robust construction, featuring a heavy-duty ladder-frame chassis, 2.5-tonne axle, and leaf springs with dampers. Tipping the scales at a mere 1150kg with a GVM of 1800kg, the CX6 strikes an optimal balance between durability and efficiency, thanks in part to its self-made chassis — a testament to the founders’ background in truck trailer manufacturing.

Its body construction, comprising an aluminium frame with honeycomb panel fibreglass, ensures both durability and lightweight manoeuvrability, while 33″ mud terrain tyres mounted on 16″ steel rims ensure enhanced traction and stability on rough terrain.

Adventure-ready and equipped for culinary exploration, the CX6 features a full exterior kitchen on a convenient slide-out mechanism (slides into the bathroom when closed). Complete with cutlery for six people and the capacity to accommodate a 90L fridge, the CX6 ensures that no culinary adventure goes unexplored.

Additional features include provisions for two Jerry cans, a 14L gas/electric Hansen geyser, and a generous 150L water tank equipped with a pump, a retractable 15m garden hose, and a retractable clothesline.

The CX6 is equipped with a premium electrical system, including a 1000W inverter, DC to DC charging system, solar charge controller, and LED lighting. A standout feature of the CX6 is its BERG 180-degree batwing awning, ingeniously housed in a solid aluminium box integrated into the caravan’s body.

Storage solutions within the CX6 include three large drawers, complemented by additional storage space beneath the side beds. With a pop-up roof offering an impressive 2m headroom, the CX6 combines functionality with comfort, providing occupants with a spacious and inviting interior.

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BorderX launched their Outpost model at the 2023 Caravan Overland Show, and is back in 2024 with a few upgrades. The big news for the Outpost is that air suspension has been added to the caravan. On the inside, campers now have the option to not only choose between a king- or queen-size bed, but also on the layout of the bedroom, which could be a walk-in bed, semi-island, or a solid setup.

The Border X Outpost is still available in a range of design options: Choose between 2/3-sleeper and 4-sleeper (main bed plus bunk beds), and three different exterior kitchen layout options. The caravan comes standard with a rally awning, gas geyser, interior bathroom, exterior slide-out kitchen, 135L water tank (with pump), and more.

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Bush Lapa – BAOBAB 3sb

The latest additions to the Bush Lapa range are the “sb” models, which stands for “slide-out bed.” With an increase in popularity in recent years of slide-out bedrooms in caravans, Bush Lapa introduced the Baobab 3sb and Ratel 3sb late in 2023, but the Caravan Overland Show was the first time we could see them exhibited at a show.

The Baobab 3sb solid (3CR12 stainless steel) slide-out side bedroom has three gullwing windows. What Bush Lapa does a bit differently compared to many other slide-out caravans is that the slide-out section does not form part of the sidewall when the unit is closed. There is a full-side panel (folds up) behind, where the slide-out is housed. The Baobab 3sb is a three-sleeper off-road caravan (unlike the 3is which only sleeps two) that has a queen-size bed (slide-out) and a single bed in front. Customers also have the option for a conversion that will include a table and two benches inside, similar to the Kewer model.


Bush Lapa – RATEL 3sb

As you can guess by the “sb”, the new addition to the Ratel range also offers a slide-out bedroom with solid windows. The Ratel 3sb comes standard with the ability to convert the bedroom queen-size bed into a cosy dinette. Another standout feature of the 3sb is that it has a full inside shower (with a wash basin) – making it the only Bush Lapa caravan, apart from the Gravelroader, to offer this luxury.


Bush Lapa – ROOIMIER

Also on show was the Rooimier, the smallest caravan in the Bush Lapa stable. While this was not the introduction of a new caravan, the two-sleeper Rooimier has recently only been available on request, but has now been relaunched due to popular demand, says Bush Lapa.

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Bushwakka – KAMELBACK

Bushwakka has made some nice upgrades and adjustments to their Kamelback camper. Constructed fully from marine-grade aluminium, this camper ensures durability while providing a comfortable retreat amidst nature.

The latest version of the Kamelback has a redesigned kitchen layout with an upgraded stove, alongside specially made cutlery and crockery. Additionally, the water tank capacity has been increased to 110L, ensuring you have an ample supply for extended trips. Innovation is at the heart of the Kamelback’s design. A newly introduced self-designed awning requires no support legs, providing instant shelter and shade with an effortless setup.

The camper now features a full-size entry at the back, allowing for easy upright access. Despite a slight reduction in bed size to a queen-size bed, storage space has been maximised to accommodate all your camping essentials.

The Kamelback is now compatible with a wider range of vehicle models, including a 2-cab Cruiser, extended and single and double cab Hilux, and Range Rover Defender. Furthermore, an option for the Ford Ranger is currently in development



The facelifted Bushwakka Classic Xtreme is more geared towards rugged adventures than ever before. The new Classix X features a robust 3CR12 SS heavy-duty steel chassis, backed by a lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind on every journey. Measuring 4600mm in length, 2040mm in width, and 2025mm in height, it provides ample space for comfortable camping while maintaining a compact profile for manoeuvrability on rugged terrain.

With a tare of 1050kg and a GVM of 1700kg, the Classix X offers tonnes of payload for packing and extra gear. Its 2.5-tonne braked axle, paired with a 2.7-tonne coupler, ensures stability and control, while 15″ black steel rims offer durability and rugged aesthetics. Enjoy restful nights on the extra-length queen-size bed, designed for maximum comfort during your outdoor adventures.

The Classix X comes fully equipped with essential amenities for off-grid living, including a Deltec 105 amp deep cycle battery and a Victron power system, and 5L DewHot geyser and water pump.



The Sundowner Evolution 2 boasts several upgrades designed to enhance your camping experience. Inside, a larger king-size bed measuring 2m x 2m will ensure you enjoy restful nights. All cupboards now have wooden doors. A new exterior kitchen unit provides added functionality and convenience, while a new dishwashing area at the back features pop-out basins for easy clean-up.

With the Evo 2, the awning system now gets an add-on to create a 270-degree shelter that reaches over the back of the caravan. Built for off-grid adventures, the Sundowner Evolution 2 features robust construction, including a chassis made from 3CR12 SS heavy-duty steel and a stainless steel body and front nose section. Equipped with a 2.5-tonne axle, this caravan is built to tackle rugged terrain with ease, while 16″ tyres provide added traction and stability.

A 175-litre water tank ensures you have an ample supply of water for your journey, while a 5-litre DewHot geyser provides hot water for showers and washing up. The Victron power system, paired with a 108-amp lithium battery, ensures reliable power wherever your adventures take you.



The new Bushwakka Sundowner Rugged offers exceptional value at about R100 000 less than the beloved Sundowner Classic. Measuring 4600mm in length, 1810mm in width, and 1875mm wide, the Sundowner Rugged offers ample space for comfortable camping. Equipped with a queen-size bed, it accommodates two sleepers, making it ideal for adventurous couples seeking off-road exploration.

Constructed from a stainless steel main body and front nose section, and with a tare weight of 875kg and a GVM of 1700kg, this trailer is built to handle rugged terrains with ease. Equipped with a Victron power system and a 102 amp deep cycle battery, the Sundowner Rugged ensures you have reliable power even when camping off-grid or exploring remote wilderness areas.

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Conqueror Caravans & Trailers – COMPANION X

The latest iteration of the acclaimed Companion caravan series sees quite a few upgrades and changes, including a newly upgraded patented independent suspension system. At the back of the caravan, the entry is now a large solid single door, no longer a split unit.

The Companion X also introduces a revolutionary double-fold, high-volume roof design, maximising interior space while effectively ventilating hot air for a cooler, more comfortable environment. Another key feature of the Companion X is the new main bed, which now folds out from the front of the caravan. The caravan also boasts improved internal storage, as well as a new and improved 248-litre grocery cupboard.

Similar to the Commander X, the Companion X utilises a uniquely designed awning with integrated drop-down legs that set up in just a few minutes. Its design does not require any additional support poles The awning can be fully enclosed with side panels that attach with Velcro.


Conqueror Off-Road Campers – COMMANDER X

The Commander X boasts several new key features that set it apart from its predecessors. In terms of performance and design, the Commander X has an upgraded suspension system that boasts a fully independent patented system with coil spring, trailing arms, and torsion bar, providing improved handling on various terrains. Bigger tyres ensure confident navigation through rough terrain.

Furthermore, the Commander X has been extended by 500mm, accommodating a spacious 2300mm bed and providing additional packing space with 10 extra cupboards and drawers. A standout feature is the new high-volume comfortable fold-out double bed, providing ample space for a restful night’s sleep. The newly constructed double-lift roof, made from aluminium, is installed with a pneumatic roof-lift mechanism, elevating your camping experience with an effortless setup.

Say goodbye to inconvenient public facilities, or ensure you have comfortable ablutions when out in the wild. The Commander X features a unique shower that’s level with the caravan floor. Positioned to fold out from the right-hand door, allowing campers to enjoy the luxury of an indoor shower while keeping water and dampness effectively outside. Coupled with the internal slide-out porta-potty, which eliminates the need for inconvenient trips to public ablution facilities, the Commander X sets a new standard in camping comfort.

Additionally, the CommanderX offers ample storage and an easy-to-set-up indoor dinette area, ensuring convenience during your outdoor adventures. In the kitchen area, the CommanderX features an improved 248-litre grocery cupboard, allowing you to stock up on basic cooking essentials with ease. The kitchen is conveniently laid out, featuring an instant hot water wash-up facility and an accessible fridge for all your culinary needs.

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Destination Caravans – KUBU

Destination Caravans, renowned for their commitment to crafting high-end caravans tailored to the most adventurous souls, proudly presents the Kubu caravan — an ode to rugged exploration and untamed wilderness, but with the utmost luxury.

The name “Kubu” pays homage to its inaugural launch at the Oppipan festival on Kubu Island in the Makgadikgadi Pan area of Botswana. The Kubu caravan is available in two distinct versions: the standard on-road model and the upgraded off-road variant. For those who dare to venture off the beaten path, the upgraded version of the Kubu caravan offers unparalleled capability and performance.

Featuring a galvanised steel frame chassis fitted with a 50mm square beam axle rated at 2.5 tonnes, shocks, coil springs, and 16″ wheels, the Kubu caravan allows you to take your luxury home-on-wheels a bit off the beaten track.

The caravan has a tare of 1660kg and GVM of 2000kg, and measures 2120mm wide by 2650mm high and by 6350mm long. With sleeping accommodations for two, a spacious queen-size bed ensures a restful night’s sleep under the stars. For those seeking to stay off-grid for extended periods, the Kubu is equipped with a robust solar system comprising a 2 kVa Victron system, two to three solar panels, and two 200Amp lithium iron batteries — ample power to keep you connected and comfortable wherever your adventures take you.

Equipped for culinary adventures, the outdoor kitchen slide-out unit comes complete with a two-plate Snappy Chef gas oven, microwave, 90-liter 12V top loader fridge and freezer combo, two large kitchen basins with a bamboo board, and ample storage space for all your cooking essentials (all cutlery, crockery, and glasses included). The full interior bathroom has a shower unit with a basin, and Marine toilet with an outside canister. Completing the ensemble is a full tent with fibre poles, a groundsheet, and a Vastrap entry step

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The EdgeOut teardrop camper is making waves across the world, and is now being exported to Germany. Edgeout, which won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2022 in the category of Product Design, has made a few upgrades to the kitchen, and now comes with a better mattress.

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ELXV (Elite Luxury Offroad Vehicles) gave us a look at their first Spoor caravan back in 2022. Over the past two years, a lot has changed, and this year at the Caravan Overland Show at Gallagher Convention Centre, we saw the official launch of the Spoor range, including the new Diep Spoor. If you are wondering how the Diep Spoor was received, well the first unit was sold within only one hour of the show’s doors opening!

The Diep Spoor was specifically designed to allow adventurers to explore wherever they want – it is a fully off-road-capable caravan fitted with ALKO Endurex suspension and a Victron/Ecoflow electronic system allowing you to be fully off-grid.

But it’s not just about tackling the rugged outdoors, it’s also about comfort and style. The ELXV Diep Spoor is kitted with high-end finishes (we love the matt black Blutide taps and shower) and top-quality equipment, including a Vitrifrigo fridge/freezer imported from Italy.

The Diep Spoor is a two-sleeper with a slide-out bedroom (queen-size bed). The front of the caravan features an interior bathroom, with the toilet and basin in the nose area, and a full shower on the driver’s side.

There is tonnes of packing space all over this caravan, including a double-door cupboard above the fridge/freezer, a cupboard and drawers across from the entry door, as well as loads more packing space at the back of the unit. The Diep Spoor has a pop-up roof, which can be opened automatically with the press of a button.



The Ng’ombe range has been updated to the 5.2 and 5.7 models (both solid roofs), as opposed to the 6.2 which was on display at the 2023 show. The new Ng’ombe is described as a family caravan as you have the option for the interior layout to include bunk beds, turning it into a four-sleeper caravan. ELXV displayed their Ng’ombe 5.2 at the 2024 Caravan Overland Show.

This double-axle caravan (Al-Ko Enduro X suspension on an aluminium chassis) has a full inside bathroom at the back, including a shower, basin and toilet. On the outside, the Ng’ombe 5.2 has a slide-out fridge/freezer hatch in the front (passenger side), next to which is a slide-out kitchen that features a basin, two-burner gas stove and drawers.

To the right of this is a fold-down hatch (creates a work area), behind which are more drawers and shelves, including a space for your microwave oven.
The Ng’ombe 5.7 was not on show, but for those interested, this model has a different interior design (sideways queen-size island bed) and is heavier (tare 2100kg vs 1900kg, GVM 2800kg vs 2600kg), longer (7.5m vs 7m) and wider (2.2m vs 2m).


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Freeline Campers – MAVERICK

Feeline Campers have made a few upgrades to their Maverick, and launched their new 4-sleeper variant. In the all-new Maverick 4-sleeper, the bathroom has been removed to create space for bunk beds, ingeniously designed to maximise sleeping arrangements. The bottom bunk is created when converting the 2-seater dinette, while the top bunk is a hanging bed, with stretched canvas between two solid poles.

The Maverick is constructed from fibreglass and features a slide-out main room, and comes with running water and a water tank, 270 awning, 12V battery system, double wash basin and dry rack (set up at the back), LED lighting, microwave, fully equipped outside kitchen, built-in cupboards, double top gas stove, and more.

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Imagine – BUSHVAN

Imagine Trailvans unveiled the latest addition to their line-up – the all-new Bushvan. This two-sleeper off-road caravan comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, Howling Moon rooftop tent and an awning. The Bushvan is equipped to handle the toughest terrains with ease, featuring a robust 1500kg axle (2-tonne braked coupler) and body panels made from 3CR12 stainless steel, and kitted with 15″ rims with double king tyres. Its hot-dip galvanised chassis ensures long-lasting durability, ready to tackle any terrain with confidence.

Inside, the trailer has sliders for the fridge/freezer side door, and the back door provides easy access to your essentials. The fully-equipped kitchen comes with a Cadac 2-burner stove and wash basin with a tap. Additional amenities include a 72L water tank with a water pump, lifting legs on each side in Rhino style, and a shower unit with a geyser. The Bushvan comes with a 100Ah AGM battery with a 24-amp battery charger. A battery monitor is also fitted for added peace of mind.

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Invader Off-Road Campers – QUATTRO X

The latest upgrade to the Invader line-up, the Invader Quattro X, generated considerable excitement among outdoor enthusiasts. The new version of the already much-loved Quattro caravan has undergone a major interior layout update that now features a queen-sized island bed, and has an automatic roof-lifting system for even quicker and more effortless deployment at the campsite.

Inside, adventurers will find generous sleeping accommodations, apart from the new extra-large queen-size bed there is an additional 3/4 bed, providing ample space for a comfortable night’s rest. The interior layout change also creates extra space under the bed for increased storage capacity, an expanded pantry cupboard, and a clothes cupboard accessible from both inside and outside the caravan.

Riding on rugged 17-inch mag wheels, the Quattro X offers enhanced stability and traction, making it well-suited for various terrains. As part of its launch, a striking new colour option, Red Earth, has been introduced, allowing adventurers to make a bold statement on the road.


Invader Off-Road Campers – DUO XS

The Duo XS offers an entry-level option for adventurers seeking quality and affordability. Positioned as a more budget-friendly alternative to its predecessor, the Duo X which was introduced to the market in 2023, the XS model comes in at approximately R60 000 cheaper, making it an attractive choice for those looking to embark on their outdoor adventures without breaking the bank.

While the exterior design remains consistent with the Duo X, the XS variant is streamlined to offer fewer features and extras. However, its simplified design serves as a blank canvas, allowing users the flexibility to customise and upgrade according to their preferences and needs.

Its exterior design is identical to the Duo X (just without mags), and comes with more basic features such as an inverter, 100Ah battery and a 15Amp Victron charging system. In comparison, the Duo X, launched a year earlier, offers a more comprehensive set of features and enhancements, such as a 375-watt inverter, two 100Ah batteries, and a 25Amp Victron charging system.

Despite their differences, both the Duo XS and Duo X share several similarities, including a 120L water tank, nose box drawers, and queen-size extra-length beds. They also have the same GWM (Gross Weight Mass) of 1500kg. However, the Duo XS weighs in at a tare of 860kg unladen and offers a payload of 640kg, while the Duo X has a tare of 910kg and a payload of 590kg.

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Mobi Lodge – CONTINENTAL 24

The latest version of the Mobi Lodge Continental not only offers a couple of quality upgrades (as difficult as that is to imagine), but also a brand-new interior bathroom layout. The bathroom, situated inside the nose, is still a full wet bathroom with a basin, toilet and shower. The new layout has the basin (on top of a cupboard) in the corner immediately to your left as you enter the bathroom. There is a vanity mirror and another cupboard above the basin.

Next to the basin unit (towards the front of the nose) is the flush toilet. The shower is in the corner to the right as you enter the bathroom. Other upgrades to the Mobi Lodge Continental include new high-quality hinges and fixtures, all of which are now imported. Mobi Lodge founder Marius Ras tells CaravanSA they are extremely excited and thankful for the continued growth of their business.

Marius says: “We are building about two Mobi Lodges per day, and exporting about eight per month.” Well done Marius and the Mobi Lodge team, that is a great achievement for a brand that officially launched only about a decade ago.


Mobi XL

Also on show for Mobi Lodge was their XL model. Taking the market by storm in 2023, the Mobi XL was a significant redesign of the Mobi X which was launched at the Beeld Show in 2018. For a full review of the all-new Mobi XL, click here.

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Motorhome-World – DISCOVERER

Motorhome-World, renowned for its unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, reaffirmed its position as the pinnacle of quality and excellence in South Africa at the recent Caravan Overland Show. On show was one of their latest Discoverer models — a testament to Motorhome-World’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of motorhome design and functionality.

Inside the Discoverer is a redesigned bathroom — a marvel of modern engineering and craftsmanship. Constructed as a single cubicle with no seams or joints, the new bathroom epitomises durability and functionality. Crafted from fibreglass and vacuum-infused for added strength and lightness, the bathroom not only withstands the rigours of travel but also offers unparalleled longevity and ease of maintenance.

By eschewing the use of glue and opting for seamless integration, Motorhome-World has not only simplified cleaning and upkeep, but also ensures no leaks can take place! Because the plumbing is accessible from the exterior, it ensures that any maintenance (if required) is swift and hassle-free.

The Discoverer also showcased an exterior kitchen as a customisable option. Unlike many traditional setups, the kitchen is not on a slide-out, but rather housed behind a fold-down hatch. Equipped with a two-burner gas stove complete with wind deflectors, hot/cold water, and a plug point, the exterior kitchen ensures that outdoor cooking remains a delightfully effortless experience. Of course, the Discoverer still has a full interior kitchen area as well.

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Naledi has raised the bar with a myriad of upgrades and enhancements to their already beloved teardrop camper. Featuring a large coupe design with two doors for easy access, the camper now boasts thicker safety glass doors equipped with smart-glass technology, incorporating tint directly into the glass for enhanced privacy and UV protection without the need for additional layers.

The teardrop camper has undergone a high-tech insulation upgrade, providing superior sound blocking, UV protection, and heat insulation, ensuring comfort in any climate. Enhanced dust sealing on all doors and hatches keeps unwanted particles at bay during outdoor adventures. With ground clearance now increased to an impressive 380mm, the camper is ready to tackle rough terrain with ease, offering adventurers greater freedom to explore off the beaten path.

Soft-touch side cover finishes with self-healing properties add a touch of luxury and durability to the exterior, while a strengthened tailgate and reinforced rims provide added longevity. In the back kitchen, the new stylish work surface is made from sustainably sourced Kiaat wood from the Tsitsikamma forest, combining functionality with environmental consciousness.

Inside, a speed control fan with infinite settings ensures optimal ventilation and comfort for occupants. Additionally, Naledi now offers the option of a second awning and sides, providing campers with the flexibility to create additional covered space on both sides of the teardrop camper.

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Nayela launched their new Oribi, a 4-sleeper version of the now famous Nayela design. Similar in most aspects to the Okapi, the Oribi sees the removal of the interior bathroom at the back, and replaces it with two bunk beds. The Oribi comes standard with a rally awning, but can be upgraded to a full tent. All Nayela caravans (Okapi, OkapiX, SaharaX and Oribi) now come with custom-made awnings from Wild View camping equipment.

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Okto Caravans

Okto Caravans now offers upgraded options on the Villa, Villa Ensuite and Cabana models. The Villa II and Cabana II are identical to their base models, but come with bigger wheels and higher ground clearance. These versions fit in between the standard on-road models and the Gravellor variants.

In other news, Okto Caravans informs CaravanSA that they are busy with adjustments on the Cassita, which will be available later this year. They also teased the release of their new off-road caravan, the Xtrack.

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Outbound Campers – STORM

Outbound Campers continues to captivate audiences at the Caravan Overland Show with their latest offerings, and 2024 was no exception. This year, the spotlight was on their newly launched Storm gravel roader. Its standout feature is the innovative slimline foldout bed, providing a spacious and secure sleeping area without sacrificing valuable space.

Solid walls and sides of the foldout bed, along with lockable glass windows and dual-entry doors, ensure peace of mind during travels. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Storm boasts a galvanised steel chassis and a Leicht fixed beam axle, ensuring durability and stability on any terrain.

With a tare of just 960kg, GVM of 1400 kg and a remarkably low dry nose weight of only 60 kg, the Storm offers an ideal balance of agility and capability. Despite its compact dimensions, the Storm surprises with its spacious interior, measuring 4.4 meters in length, 2.1 meters in width, and 2190mm in height when closed. Standard features include LED lights, a two-plate gas burner stove, and a split pantry hatch, all contributing to enhanced comfort and convenience during outdoor excursions.

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Outbound Campers – FACELIFT CYCLONE FB & DB

The Cyclone DB (double bed) and FB (folding bed) received notable facelifts, featuring updates to the interior and exterior. The caravans now boast more rounded noses, a slightly more aerodynamic shape, fresh decals and logos, and an elegant new colour scheme.

But the upgrades extend beyond mere appearances. The Cyclone DB and FB models come equipped with new suspension systems, transitioning from a 6-leaf to an 8-leaf configuration. This enhancement promises improved stability and handling, ensuring a smoother ride for travellers. Accompanying the upgraded suspension are larger wheels, increasing from 225″ to 245″ for enhanced performance and durability on various terrains.

Inside the Cyclone FB and DB models, passengers are greeted with a more contemporary and plush interior. The finishes have been upgraded to offer a softer and more inviting ambience, creating a welcoming retreat after a day of exploration.

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After years of anticipation, a new range of Sprite caravans made their appearance on the showroom floor. The story of the new Sprite range goes back to 2021, when a company by the name of Leefek took over the manufacturing of caravans after Jurgens CI and Jurgens CampWorld were liquidated. During the business closure process, the naming rights for iconic caravan brands like Jur­gens, Gyp­sey, Sprite, and Safari were sold and acquired by Quantum Caravans in early 2022.

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At the time, Jurie Pienaar, co-owner of Quantum Leisure Caravans, told CaravanSA they plan on bringing back these brand names in strategic market segments, starting with Sprite: “The reason for this is that the Sprite will be an addition to our Quantum range. We want to use the Sprite as an entry-level caravan. It will be a practical, quality, lightweight caravan.”

And at the 2024 Caravan Overland Show, we finally saw the relaunch of the legendary Sprite range – and not just one model, but THREE: The Sprite Space, Sprite Spiral and Sprite Spiral Tourer!


Sprite SPACE

At the pinnacle of the new Sprite range lies the Sprite Space, offering luxurious comfort for families of two to four persons. With an island bed and 4-seater dinette that converts into an additional full-size double bed at night, the Space ensures ample sleeping arrangements for all occupants. Its Easy-Lift pop-up roof simplifies setup, towing, and storage, while the modern design creates an inviting atmosphere for campers.

The Sprite Space is the largest model in the new range, with a GVM of 1430kg and tare of 1130kg, and provides expansive living quarters with dimensions extending to an overall length of 6530mm, width of 2320mm, and a height of 2280mm. The standard features such as an air conditioner and outdoor kitchen enhance the camping experience, with optional upgrades available to further personalise the space according to individual preferences.



The Sprite Spiral beckons as an ideal choice for couples and small families, embodying versatility and comfort. This midsize model has an overall length of 5910mm, width of 2320mm, and a height of 2280mm, and weighs in with a GVM of 1350kg and a tare of 1050kg, allowing for a loading capacity of 300kg.

Its modern interior design and practical layout evoke a holiday ambience inside, making it a popular choice among campers, whether young or old, single or couple, or even small families. The Spiral features an island bed and 2-seater dinette that can be converted into a single bed sleeping space, and is equipped with a 154L fridge/freezer (220V), standard microwave oven, outdoor kitchen, and standard air conditioner.



For adventurers seeking exploration beyond the main highways, the Sprite Spiral Tourer stands as the perfect companion. Building upon the great features of the Spiral, this model offers the added benefit of gravel road capability. Its increased ride height, 15” rims on 205 all-terrain tyres, shock absorbers, and brush bars ensure a smooth and comfortable ride wherever your travels take you.

With dimensions, licensing requirements, and amenities mirroring those of the Sprite Spiral, the Tourer variant maintains the same spaciousness and comfort. GVM and tare are 40kg more than the base model. Optional features include a geyser, air conditioner, and a patio.

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Compact yet rugged, the Stealth Cub Overlander is a smaller (4.5m), more compact version of the Overlander OVL range, with a tare weight of 840kg and a GVM of 1500kg. Inside the standard 2-sleeper Cub Overlander has a full-size double bed, which can lift to reveal a dinette.

The external kitchen has a new design with a double cast-iron gas-burner stove, including fold-up sides that shield against the elements. A larger kitchen slide-out, accommodating up to a 100L fridge, provides ample storage for perishables and refreshments during extended journeys. The Stealth Cub Overlander is ready for off-grid adventure, and is equipped with a 120AH lithium battery coupled with a Victron 15 amp charging system.

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Tuff Cats MBADA 2, 4, and NOVA

Tuff Cats have made slight upgrades to their Mbada and Mbada Nova caravans. The Mbada Nova now has a bigger door, and there is a built-in step at the entrance. A slight interior design change also created a bit more packing space underneath the bed.

Both the Mbada and Mbada Nova’s pop-up roofs have been fitted with actuators, opening or closing with just a push of a button. The Mbada’s roof is now a straight lift. All models now come with detachable vanity bags that are fitted with Velcro to the inside of the door.

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Unipod – XPOD

Designed with adventure in mind, the XPod bush caravan is a rugged caravan that is perfect for families on the move. The base model can be towed with a B license, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of travellers. The caravan can be upgraded with an off-grid package, which will require an EB license.

With sleeping accommodations for four inside, including a queen and double fold-out bed, the XPod is tailor-made for young families seeking memorable outdoor experiences. Along with spacious sleeping quarters, the XPod boasts a dinette seating area. Its pop-up roof, complete with four windows in canvas, offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape while ensuring ventilation and comfort inside.

Outfitted with a Howling Moon 270-degree awning, the XPod provides ample shade and shelter for outdoor activities. Equipped with a 50a/h lithium battery and Victron charger, the XPod ensures a reliable power supply for all your electronic devices.


Unipod – TOYPOD

UniPod has made some adjustments to its tour haulier, the ToyPod. The ToyPod features a redesigned silhouette, combining aerodynamic efficiency with modern aesthetics. The tie-down hatches are now accessible from the outside as well, allowing for effortless securing of cargo and equipment. A dedicated spares and parts hatch has also been added for more storage.


Unipod – BUSHPOD

The BushPod also received a facelift, and has a brand-new shape. While the unit comes standard as a 1500kg GVM caravan (braked system) that requires an EB license, adventurers can opt for a non-braked BushPod conversion that has a GVM of 750kg and only requires a B license. The lighter version comes without water tanks, a shower tent, and a couple of other extras.


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