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2023 Caravan Show Report: All the new and upgraded caravans, trailers and motorhomes


With a history stretching back 20 years, the Caravan Show at Gallagher Convention Centre has become known as the launchpad for new products in the industry, and is without a doubt one of the biggest events on the caravanning calendar.

With a focus on carefully selected exhibitors, and with over 90% of the South African market represented, the show has built a reputation of drawing quality visitors – real caravanners, campers and overlanders; not “tyre kickers”.

The Caravan Show 2023 was a runaway success, with over 22 000 caravan and overland enthusiasts visiting the showroom floor over three days to see more than two dozen new and upgraded caravans and trailers being launched.

Show organiser Hampie de Kock says: “We thank all exhibitors and every single visitor who came to the Show… especially those who flew in from abroad!

“We also extend our gratitude to our media partners CaravanSA & SA4X4 for being part of another record performance for the caravan industry as a whole, and for reporting on the dozens of magnificent new products that were launched during the show.”

Hampie also shared some big news for the future… and when we say big, we are talking about 4000m2 big.

“I am excited to announce that from 2024, our event will also include the Overland Show,” says Hampie.

“We have secured another 4000m2 to accommodate those potential exhibitors whom we were unable to accommodate this year.

“Caravan Show Africa & Overland Show Africa will be the platform where the industry leaders unite and will continue to serve the respective industries in unison with CaravanSA & SA4X4.”

In the video below, CaravanSA interviewed guests as they walked in through the gates of the Caravan Show. We were curious to know why they had decided to attend the Caravan Show, so we asked. Let’s take a look at what they had to say:

CaravanSA congratulates Hampie and the entire Caravan Show team on a very successful 2023 event, and we look forward to working together in the future as the show grows.

If you missed the 2023 show, or did not have enough time to visit all the exhibitors, don’t worry: CaravanSA was there to cover all the action and bring you the latest news from the industry.


Adventure Xtreme has come out with an exciting new caravan, the Samurai, which made its debut at the Caravan Show 2023. The Samurai is the first Adventure Xtreme caravan to feature an interior bathroom, making it a great option for those who want more privacy and convenience while on the road.

As you enter the Samurai, you’ll notice that the entrance is on the passenger side at the back. Across from the entrance door is the bathroom, which is divided into two sections. The front section features a basin and toilet, while the rear section contains a shower cubicle. The bathroom and shower area have a chest-high sliding door, and for added privacy, canvas can be zipped up to the roof to keep water inside.

Moving towards the front of the Samurai, you’ll find the bedroom, which features a slide-out on the driver side and cupboards on the passenger side. The bed can be converted into a dinette with a table, providing additional seating and eating space.

On the outside of the Samurai, to the left of the door, is a fold-down hatch that reveals the exterior kitchen. The kitchen has five slide-out drawers and a two-burner gas stove, making it easy to cook up meals while enjoying the outdoors. Next to the kitchen, towards the front, is another hatch with a slide-out fridge/freezer and another drawer, providing ample space for storing food and drinks.

To the right of the entrance, behind the door, is a dedicated bar! This feature is perfect for those who want to enjoy a drink or two while relaxing inside the caravan.

The Samurai also has a washing up section with two basins and a small work surface. This area clips on to the back of the caravan, making it easy to set up and use when needed.

Overall, the Adventure Xtreme Samurai is an impressive caravan that offers all the features you need for a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. With its interior bathroom, exterior kitchen, and dedicated bar, this caravan is sure to make your next adventure one to remember.

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The Caravan Show 2023 witnessed the official launch of the brand new AlphaGo Air Inflatable Off-Road Camper Trailer! If the inflatable camper looks familiar, you might recognize it from the Air Opus. In fact, AlphaGo is a South African company that collaborates with Opus Campers International.

There are two flagship models available for launch: the S4 and the S6. The S4 can sleep two to four people, while the S6 is a massive inflatable camper that can accommodate up to six people.

Both models have a unique feature, whereby they can be simply folded open by lifting the lids, inserting an air pump, and the tent structure inflates in just five minutes. AlphaGo is the only brand in South Africa that offers this technology. The most significant benefit of the inflation technology is that there are no more poles required, and the setup is simple, creating lots of space inside.

Outside, both models have a slide-out kitchen unit on the right of the entrance door, with a fold-down prep table, a two-burner gas stove, a basin with water, and cutlery drawers. On the left of the door, there are two big slide-out drawers.

The top drawer contains all your pots and pans, while the bottom one holds all your crockery, including everything from coffee mugs to plates to stemless wine glasses. Everything is protected by foam inserts. Next to this is another slide-out for a fridge/freezer.

Inside, the ceiling is over 2.5 meters high. The S4 has a king-size bed in the front, and at the back, there is a lounge/dining area that can be converted into a double bed.

On the far side of the door, there is another opening that leads to an inflatable bathroom area with a toilet and shower with hot and cold water.

In the S6, there is a queen-size bed on your left and a double bed on your right. The middle of the S6 is a lounge area with seats at the foot of each bed. These seats can be converted into single beds, increasing the sleeping space to six. A canvas netting separator can be closed between the big and small beds for privacy.

A unique optional extra in the AlphaGo is the cinema system. A massive white screen sets up from the foot of the main bed, and you can watch movies or shows via the built-in projector.

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Badger Adventure Caravan were back in their traditional spot at the Caravan Show.
On display was their well-known Extreme caravan.
You can read more about their other models, as well as the recently launched Badger Lite – their first caravan that is able to be towed by a B licence holder – by clicking HERE.

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Border X launched a new product at the Caravan Show 2023 – the Outpost.

This single axle caravan has been designed to combine the living space of their larger model with the mobility and agility of their small caravan.

With its combination of the Expedition’s living space and the Extreme’s agility, the Outpost is a unique and exciting addition to Border X’s lineup.

In simple terms, Border X has kept everything on the bottom half of the caravan relatively similar to the Expedition, and then implemented the top half of the Extreme. The result is a caravan that is compact, yet spacious, and versatile enough to meet the needs of a wide range of travelers.

The Outpost is available as a standard 2/3-sleeper or as a 4/5-sleeper.

The standard variant comes with a dinette in the middle which can be converted into a third bed.

For the 4/5-sleeper, there are multiple layout options to choose from. In all options, the interior shower is removed from the bathroom at the back of the caravan, and bunk beds are placed instead. To upgrade to the 5-sleeper, the entire bathroom is removed to make additional sleeping space.

On the outside, the Outpost has a similar slide-out kitchen as the other models, which is available in three different layout options to accommodate a fridge/freezer, gas hob, large basin, microwave or oven, air fryer, or ice machine, as well as packing space for all the larger utensils and pots.

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Brand new to the Caravan Show is Buksie Trailers, who showed off their Weekender.

This small but mighty trailer is perfect for the person or couple looking for a compact and easy-to-store camper that doesn’t compromise on features.

With a Tare of 750kg, it can be towed with just a B license, making it ideal for smaller vehicles like the Suzuki Jimny. But don’t let its small size fool you – the Weekender is built to handle 4×4 terrain with ease. The standard shock system ensures a smooth ride, even on the roughest roads.

The Buksie is built on a 2mm steel frame and comes with a 3mm spreader bar coated in 1k rubber guard, steel top frame cladded with aluminum coated with rubberized paint, and 15″ wheels.

Entrance to the Buksie is on the passenger side through a large door, while the exterior kitchen is found at the back of the trailer.

The kitchen has two sections: a fold-down hatch on the left that opens to a large stainless steel work surface with shelving above, and a door that opens to shelves, large enough to each fit an ammo box and have room to spare.

The nose cone of the Buksie is large enough to fit to fit a 40L-60L National Luna fridge/freezer.

Inside, the entire space is taken up by the bed, and there are two small shelves in the sleeping area for storing essentials.

Other features of the base model include three touch-dimmable lights (in white and amber), a 220V inlet caravan plug, and 220V multi-plug box with three 3-point plug outlet points.

The Buskie Weekender can also be customised to suit your needs, including adding a brake system (ups the GVM to 1600kg), adding a solar panel, upgrading to mag wheels, awning, rooftop tent, slide-out kitchen with two-burner gas stove, Jerry can brackets, 12v System DC-DC (include AC-DC), 105AH Deep cycle battery, and more.

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Bush Lapa has added another variant to their Baobab 3 caravan. Late in 2022 they already released the Baobab “3i”, and at the Caravan Show 2023 revealed the Baobab “3is”.

Strangely, despite the fact that it is called the Baobab “3is”, it is actually a two-sleeper, as the fold-out double bed and inside single bed has been replaced with a queen-sized bed.

The major new feature on the “3is” is the addition of a second door, directly opposite the standard entrance on the passenger side of the caravan.

The new second door allows for access to the shower tent.

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Less than six months after launching the Roam, Cascade Leisure arrived at the Caravan Show 2023 with another new model: the Cascade Rise!

Just like the Roam, the Rise is a two-sleeper caravan. And while the two might look very similar on the outside (in fact, they are basically identical), the Rise has a whole new interior layout.

Entering the door, you’ll find a glassware cupboard immediately to your right, with a small shelf and cupboard below.

Next to the glassware, at the back of the caravan, is a bathroom (with full lockable door). The bathroom has a toilet, full shower, hand basin with hot and cold water and a vanity mirror.

Across from the entrance door is an ample work surface, with a microwave oven built in below.

But the biggest difference between the Roam and the Rise, is directly to your left as you enter. In the Roam, this is where you find the glassware cabinet and big cupboards, but in the Rise this space has been developed into a dinette area, with a double seater bench.

There is still a floor-to-ceiling cupboard next to the dinette.

In the front of the Rise is a double island bed, with plenty of space all around.

Outside you will find a slide-out kitchen with a basin (hot and cold water), Snappy Chef induction stove, and drawers with cutlery and crockery.

As with all Cascade models, the rear of the caravan houses a large storage area with a fold-up door on gas struts.

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Conqueror have made some upgrades to their Courage model.

This rugged “little” two-sleeper is perfect for couples who love adventure.

With the geyser (in nose cone), 90L water tank, water pump, power system and battery and gas geyser fitted as now standard, you’ll be ready to hit the road right off the showroom floor… almost. Just bring your own fridge/freezer – the Courage comes standard with a slede-out for an 80L fridge/freezer.

What you don’t have to bring is packing containers, since the Courage comes with four ammo boxes, fitted on a slide-out system at the back.

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You can trust Fred Oosthuizen from Custom Campers to always turn heads at the Caravan Show.

This year, he showed off his new caravan model, the Grey Airstream, as well as one of his custom-built motorhomes.

Luxury caravanners are probably familiar with the first Grey model, the Airflight, and while the new Airstream is a bit shorter than the original, it’s no less opulent.

The Airflight’s entrance door has been moved from the back to the front left of the caravan. This means the entire interior layout has also been “flipped”, with the lounge area now being in the front, and the island bed at the back.

In the middle of the caravan on the right (looking forward) is the bathroom, that includes a toilet and separate shower.

Opposite the bathroom is a full-length, stand-up fridge/freezer, next to a working area with drawers below.

The microwave is built into a panel right next to the door near the lounge.

The exterior kitchen has been moved to the front, and includes a large slide-out system with basin (running hot/cold water), induction stove, and drawers with dedicated crockery and cutlery.

The Airflight comes standard with all the luxuries, including leather upholstery, 32” television, bar, 270L fridge/freezer, queen bed, two skylights, 150L water tank, full tent and groundsheet.

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Luxury caravanners in South Africa now have another option for their home-on-wheels, as Destination officially launched their impressive revamped 2023 Destination Magic at the show.

The new Magic is a bit smaller than the previous model, placing it nicely between Destination’ double-axle Wonder and smaller Wish (that was launched at the Caravan Show 2022).

CaravanSA actually got an exclusive preview of the new Magic before the show, and you can find all the detail and specifications of the 2023 model in our review HERE.

Destination also revealed an upgrade of their double-axle Journey model at the Caravan Show. This new model comes with a fantastic new interior design and revamped bathroom.

The bathroom is situated in the middle of the caravan on the drivers’ side, and now has a sliding door to enter, and contains the toilet and shower together.

As you enter the bathroom, the shower is to your right (with glass door), the toilet to your left, and the washbasin directly in front of you.

For a full review, images and walkthrough of the new Journey, click HERE.

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Echo 4×4

The brand new Chobe Urban from Echo 4×4 is specially designed and made outdoor lovers with a B licence… with a Tare of 750kg and GVM of only 580kg., anyone can tow this gravel roader.

The Chobe Urban is unbraked, so you will need a tow vehicle with a Tare of at least 1500kg.

The caravan can sleep three people in total. Just like the bigger Chobe 2 and 4 models, a double bed folds out over the nosecone. A single bed (that can also be used as a bench) is located to the right as you enter the Urban from the rear.

If you do have a bigger family, or the young one is bringing a friend, a hanging bed can be installed inside above the single bed.

Across from the single bed is storage space behind canvas door cupboards.

Outside, the new Chobe Urban has a kitchen with ample storage space. To the left of the exterior kitchen (below the main bed inside) is another storage compartment that will fit a sliding system for your fridge/freezer. On the other side of the caravan (ie, the driver side) is more storage space in the form of a hatch with two shelves behind it.

On the Echo camping tailer side, the Echo 2 has received a new look with the Thunder model.

While many of the changes are cosmetic, the Echo 2 Thunder has has a slight exterior kitchen redesign and comes with an upgraded power panel (now placed behind the exterior kitchen hatch).

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ELXV caused a big stir at the Caravan Show 2023 with the launch of their new five-sleeper Ng’ombe Off-Roader 6.2.

This is the third model in their range and is designed to meet the needs of adventure-seekers who want a caravan that can handle any terrain.

The Ng’ombe’s camper shell construction is made up of 25mm core XPS between 2 layers of 2mm GRP fiberglass (29mm total), with an aluminium bed frame. This ensures that the caravan is sturdy enough to withstand rough terrains.

The chassis is an all-aluminium construction with an AL-KO tow hitch and AL-KO Enduro X suspension system. Air suspension is an optional extra.

The double-axle Ng’ombe Off-Roader 6.2 is equipped with 265/65/R17 Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain tyres.

The caravan has a comfortable bedroom that features a queen-sized bed with a walk-around design at the front.

In the middle of the caravan (to the right as you enter) is a dinette area with side-by-side seating and a table. Across from the dinette is an inside kitchen with work surface, basin, and gas stove. The 230L fridge/freezer is just to the left of the kitchen area.

So, where would you find the other three sleeping spaces? At the back of the caravan (driver side) in the form of bunk beds!

Opposite the bunk beds is a bathroom with separate shower and toilet, with a single basin and tap. There Ng’Ombe also has an outdoor shower with a quick-pitch shower curtain and hot and cold water taps.

The caravan comes standard with a Victron Energy System that includes a 3000W inverter, DC to DC charger, SmartSolar MPPT 150V 45A, and four 325W solar panels totaling 1300W.

The Ng’ombe Off-Roader 6.2 is also equipped with two Lithium Iron Phosphate 200AH batteries, aircon system, and gas/electric geyser.

Outside, to the right of the door, the Ng’Ombe has a fold-down hatch that reveals a 90L fridge/freezer (on sliding system), as well as two drawers, speakers for the Fusion radio system, and a couple of plug points.

The Ng’ombe Off-Roader 6.2 has a length of 5.7m, a width of 2.25m, and an interior height of 1.95m.

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It is impossible not be impressed with the new Enkulu 3 – it simply screams off-road adventure. Let’s rephrase: “luxury” off-road adventure.

The Enkulu 3 has undergone some big changes to it’s predecessor, mainly to make the caravan a bit more compact in length, width, and height.

The Enkulu 3 width has been reduced slightly to ensure the caravan runs in your vehicle’s track.

To lower the height, the fixed roof has been replaced with a pop-up that lifts fully horizontally with actuators.

While the caravan is also a bit shorter, Infanta ensured the interior does not feel cramped by installing a slide-out bed. The bed is now in the back of the caravan (the entrance door moves to the front).

The new Enkulu 3 is the first Infanta caravan that features a 360-degree awning.

Looking at the exterior of the caravan, on the passenger side at the front is a fold-down hatch behind which is a sliding system for your fridge/freezer. The Enkulu 3 can take up to a 90L unit. There are 12V and 220V plug points.

Next to this (moving towards the back of the caravan) is the entrance door. Next to the door is small compartment (fold-down hatch) with storge, which can also house the microwave over.

The main outside kitchen are is next, behind a fold own hatch. There are multiple storage spaces, and a two-burner gas stove fitted to the countertop.

Finally, next to the kitchen right at the back is the wash-up compartment, that has a slide-out frame (with tap) in which you can place your basins and drying rack.

The airconditioner is moved to outside the caravan (attached at the back), which reduces interior noise, and makes servicing easier. Also in the box next to the aircon is the geyser.

The new geyser in this Enkulu 3 does not have a holding tank, and the water gets heated with gas as it passed through. Don’t worry about the possibility of wind blowing out your gas flame, because the box in which the geyser is housed can be closed, and Infanta has installed small hatches on the top and bottom to let air through.

Inside, as you enter to the left is the dinette area with seating and a table. This can be converted into sleeping space for two people.

Across from the entrance is the wet room with a shower (fixed head in the roof), flush toilet and basin.

The slide-out bed is now at the back, and there is tons of storage space on the side (canvas doors).

You can also access the exterior kitchen storage space from inside.

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Invader have upgraded the popular Duo model with some added comfort, style and the latest technology.

The Duo X comes with 17” mag wheels, a large fold-out awning, pneumatic roof lifting system, roof-tilting actuators, slide-out drawers on both sides of the nosebox, extra storage space at the front of the nosebox, full outside kitchen, extra-length queen bed, vanity basin, portable toilet, shower unit, Victron power system (375W inverter, 25A charger.

For more details and full specification, click HERE.

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Taking centre stage at the Leefek exhibition area was the new edition of the Classique.

As with their Penta and Exclusive caravans, the Classique is available in three variations: Grey (entry-level), Blue (mid-level) and Purple (top of the range).

Leefek launched at the show with the Grey edition of the Classique.

The new model of the Classique comes with a ton of interior, exterior and technical updates.

On the outside, the Classique now has a slide-out kitchen near the front on the passenger side. The kitchen has a Snappy Chef induction stove (single plate) basin, and cutlery drawer.

Entering the new Classique Grey, you find a bathroom to your right, that is similar to the previous edition.

Directly opposite the entry door is a large work surface with drawers and a cupboard underneath. To the left of this is a 157L fridge/freezer.

On our left upon the Classique is another work surface, with cupboards above and below.

In the front of the caravan is the bed. While still an island bed as in the previous edition, the new Classique’s bed has been rotated into a transverse position, with the headboard on the passenger side of the caravan.

On a technical side, a big upgrade for the Classique is that it now comes with Enduro independent suspension.

Other standard equipment on the new Classique Grey edition includes fixed auto lift jockey wheel, Purple standard power pack charger unit (solar ready), 4,3″ touch screen control panel, 2x 12V deep cycle batteries, high pressure, 3-diaphragm Seaflo water pump, 20L microwave, 60L water tank, and 220V Kwikot Prisma 30L geyser.

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Last year saw Mobi Lodge expand their range with the smaller Mobi X.

This year, they introduced the Mobi XL, which fits in somewhere between the current models.

The XL returns to Mobi Lodge’s famous slide-out design, something not found on the X.

Unlike the original Mobi Lodge, the XL slides the bedroom (with queen-size bed) out to the back.

The bed folds up partway to create the space inside for when the slide is closed.

Under the bed is enough space for a cassette toilet.

In the nose area of the Mobi XL, there is a small dinette with a table and two single seats. There are doors on both sides, allowing you to walk through to either side of the caravan.

This is particularly comfortable, since the Mobi XL comes with a large swing awning on the left side (where the outside kitchen is), and a full tent for the back – including an optional shower compartment.

This creates a roofed area almost right around the caravan!

The Mobi XL does not come with a fixed roof like it’s bigger and smaller siblings, and instead has a clamshell roof, that when opened creates enough space to stand in the front of the caravan.

The exterior kitchen is fitted on the main caravan on the left. The hatch folds down to create a work area with a fixed two-burner gas stove.

All your cutlery and utensils are fitted in dedicated spaces on the wall panel, similar to the classic Mobi Lodge.

The slide-out section also has storage space on either side. On the left side there is shelving and enough space to for a fridge/freezer.

The right side is just shelving, and is intended as a clothes cupboard.

Both doors have canvas storage systems fitted, where you can place anything from shoes to toiletries.

The Mobi XL comes with a 214L water tank and gas/electric geyser.

WATCH VIDEO: Mobi Lodge Launches new Mobi XL

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What would a Caravan Show be without South Africa’s leading motorhome manufacturing and sales company, Motorhome-World.

On display was another beautiful custom-built Xtreme model motothome, named Siyabonga.

Siyabonga is built on an IVECO 70S15EA8 4×4 single cab chassis with a permanent 4×4 drive, making it the perfect vehicle for off-road adventures. Equipped with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, this motorhome can tackle any terrain with ease.

The exterior boasts a MHW wrap-around bull bar and winch support for added protection, while the Fiamma F45S awning offers a comfortable outdoor living space.

Inside, Siyabonga offers luxurious living quarters, with a rear fixed bed measuring 1615 x 2077 x 827mm. The bed is complemented by corner shelves, creating a cozy and functional space.

The interior kitchen area is equipped with a glass-covered 3-burner gas stove and a separate sink, while the outside slide-out kitchen offers a 3-burner gas stove and a separate removable sink.

In the front of the motorhome, behind the driver, is a dinette area with two seats and a table. This can be converted into a double bed, providing additional sleeping space for guests.

Want to go off the grid and explore far away from civilization? No problem! You can take more than enough food and drinks thanks to the 130L fridge and 65L freezer inside. And the H2O water filter system ensures clean and safe drinking water.

The interior full wet bathroom is equipped with a cassette toilet, basin, and shower (with shower floor), providing all the amenities of home.

Siyabonga is also fitted with air-suspension front and rear on demand, including a compressor and gauges with switches in the cabin, providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

The motorhome is powered by 2 x Blue Nova Batteries, a 150W solar panel, a Solar regulator MPPT Victron energy Blue Solar 100/50amp, and a 30amp Victron DC-to-DC charger. The Victron Energy Inverter 3000w/120amp/12volt, Digital Control panel, and Digital Battery monitor ensure efficient power usage.

Overall, Siyabonga by Motorhome-World is a fantastic addition to their Xtreme model motorhomes. With its top-of-the-line features and luxurious living quarters, it’s perfect for those who love to travel off the beaten path.

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Naledi was not just new to the Caravan Show, but actually to the entire outdoor market.

Manufactured by Rider Automotive Components, the modern teardrop had show visitors doing double-takes as they saw the massive windows on both sides of the caravan.

In fact, the windows make up about 80% of the sides, measuring 1800mm x 600mm!

The left window is actually split into three sections, the middle being the door.

Don’t worry, just because your home on wheels is mostly windows, doesn’t mean you won’t have any privacy. The 4mm glass is tempered, and there are blinds on the inside that you can close.

At the back of the Naledi is a big kitchen, which includes microwave oven, induction and gas stove. The Naledi also comes equipped with a 220V kettle, pots, pans, and kitchenware.

The 55L fridge/freezer (National Luna) fits on a slide-out in the stainless steel nose box.

Built on a stainless steel chassis and fitted with 14” wheels, the Naledi is ready for off-roading.

And if you really want to get away into nature, no problem. The teardrop has a decent 12V/220V off-grid system, including Victron 120W solar panel, Victron charger, and 100AH battery.

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Nayela was a double delight at the Caravan Show 2023 when they surprised everyone with not one, but two reveals.

The Okapi X is a minor upgrade of their original Okapi model, while the new Sahara X is the first “different” new unit to come from Nayela since their launch in 2019.

The Okapi X has been upgraded with newly raised suspension and 245/70R16 All Terrain Tyres to provide an extra 100mm ground clearance. Also included as standard on the Okapi X is a utility storage frame, front gas holder and two gas bottles.

The new Sahara X is similar in many ways to the Okapi X, with the biggest difference being that it is fitted with independent suspension instead of two rubber axles.

The interior sees a couple of changes, including layout and design updates to the cupboards.

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Okto Caravans unveiled the latest additions and upgrades to their range of caravans at this year’s Caravan Show, and they certainly did not disappoint.

One of the new models on display is the B-license ready Okto Casita.

With a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 750kg, this caravan is lightweight and compact, but can sleep up to three people comfortably, with a double island bed in the front and a dinette in the back that can be converted into a single bed.

The inside of the caravan is fitted with a fridge on the right and cupboards on both sides, providing ample storage space for all your belongings.

The Casita also comes equipped with 13” wheels and a 220V power system (battery not standard), making it perfect for off-grid camping.

Its outside kitchen is similar to other Okto models, with a fold-down hatch that creates a work surface. There are multiple shelves and a dedicated space for the microwave (included).

This caravan is braked, meaning it can be towed by a car with a tare of 750kg.

It is important to note that the demo model showcased at the event is not the final version, which means the final product could have even more exciting features.

Another exciting addition to the range is the Castello 5, which can sleep up to five people. The bathroom in the original Castello has been replaced with bunk beds: a fold-out double bed at the bottom and a single bed on top. The bottom bunk bed can also be folded in to create a workbench at the back, making it a versatile space for both living and working.

The Cabana II has also received an upgrade with larger 15” wheels, making it easier to tow and providing greater stability on the road.

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Who doesn’t like options? And with Outbound Campers, you now have three different variations of the Outbound Cyclone to choose from: The original which is now the Cyclone DB, and the new Cyclone SB and Cyclone FB.
The above stands for Double Bed, Single Beds, and Folding Bed.

Outbound Cyclone FB

While the FB as it stood at the Caravan Show is still a prototype, the design drew a lot of attention.
Unlike the other Cyclone models that have their entrance door at the rear, the FB’s door is on the left side.

This is to allow for the unique foldout bedroom at the back. Unlike the majority of fold-out beds for caravans in South Africa, the Cyclone FB does not have canvas walls. Hard panels fold out from the hull from the bottom (the bed’s headboard), top and sides to create an external bedroom area with solid walls.

With the bed in the Cyclone FB at the back of the caravan, the roof setup also changes. Unlike on the DB and SB models, the roof folds up at the front to create headspace in the front, where you will also find a large work surface with storage space below.

Outbound Cyclone SB

Similar to the original Cyclone DB, entrance to the Cyclone SB is from the back.
The double bed has been replaced by two single beds on either side of the caravan, with a small night table in the middle.
The foot of each single bed can fold up to create single seats and turn the area into a little dinette.

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Stealth Caravans has introduced three new trailer models, each with unique features and specifications. The first model, called the “Cub Lite,” has a GVM (gross vehicle mass) of 600kg which can be upgraded to 750kg. It is designed for use on tar roads and comes equipped with 13″ wheels and a 220V power system.

The second model, known as the “Cub X-Country,” has a higher GVM of 750kg which can be upgraded to 1,100kg. This trailer is designed for use on gravel and comes equipped with 14″ wheels and a 12V/220V system with a charger and battery. It features a door in the left panel at the rear and a clamshell roof that lifts at the back. This roof can be replaced with a special one to create an additional double bed area.

The foot of the bed can lift to create benches on the left and right side. Both models come with a 50L water tank.

The third model, the “Overlander 574 / Overlander Bunk,” features two beds against the right panel and does not have a nose cone. The fridge/freezer that is found in the 634 model has been moved to the front hull, along with the 2-burner gas kitchen.

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Tuff Cats revealed the third variation of their Mbada, called the Nova, at the Caravan Show 2023.

Mbada is the Shona word for leopard, and is “built for those who prefer their cats leaner and meaner”. While the standard Mbada is available as a 2- or 4-sleeper, the Nova is only available as a 2-sleeper since it has a fixed interior double bed. The original model was fitted with a fold-out bed(s).

Entering the Mbada – the door is at the rear of the passenger side – the back of the caravan is still similar on all models. While you still have a basin directly opposite from the door, the Nova also has a seat to the left of the basin. This is where the bed started in the standard model.

The Nova’s fixed bed is oriented from back to front, other than the standard Mbada which had the bed fold out from the driver side.

There is additional storage space available under the Nova’s bed.

As with the other Tuff Cats caravans – the Shumba, Didingwe, and Mbada 2-Sleeper and 4-Sleeper – the Mbada Nova has a hinged roof that lifts on the left side.

The exterior setup of the Nova is basically still the same, with just some small layout changes to the shelving, and the kitchen has been slightly lowered to fit under the bed.

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UniPod has come a long wary since launching in 2019 with their ToyPod, BushPod and BikePod.

Today, the UniPod line-up comprises of the BushPod, AdventurePod, XpeditionPod, and now also the new B-license MicroPod that was launched at the Caravan Show.

Unlike the AdventurePod and XpeditionPod, entrance to the new MicroPod is not from the side but from the back. Inside you will have enough space to stand since the clamshell-type roof lifts from a hinge at the front.

Directly to your left and right as you enter the MicroPod, you will find shelving on either side.

The rest of the interior is dedicated to the double bed.

While the MicroPod is the smallest in the UniPod range, there is nothing “micro” about the exterior kitchen. With the entrance at the back, and no side window like the other models, the entire passenger side of the MicroPod is dedicated to the kitchen.

In the nose area is a slide-out system for a fridge/freezer. Next to this are two hatches – the top one folds down to reveal a two-burner gas stove; while the bottom contains a slide-out drawer with all your cutlery and crockery.

Moving further to the back, right above the wheel, is a big fold-down hatch that creates a worksurface and opens to three large shelves.

To the right of this is another fold-down hatch with more storage space, as well as a tap.

The new MicroPod is available for purchase or rental from UniPod

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Vagabond’s latest model of their Rogue sees the teardrop caravan get a couple of nice upgrades and adjustments, including 200mm extra length.

The 2023 Vagabond Rogue is pretty much “camp ready”, all you need to pack is clothes and food!

The teardrop comes with a new 16-piece crockery set (in the place of the microwave) and cutting board, 50L fridge /freezer, 60L water tank, gas stove, aluminium table, 270-degree L-shape awning, and groundsheet.

A great upgrade in the latest model is on the inside with the extra-lenght queen-size bed. The bed can be folded up to a couch, and thus creates enough room on the inside for a little dinette.

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