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TrailSnap Magnetic Trailer and Caravan Plugs

Hitch up without hassle thanks to TrailSnap Magnetic Trailer Plugs for caravans and trailers


Caravanners and campers love their gear – from the basics like headlamps and braai tongs, to the more advanced items like electric movers and solar kits.
And there’s another amazing product that is ready to take the South African towing market by storm: TrailSnap

The TrailSnap is a revolutionary magnetic trailer plug that resolves all of the issues you’ve had with old-school Aluminium caravan/trailer plugs.

No more struggling and having to get down on the ground to peer below the vehicle to get the power plug pins aligned correctly when connecting the power from your vehicle to the caravan or trailer.
No more pushing and pulling and twisting to get the plug in or out.
No more loose connections, faulty plugs, broken connectors.

Whether you are towing a trailer, caravan or boat, TrailSnap will make hitching up a cinch.

In a nutshell, the TrailSnap is a gadget that you attach to the caravan/trailer plug and vehicle adaptor that turns them into a magnetic connection, so say goodbye to the pin-in-hole struggle as you are used to.

This allows you to clip the power from a caravan on and off in a split second.

And the best part: You can easily install the TrailSnap yourself on almost any towing combination. The TrailSnap can also be removed without any hassle, in case you want to tow a caravan or trailer not fitted with a unit.

The TrailSnap is the brainchild of Melt Bruwer, a qualified auto electrician who throughout his career had dealt with many frustrated clients with regard to the quality and design of the only known trailer plug, namely the aluminium plug.

Melt realised that there was a need for a product that will completely change the way clients see a trailer plug.

He saw an opportunity to design a new unique trailer plug that is more durable, easier to connect and overall a winner in its own class.

After extensive research and quality tests over a period of five years, the TrailSnap magnetic trailer plug was launched into the market.

Ruan Geustyn, Director – New Market Development at TrailSnap, tells CaravanSA: “The TrailSnap was researched, tested and developed over five years, and we are now ready to properly launch it into the towing community.

TrailSnap Magnetic Trailer and Caravan Plugs

“We initially only developed a 7-pin male and female plug connection, but after feedback from some of our first customers, we also developed an adaptor that can be used on vehicles already fitted with the TrailSnap Female Plug to connect to a trailer with a conventional 7-pin aluminium style plug.

“The magnetic force of connection is strong enough to handle the roughest terrain any vehicle can be driven on.

“It also makes it possible to attach it anywhere on the A-Frame and eliminate the necessity for any extra male plug holders as in the case of the aluminium trailer plug.

“We also have a 13-pin adaptor that is used on some European car brands like Audi, Peugeot, etc. This 13-pin adaptor fits your car plug perfectly and works with the TrailSnap Male plug to connect your trailer.

“It is important to note that the TrailPlug is not a permanent, non-removable adaption. The unit can be removed if you want to tow a caravan or trailer that is not fitted with the attachment. Or, of course, you can get the adaptor!”


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How strong is this plug?
It is manufactured with glass-filled nylon, which is the strongest injectable nylon there is. We tested the male plug by driving over it with a truck and it came out in-tack on the other side.

Will it not fall off on rough terrain or washboard roads?
We have been testing and perfecting TrailSnap since 2016. As long as there is no debris between the two connecting surfaces it will not come off. The mail surface has been designed flat for easy cleaning, should anything get stuck to the magnets on the male side and there is a protecting lid on the female side.
Here is a testimonial of our first customer/test client, that installed five plugs on bakkies and diesel carts: “I live in Upington and have a couple of TrailSnap plugs installed on my vehicles… it is a good, effective product that works excellently on gravel roads as well!”

What happens if I want to hook my friend’s trailer or want to hire another trailer?
This is why we have developed the 7-pin female to magnetic male TrailSnap adaptor so you don’t get stuck if you want to trail an uncoverted trailer.

What happens if it gets hooked on something and it does come loose?
We have developed an A-frame spring bracket that you can attach to your trailer with one posi-drive, that will elevate the plug just enough for it not to drag on the road.

Can I connect it myself?
Yes, 100% yes. The three skrews on our female plug will line up with your old female plug. We are also using SABS approved standard 7-colours wire, so you can connect it wire for wire, colour for colour. We prefer soldering and heatshrinking, to make 100% sure.

I have a 13-pin European factory fitted plug. Can I still use the TrailSnap?
Yes. We have a 13-pin male to magnetic female TrailSnap adaptor that you can fit to your 13-pin European factory-fitted female plug. The TrailSnap male plug then just snaps onto this plug. Please note that you will then use this adaptor in place of a normal female TrailSnap plug.

I am worried that my vehicle’s harness will not work with this plug.
Please keep in mind that the TrailSnap system is just a connector. If your current plug (normal female or 13-pin adaptor plug) works, then the TrailSnap system will definitely also work.




Due to the structural composition, the old aluminium male plug is easily damaged when accidentally stepped on, or in the event of the A-Frame accidentally landing on the male plug. This leads to permanent damage ending in the replacement of the plug.
The TrailSnap is manufactured using a nylon fibre material that during various durability tests, was able to withhold damage whilst a vehicle was driven over it numerous times, proving it is indestructible under these conditions.

Everyone knows that due to loose screws and corrosion that connections have been an endless struggle with the aluminium plug, almost always causing the lights of the trailer to malfunction.
The TrailSnap is a sealed unit, so corrosion is eliminated. And with no movement on the direct wire connections, the wires stay fixed in their original position without having to constantly replace and tighten screws.

TrailSnap Magnetic Trailer and Caravan Plugs

At times one might forget to disconnect the plug from the vehicle when unhitching the trailer ending up with all the wires being ripped from the aluminium plug.
The TrailSnap will easily detach without damaging the connections; plus the connecting wire is of a high standard and securely locked onto the durable casing and cannot be pulled out.

With age and as a result of corrosion as well as wear and tear, the connection between the aluminium male and female plug weakens.
TrailSnap’s female connection points are spring-loaded, which insures that there is a connection between the two plugs at all times.

Aluminium plugs may often get damaged between the vehicles towbar and the trailers A-Frame when the driver reverses and the trailer jack-knives.
Due to the TrailSnap’s magnetic attachment design, the plug will merely dislodge, without any damage to the plug.



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