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Trailer Review: Jurgens XT-140


‘Is meneer alone?’ asked the guy helping me to hitch the Jurgens XT-140. His eyebrows were starting to arch, quizzically.

When he heard that, Yup, meneer was alone, he shook his head, and said, ‘Meneer is going to sukkel putting the Howling Moon tent up on your own.’

With this “encouraging” news, I headed out to the Tankwa Karoo National Park. After the first ten minutes on the road, the positives started building up on this tough, hardy little trailer. Although the XT-140 is relatively heavy, it’s stable and easy to tow.

I had previously driven its bigger brother on a long, back-road trip almost entirely on dirt, following the 32° parallel from Lamberts Bay on the west coast to Coffee Bay on the east coast. I knew these trailers were as tough as teak, and the XT-140 proved to be no exception. You can take this trailer wherever your 4×4 leads you.

The second surprise came soon after arriving at Biesjiesfontein campsite. There was a gale-force North Wester blowing − the wind literally howled over the flowerbedecked plains of the Tankwa.

‘Is meneer alone?’ reverberated through my head. Well, folks, the biggest positive of all: yours truly got that tent up stoksiel-alleen! That’s when I fell in love with this rig.

With the tent up and the wind screaming outside, I fired up the Cadac Safire heater I had bought in Ceres. With a steaming mug of Milo in my hand, and the heater bubbling quietly, I was completely protected from the gale outside. The ground in the Tankwa was extremely hard, so the tent pegs held firm.

The trailer is heavier than other trailers on the market, but it’s well made. It’s tough, with plenty of packing space. Without additions, it comes in at about 600kg. Add to that your tent, water, Jerry cans, and fridge, and you could be looking at over 800kg without any packing.

But, don’t worry; the GVM is registered at 1 400kg, so you’ll have plenty of payload left. Of course, this means you’ll need a tow vehicle with a minimum Tare mass of 1 400kg.

There are some great optional extras available that really enhance the trailer: a tailgate double slide which can fit up to 8 ammo boxes; and the side hatches with a stove and fridge/freezer.

The trailer also comes standard with two 32L water tanks which have external taps. And, of course, there’s still more than enough packing space inside.

The Jurgens XT-140 comes standard with:

  • Paint warranty
  • Independent swing-arm suspension
  • Run-in brakes
  • A removable jockey wheel
  • A fridge slide
  • Four slide-out drawers
  • A tailgate and two side hatches
  • Battery Box Storage
  • Two 20L Jerry Can Brackets
  • Dual toolboxes with lockable latches and
  • Dual 32-litre water tanks with two external filling hatches.

Optional: Gas bottle holders, a 12V wiring harness, stove bracket, fridge slide, tailgate double slide, travel cover for nose cone, and Howling Moon tent.


  • Tare: 600kg
  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM): 1 400kg
  • Height: 1 605mm
  • Length: 3 740mm
  • Width: 1 870mm
  • Ground clearance: 355mm
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Words & Images Nick Yell

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