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SnoMaster SMDZ-LS50 50 litre fridge freezer is the perfect Suzuki Jimny companion


We have found the perfect companion for our Suzuki Jimny and it’s no other than the SnoMaster SMDZ-LS50 50 litre fridge freezer. It is the perfect size to keep your food and drink cool on those trips into the outdoors. What’s more is the SnoMaster fits snugly in the rear of the Suzuki Jimny with the seats folded, making it a great accessory offering easy access to your food and drinks.

The SnoMaster SMDZ-LS50 is constructed of a durable plastic body and forms part of SnoMaster’s Leisure Series, designed to be light and compact, offering great easy to use. It’s the perfect companion for day trips and overnighting in the bush to ensure your food and drinks stay nice and cold. If you want to keep your meat or other goodies frozen, simple reduce the temperature on the unit. You can use this single compartment unit as either a fridge or a freezer with a temperature range of -18°C to 10°C.

The SnoMaster SMDZ-LS50 has an internal basket which can be conveniently removed when the fridge/freezer is being cleaned and has the added benefit of lifting groceries and perishables off the floor of the fridge to remove them from any residual water that might settle at the bottom due to condensation. The interior light makes it easy to find things at night and the sturdy carry handles and light weight design make it easy to lift and transport. Popping the SnoMaster into our Suzuki Jimny or any other vehicle for that matter, is incredibly easy.

The SMDZ-LS50 has a digital temperature control that is illuminated and very easy to read and set. It can be powered with 12 or 24v DC and 100-240v mains AC power. This unit offers two speed settings for optimum cooling and a low voltage cut out to protect your DC battery from deep drainage. Click here for a full range of Jimny accessories from Des Sol.

We loved the compact size and ease of use of the SnoMaster SMDZ-LS50 fridge/freezer and though our test unit needed to go back to the supplier, many in our office cast a hopeful glance in the SnoMaster’s direction in the hope that it might miraculously appear in their 4×4. Click here to read the full Suzuki Jimny 1.5 GLX review.


2 Speed max & eco settings
3 year warranty
55W Secob compressor
7 year compressor warranty
Internal fridge light
Cyclopentane insulation
Digital temperature control
Durable carry handles
Internal basket included
Internal power supply for AC & DC
Light weight
Low voltage cut out


Product dimensions (mm): (H) 530 x (W) 350 x (D) 585
Storage volume: 50 litres
Temp range: -18⁰C to 10⁰C
Net weight: 21kg
Climate class: T, ST, SN, N
Protection class: I
Voltage AC: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Voltage DC: 12V/24V
Rated current AC/DC: 1.0A
Refrigerant: R134a/45g

For more information on the SnoMaster SMDZ-LS50 50 litre camping fridge freezer, simply fill out the enquiry form below and SnoMaster will get hold of you with details on availability, pricing, online ordering and local distributors.

Alternatively, if you don’t own a Suzuki Jimny, but would like pricing on alternative fridge freezer models, simply put your vehicle make and model into the enquiry form below and SnoMaster will get in touch with you regarding recommendations best suited for your vehicle.

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