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Smartspace Cookware – new R500 off deal!



Get R500 off the full Smartspace Cookware set by using the code “KAMP”

Deal valid from Dec 2021 to January 2022


Are you struggling with space for your cookware when travelling? Is your camp kitchen littered with pots and pans? Are your current pots and pans not stackable? Do the pot and pan handles stick out and get in the way? Are you struggling with unnecessary cleaning of your cookware when you travel?  Are you scared your glass lids might break during a 4×4 trail? We all know these are real struggles when traveling!  Smartspace Cookware is the answer! This revolutionary non-stick square cookware is perfect for overlanding, camping, boating or even for use at home. Smartspace Cookware was developed in New Zealand for the yachting market and now more than 1000 South Africans trust Smartspace as their preferred camping cookware.

Watch the short video below to find out why Smartspace Cookware is perfect for your camping kitchen.

Square pots and pan that nest inside each other

The revolutionary, elegant and sturdy design of these square pots and pan make the most efficient use of your stove, counter top, refrigerator and any limited packing space.

A robust and polished removable handle
The handle easily clips onto any pot or pan on multiple sides, even with the lid left on, making cooking and moving pots and pans around very easy.

High temperature silicone mats
Also included are the high temperature silicone mats to protect your counter surfaces as well as your premium grade Teflon coating when stacked.

Watch the short video above to find out how Smartspace Cookware can save you tons of packing space in your camping kitchen


Impact bonded and induction base
The pots and pan can be used on any stove from gas to induction.

Works on all heat sources
Smartspace Cookware can even be used on an open fire!  Baking bread on the fire is a breeze.

Fits on small stoves and refrigerators
When the handles are removed and the vent seals easily closed, your food conveniently stays fresh in the fridge.

Superior Teflon coated pot interior with a quality enamel exterior finish
The non-stick surface makes washing up very easily and food residue wipes off easily.

Perfect for exclusive small space living and also developed for:

Range includes:
2.8, 1.9, 1.4 litre pots and lid
Large frying pan
Lid for frying pan
Heat resistant silicone mats
Detachable handle
Travel bag for 10 piece pot set
Travel bag for frying pan

Smartspace has 26 retailers in South Africa and Namibia.

To order your Smartspace Cookware and benefit from the discount special valid from December 2021 to January 2022, simply fill out the enquiry form below and they will get hold of you directly with pricing, delivery, dealer network options and availability. 

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