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Jurgens Trooper X2 & X4


Jurgens started with the prototype of the Trooper off-road trailers about two years ago. The four-sleeper Trooper X4 was launched mid-2017, and this year a two-sleeper model was unveiled.

The Troopers were designed as an extension of the XTC range, and is a good option for campers looking for a something smaller than an off-road caravan, but still want to sleep inside their unit (and not in a rooftop tent on a trailer).

The X4 and X2 models are basically identical on the outside, with the main difference only being inside where the second double bed was replaced in the two-sleeper.


The Trooper X4.

Built on galvanized chassis with a heavy duty axle, independent coil spring and shock absorber trailing D-arm suspension, the Trooper is ready to take you off-road.

The axle is rated to carry up to 1 800 kg, and with a Tare of 1 380kg in the X4 and 1 300 kg in the X2, the payload is ample for all your necessities, bedding, food, clothes and camping gear.

The body is constructed from E-coated powder-coated steel, as has become standard in the off-road trailer market, allowing the units to take a punch on the rougher roads.

At the front on the A-frame you’ll find a heavy duty jockey wheel with removable bracket clamp. The nose cone has diagonal doors on either side, beside which there’s space for gas bottles on either side. The removable stabalisers are also stored on the A-frame.


X2 / X4

Tare: 1380kg / 1300kg
GVM: 1800kg / 1800 kg
Payload: 420kg / 500kg
Price: R198 000 / R198 000

The left side (passenger) of the Trooper is the kitchen. At the front is a hatch behind which a two-plate stove, storage cupboard and fridge tray is installed on a sliding rail. The unit comes standard with a clip-on basin.

Further back is a fold-down hatch that creates a work surface, above which is more storage space for crockery. A canvas cutlery holder can be attached to the left of the hatch.

Above the kitchen is the awning, which swings out 270 degrees. An interesting and smart customization to the Jurgens awning is that it rests on two “corner steadies”, and you can adjust the height.

The entrance to the Trooper is at the back, where the spare wheel is also mounted.

On the right side (driver) at the front is the shower cubicle. The trooper comes standard with pop-up cubicle, pull-out shower and vanity cupboard. At the back on the X4 is the hatch for the second double bed, while the X2 has a small window.


Jurgens Trooper X2 interior

The Trooper X2 has a small dinette

The front and left interior of the X2 and X4 are identical. At the front is a fold-out double bed (on a hatch above the nose cone). The left is a cupboard with canvas doors and a shelf.

On the right, the X4 has the second fold-out double bed, while the X2 has a small dinette, with a table and two seats, above which is the window as already mentioned.

Both models have a pop-up roof with dust pressure hatch. The roof is similar to Jurgens’ Xcape off-road caravan. It’s a nice big lift, which ads 80cm head space when opened.

The Trooper comes standard with a Jerry can, two gas bottles and regulator, 100 L water tank with 12 V pump, and geyser (hot water to kitchen and bathroom).


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