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Gortech’s multi-stage jacks lead the pack

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For complete peace of mind and satisfaction, the robust Gortech jacks are manufactured …


Under-body and tyre maintenance is made easy, simpler and a lot safer thanks to the overlanding innovation by Gortech. Read the full product review below by tech expert and local explorer Zach Gordon.

For complete peace of mind and satisfaction, the robust Gortech jacks are manufactured to exacting specifications using high-grade materials and components. They are manufactured under ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality standards as well as being CE certified, which assures you it’s a quality product.

  • Fully zinc electroplated using the environmentally friendly Trivalent Process for maximum corrosion protection
  • High tensile chromium steel (1%) drive screw and nut for superior wear resistance
  • High-strength alloy steel arms and meshing gear reinforcements
  • Heavily reinforced top bracket/saddle to prevent distortion and deflection under load
  • Compensating base to allow the jack to follow the arc created when lifting the vehicle
  • 12mm hex drive to accommodate a standard 13mm chuck, electric wrench or ratchet set
  • Wide base for added stability
  • Two-piece crank handle (ball and groove click to assemble) with integrated universal joint

This is a new patented concept in scissor jacks. It has internal levers which open the jack in stages allowing it to lift from a fully closed/collapsed position all the way to it’s maximum height. As a result of this great range of lift, it is no longer required that you jack your vehicle on the axle or suspension member but now allows jacking on the chassis or body. Never climb or crawl under your vehicle again. There is sufficient jacking range to overcome suspension travel on all standard SUV’s, trucks and most modified off-road vehicles.

It is also ideally suited for vehicles with a low ground clearance because of it’s initial low operating height. It requires neither a smooth nor particularly flat surface on which to operate unlike conventional garage/trolley jacks.

We interview Zach Gordon from Gortech to demonstrate the difference between common car jacks, and specialised 4×4 jacks


  • 2 ton Rating
  • Effective range of travel/lift : 310mm
  • Min Height: 130mm
  • Max Height: 440mm
  • Weight: +-9kgs
  • Dimensions: 560mm x 130mm x 120mm
  • Static load test greater than 4 tons

If you have any questions regarding the new patented scissors jack, or need pricing, availabilty and delivery details, please use the enquiry form below and one of the Gortech team will be in contact with you.


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