Experience the freedom to braai, potjie, spit braai, or boma wherever your adventures take you! Crafted with a passion for the outdoors, camping, and socialising by CMDK Projects, the Boertjie Boma is here to upgrade your outdoor gatherings.

5 distinct benefits and features that give you every reason to choose the Boertjie Boma over a conventional braai:

  • Portable Versatility: Boertjie Boma Braaier offers unmatched portability, enabling outdoor cooking adventures anywhere, from camping to backyard gatherings.
  • Surface-Safe Design: Unlike traditional braais, it won’t harm surfaces or grass, providing worry-free setup and environmental friendliness.
  • Effortless Cleaning: With dishwasher-friendly accessories and easy-to-clean stainless steel construction, cleanup is a breeze, saving time and effort.
  • Adjustable Heat Control: Its adjustable height feature ensures perfect cooking heat every time, eliminating unevenly cooked meals.
  • Enhanced Cooking Experience: Additional accessories like the Konsertina Braai Basket make grilling effortless, allowing simultaneous cooking of meat and side dishes for a seamless outdoor cooking experience.

Click on the video below to see the Boertjie Boma Braaier in action and how this ingenious invention works:

Designed with precision, their unique braai product ensures that you can gather around the fire with family and friends anytime, anywhere, without worrying about damaging surfaces. Made from top-quality stainless steel and premium materials, the Boertjie Boma guarantees durability for countless occasions to come.

Cleaning up after your braai session is a breeze with the Boertjie Boma. Their braai pack accessories easily fit into your dishwasher, while the braai itself can be swiftly cleaned with a hose pipe or high-pressure cleaner, ensuring convenience every step of the way.

But that’s not all! Unlike traditional braais, the Boertjie Boma won’t burn or harm your grass, offering you the flexibility to set up your outdoor cooking station without worrying about damaging your surroundings. Plus, its adjustable height feature ensures you achieve the perfect heat for your braai every time.

Setting up the Boertjie Boma is really easy, and its versatility knows no bounds. Whether you’re craving a classic braai, a succulent spitbraai, a hearty potjie, or a simple cookout, their braai has you covered. And, with the included automatic rotating motor, you can effortlessly prepare your favourite cuts of meat, allowing you to relax as it serves as a rotisserie, rotating spit, or spit roaster. Additionally, you also have the choice of personalising and customising your set with a name, nickname or whatever engraving you would like. This makes this braai set the perfect gift for family and friends.

Additionally, the Boertjie Boma Braaier offers amazing add-ons like the Konsertina Braai Basket. This versatile addition to their braaipack lineup is perfect for grilling your favourite foods with ease. It’s easy to set up, fitting perfectly onto the rotisserie shaft with included spikes. Cook roast veggies, slap chips, baby potatoes, cheese grillers, sides and more effortlessly. Whether at a backyard braai or camping trip, the Konsertina Braai ensures delicious results every time, making grilling an absolute breeze. The value add with this add-on is that by the time your meat is braaid to perfection, your veggies and sides will be ready for plating too – so it saves you lots of time when cooking outdoors.

Konsertina Braai Basket.

Click on the gallery below to see more features, uses and images of the Boertjie Boma Braaier:

Make every outdoor gathering memorable with the Boertjie Boma Braaier. Order yours now and take your outdoor cooking experience to new heights!

Recommended pricing at the time of publishing:

  • Boertjie Boma: R2450
  • Boertjie Boma Braai Bag: R2450

*Please note that prices are subject to change at any time without prior notification.

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