Our Blue Heaven on Wheels

Images and words by Steph and Karen du Toit

Steph and Karen du Toit of Swellendam decided to ditch their tented accommodation and breathe new life into a forgotten old caravan found in a veld. It proved to be a whirlwind month of a makeover!

My wife and I love to camp. We don’t think twice to go with the Landy and the rooftop tent and go where few have ever gone before, with a mobile toilet and everything a happy camping woman could dream of with us.

On our last weekend away next to the sea at Jongensfontein in the Western Cape we booked for three days of sun and sea. After day 1 the rain came down and the weather forecast didn’t predict sunshine any time soon.

And then, looking out the tent, we saw them! It was a couple in their caravan enjoying their camping trip… and they were dry! The idea was born. Why don’t we get a caravan that is just as big as our 4-man tent?

The search was on. Our idea of finding a caravan in good condition quickly turned into a caravan makeover – in fact, a vintage caravan makeover. After an intensive search we found her, a 1982 Jurgens Fleetline 4 that had been parked in the bush for many years and that had served as a bush camp in a private game reserve. The road actually had to be repaired just to get her out of the veld!

On our way home my brain went into overdrive, visualising that all our new caravan required was just a quick paintbrush here and there and then she would be ready to roll.

‘I want to take the caravan to Potchefstroom on the 8th of January 2014,’ my wife announced.

Why,’ I wanted to know, flustered, before adding. ‘Rome wasn’t built in one day!’

‘Yes, but only because I wasn’t the builder!’ she replied, with a wicked smile.

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