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Motorhome Review: Customised Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Words & Images Martin Pretorius

While some of us love camping and caravanning to “get into nature”, others still want all their home comforts, even when they’re out in the wild. And it’s not just about having an aircon and soft bed… we’re talking about a bar, flat-screen TV, big fridges, full bathrooms, and more.

Fred Oosthuizen knows a thing or two about this side of the camping market. Being handy with carpentry tools and blessed with an active imagination, as well as a genuine passion for his work,
Fred establish his company, Custom Campers, as an interesting choice for those who want their motorhomes to better reflect their individuality. We paid a visit to the Custom Campers factory in Meyerton to take a look at one of their recently completed projects.

Externally, there’s little to distinguish this specific camper from the thousands of other Mercedes Sprinters on our roads. It might as well be a long-distance shuttle bus, with its darkly-tinted side
glazing and a Dometic air-conditioner unit on the roof. Only the little trailer (carrying a small 4×4 buggy) attached to the tow bar and a roll-out awning mounted on the passenger-side roof indicate that this is no ordinary Sprinter.

Opening the front doors reveal a driver’s compartment which is, again, standard Sprinter fare – there’s nothing special up front, but the stock Mercedes seats should be comfortable enough over
long distances.

However, the story changes after opening the sliding side door. Two things immediately grab your attention: There’s a leather-upholstered lounge area ahead and to the left of the door aperture, and to the right there’s a glass-and-aluminium bar unit with a built in entertainment system.

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