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Infanta 4×4 in a league of its own


On a recent travel feature trip in the Swellendam area, we popped in to see Infanta 4×4 and Yuri, the owner, took us for a tour of their bustling factory warehouses. Let me say right off the bat that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more scenic environment for a factory, set up the road from the picturesque Buffeljags Dam just outside Swellendam.

It is clear that Infanta has set their sights on innovation and design when it comes to their robust range of off-road caravans and motorhomes. Think full aluminium chassis coupled with futuristic design methods and a production line that puts out some incredible 4×4 caravans and motorhomes. The Infanta range is built tough, which I think might be a seriously understating the robustness of this range.

What we also like about the Infant 4×4 range is that it has become an entity unto itself, almost a deviation from the norm that is the standard for caravan and motorhome manufacture. This has allowed the Infanta range to develop and morph into its own particular rugged yet classy style.

The Infanta range includes the Enkulu 1,2 & 3 4×4 caravans, the Inkunzi motorhome, the Ingane 4×4 trailer and even their own range of rooftop tents. Infanta 4×4 is a family business that loves camping as much as they do building campers. A quick stroll around the Infanta 4×4 factory is evidence of this.

When we are in the Swellendam area again we will definitely pop in to see the new developments happening at Infanta 4×4, because there’s always something new on the go.

For more information on the Infanta 4×4 range, simply fill in the enquiry form below and they will contact you directly with the various model options to suit your camping and overlanding needs.
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