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Experience the outdoors the right way with Abba Safari Campers


Camping enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, are you ready to embark on a luxurious adventure with a custom-built Abba Safari Camper? With a range of customization options, the Abba Safari Campers cater to everyone and offer an unparalleled camping experience, combining practicality, comfort, and style, with no compromise on quality.

Crafted with love and dedication by Jos Joubert, these campers promise a memorable adventure, allowing you to experience the great outdoors like never before.



So, if you have been thinking of packing your bags and embarking on the journey of a lifetime, listen closely to what Jos told the CaravanSA team during a recent visit to his factory and showroom in Pretoria: “You’re only ever one bad phone call away from your doctor, so don’t delay and experience Africa the right way – before it’s too late.”

And there’s no better way to experience the great outdoors than with an Abba Safari Camper… a home away from home on the road.


Decades of Experience and Continuous Improvement

Jos Joubert, the creator of Abba Safari Campers, has been building camper units for decades. The piggyback units have been tweaked and changed over the years, providing outdoor enthusiasts with comfortable and practical camping experiences. Jos and his wife, Elsabe, use their own campers extensively, meaning that the designs are based on practical experience.



Quality Design, Quality Build: The Abba Safari Camper

The Abba Safari Camper is designed to fit onto the back of any bakkie, either single or double cab. Installation and removal take roughly 30 minutes, allowing your bakkie to function as a workhorse during the week and transform into a luxury safari camper for the weekend. Once installed, the camper can be set up in just five minutes!

The camper’s body is made of fiberglass with aluminum reinforcing where necessary, giving it a smooth, glossy finish. The exterior features lockable cupboards and ample storage space, as well as a fold-down hatch with a two-plate gas stove and shelf space for various kitchen items. A dustproof flap at the back conceals a connection point for hot and cold water, and a shower cubicle can be set up nearby.

Inside, the camper boasts a double bed, hand-basin with running water, fridge/freezer, and numerous cupboards and drawers made of fiberglass to prevent wood rot or water damage. A portable toilet is discreetly hidden under a small step leading to the bed.



Customization, Versatility, Technology

Jos builds campers on order, with a focus on customization to meet each client’s needs and budget.

The campers can be built on a variety of base vehicles, from Toyota to Ford, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, and even VW.

The campers come in three different lengths and two widths, with options for built-in toilets, geysers, water tanks, kitchenettes, double tables, and sinks.

The units are rot-free, mainly built of fiberglass with wood used for the chassis and doors. The fiberglass ensures that the camper remains comfortable in any weather, with a moderate temperature maintained at all times.

On the technical side, Jos is committed to providing the best possible experience to his clients. After extensive research and testing, he recommends Victron Energy components for the campers. Victron Energy, a Dutch company, is known for producing world-leading electrical components, particularly popular in the yachting and boating industries.

Jos emphasizes the importance of Victron products in his campers due to their three independent systems for charging batteries. The Victron products carry a 5-year warranty and offer excellent back-up support throughout Southern Africa.



Go Anywhere

Abba Safari Campers are designed and built to withstand the challenging and harsh environments of Africa. From the dunes of Namibia to the plains of Botswana, these campers have proven their reliability and durability time and again. Jos’s campers are lightweight and secure, ensuring a seamless journey through the diverse landscapes of Africa.


For more information on the Abba Campers Range, including base vehicle costs, camper conversions, optional extras, fitment and production timelines, kindly get in touch with them below.

Alternatively if you already have some ideas about your custom camper conversions and requirements, we encourage you to chat to Jos and his team. simply send them a message using the below enquiry form.

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