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Edgeout Teardrop Trailer

Cutting-edge EDGEOUT teardrop caravan at Tuinroete Woonwaens


There’s a new caravan in town that merges cutting-edge technology with expert design and detail to give you the ultimate camping experience.

The Edgeout teardrop camping trailer is made from PLASTIC and recycled material, and is unlike anything seen before in South Africa (or anywhere else in the world).

And it’s clear this camping trailer – now available at Tuinroete Woonwaens – is going to be a hit: Tuinroete sold their first one just days after it arrived at the dealership!

The Edgeout consists of two separately moulded units – a sleeping cabin and a kitchen at the back. The sleeping cabin is a triple layer shell made from a layer of Polymer Composite, then a foam-insulated Polymer Composite, and the inside is lined with acoustic panels made from recycled material.

This ensures that you have a well-insulated unit, moulded as one piece. The trailer is built on a chassis specially designed and built by Burquip.

Edgeout Teardrop Trailer

Like so many good ideas, the concept of the Edgeout started on a yearly camping trip. Vonnie Heyns and his camping friends were in Jamaka, when someone asked him: “Why don’t you build a plastic caravan?”

Vonnie, the owner of 4EVR Plastic Products, immediately started thinking and dreaming about all the possibilities. His company already makes various products for local and international markets, and since he is an avid camper, this project seemed perfect.

The research was done, and in the end, Vonnie and the team looked at a technique that is used to Roto-mould big boats from Polymer. Edgeout uses this same technique of in-mould foaming. This technique ensures extra strength, light weight, and rigidity.

With an increase in interest in teardrop trailers all over the world, Vonnie decided to combine the special Polymer foaming technology with this trend to build a new teardrop trailer for South Africa.

While he had a dream of the perfect teardrop that will give a camper everything they need, he realised he would need a very exceptional design. Vonnie approached Retief Krige from RKID, an award-winning Stellenbosch-based Industrial Design Consulting company.

And so, the Edgeout teardrop trailer was born.

The Edgeout sleeps two people inside like a traditional teardrop trailer, and a roof-top tent can be added for additional sleeping space.

The trailer is built on a galvanised and stone chipped Burquip chassis with a braked torsion bar suspension

With a Tare of just 750kg and a GVM of 1 300kg, this little powerhouse ensures you have an ample payload.


The Edgeout teardrop trailer is now available at Tuinroete Woonwaens. To find out more – including availability, finance, delivery, accessories, etc – kindly use the contact form below. A sales executive is standing by to assist and answer any questions you may have.


The standard model includes:
15″ mag wheels (x 3)
2 x rear stabilizers
Extra big nose cone
Roof rails
Roof vent
Luxury Queen-size mattress 2000(L) x 1450(W) x 140(H)
LED lights (inside and outside)
220V, USB, Hella & cigarette lighter connections (inside & outside)
HCdP MK6 12v/220v charging system (compatible for solar panel input and in transit vehicle charging)
Deep cycle battery
2-burner gas stove with glass top
110L water tank (incl 12v water pump)
Geyser, Basin with tap

Edgeout is available from R229 000.

Tuinroete Woonwanes is an official dealership for Edgeout teardrop caravans. To enquire about availability, delivery, additional specifications (including optional extras), or if you have any ore questions, please use the enquiry form below. A friendly member of the Tuinroete Woonwaens team will get in contact as soon as possible.

Tuinroete Woonwaens services the Western Cape with the Edgeout teardrop camper and can be contacted via the enquiry form below.

Loftus Caravan City services the Gauteng region with the Edgeout teardrop camper and can be contacted via the link below.

Click here for Loftus Caravan City for Gauteng teardrop purchases and information.

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