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Conqueor UEV-25 Caravan Camp Destination Show 2019

Conqueror’s new UEV range


By Francois Huysamen

Conqueror were one of the most anticipated new caravan launches of the Caravan Camp & Destination Show, and they did not disappoint.

The off-road caravan manufacturer unveiled FOUR units in their new Urban Escape Vehicle (UEV) range.
The UEVs are built for going off-road with independent D-arms with coil springs and double shock absorbers. All have slide-out bedrooms, pop-top roofs, and outside kitchens.
These units are prototypes, and we can expect a few changes and modifications before the final versions are released.


The smallest in the new range is the 2-berth UEV-13 pop-top. Entrance to the unit is from the back, and inside you’ll find a bed to your right, and cupboards on the left.
Outside are two hatches: One is a slide-out kitchen and fridge/freezer area, the other folds down to create a work surface.


The bigger brother of the UEV-13 also has the entrance at the back, but has additional sleeping space for two more people.
The main bed is on traditional fold-out over the nose, while the second bed is on the right in a slide-out. The second bed area can be converted into a small seating area.
Outside the UEV-15 has a similar kitchen area as the UEV-13.


This off-road caravan has one of the most interesting layouts we’ve seen recently.
In the front over the nose of the caravan is a queen-size bed on a fold-out. The back of the caravan has another double bed on a slide-out to the driver’s side.
There’s a small washbasin right in the middle of the caravan, between the second bed and the walkthrough.
On the outside, the there’s a kitchen hatch at the front near the nose (similar to the UEV-15), but unlike the smaller units it has the entry door on this side as well.


The “big daddy” of the new UEV range is a huge double-axle caravan.
Outside a fold-down hatch that creates a work surface and houses cupboard space (including a microwave). Outside is a slide-out kitchen unit, next to which the fridge/freezer is located in the nose cone on sliding rails.
The interior of the UEV-25 actually feels like that of a large on-road caravan, with a full bathroom, a large stand-up fridge/freezer, dinette, double bed on a slide-out system next to the dinette, cupboards and a queen-size bed on a fold-down over the nose area.

Specifications UEV-13 UEV-15 UEV-17 UEV-25
Tare N/A N/A N/A N/A
Length 4 362 mm 4 850 mm 5 346 mm 7 290 mm
Width 2 042 mm 2 042 mm 2 042 mm 2 042 mm
Height 2 090 mm 2 385 mm 2 385 mm 2 385 mm
Berths 2 4 4 4
Price R283 015 R359 070 R400 315 R516 925
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