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Caravan resorts and campsites are gearing up for a bumper 2022/2023 holiday season!


As the whole Covid and resultant lockdown debacle vanishes into obscurity and the feverish, almost militant restriction imposition makes way for normal travel and increased outdoor enjoyment, it is clear that the 2022/2023 season is going to a bumper one for caravan parks and campsites. What’s more, during the lockdowns, many of these resorts were upgraded and had the chance to attend to the much needed maintenance that is often very difficult to undertake when the resorts are full of holidaymakers. Simply, the resorts are open and ready for all you holidaymakers this summer. Let’s go camping!

Yes, the South African tourism industry has taken a pounding due to the heavily implemented Covid restrictions, but that has all changed. Normality is the order of the day and we’re going on holiday. So should you!

What has changed you ask? Well, to start things off, recent reports attest that accommodation prices have increased dramatically, some as much as 50% and this bodes well for the camping and caravan sites whose prices have remained largely unchanged. South Africa is peppered with beautiful campsites set in the most wonderfully scenic locations and this summer these resorts are welcoming you in for the most relaxing stay possible, with nature on your doorstep and a braai fire as your backdrop. Don’t stop there, cook a scrumptious breakfast when you wake up, or have one delivered. No cooking, no mess, no fuss.

Every province in South Africa has its fair share of campsites and these include beachfront resorts, forest resorts and riverside resorts that offer camping and caravaning at its best, all in a secure environment. We at CaravanSA have been lucky enough to visit a variety of wonderful resorts over the years, but we haven’t even scratched the surface yet and there are a whole lot of great resorts still on our bucket list.

Isn’t it great when the campsite you are staying at is infused with the lovely aroma of braai fires and the happy chatter of caravaners and campers? Shorts, T-shirts, slip slops or preferably bare feet are the order of the day. Ditch the bra too, everything is allowed to relax when you’re on holiday. Many resorts offer resort specials for campers and caravaners, so it is always worth asking when booking your camping stand. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

We are gearing up for the summer holidays, are you? Looking for a resort?


Camping and caravaning are the two easy ways to reset your battery and get away from it all. And, the joy is that it won’t break the bank, in most cases you won’t have to travel too far and you’ll be close to nature. Don’t procrastinate, just go… go… go!
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