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Adventure Xtreme Trailers


There are now so many off-road trailers on the market, it reminds me of the world’s biggest ‘caravan’ show, the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Germany. There, they have over 500 different manufacturers with caravans on display. How anybody makes up their minds on what to buy is a mystery. Remember, every caravan, motorhome, and trailer is based on a box shape, yet there are so many to choose from. Just google adventure trailers and you will see what I mean. So, like there are horses for courses, there are trailers for … well, trailer owners, all offering differing layout options that suit a particular camper’s needs.

Individual needs are unique, so what is different about Adventure Extreme’s new offering? For me it was probably the slide-out bed that makes this two berth model different from most others. I also liked the thick, comfortable mattress that suggests the possibility of a good night’s sleep when camping.

The Adventure Extreme operates on either 220V resort power or 12V with a two-burner gas stove and gas hot water heater, supplied by a 70-litre water tank. There are two models to choose from in this range, a two-berth or four-berth, depending on the size of the family and both models are available in standard or deluxe trim.


The Xtreme is built on a galvanised steel chassis and has an aluminium body with a rugged, black-coated checkerplate front, and smooth aluminium sides and underside. The roof is also aluminium and incorporates a clam-shell hinged roof design that lifts at one end for added interior height. The clam-shell roof differs in that on the two-berth model it hinges from the rear wall giving less headroom where it is not needed i.e. over the bed, and more room over the stand-up area. On the 4-berth model it hinges from the off-side wall. The body uses a Burquip single axle, rated at 1 600kg and heavy-duty tyres on blackened steel wheel rims. It also uses an imported Knott tow hitch with override brakes and a hand brake. The Tare is 880kg.



There is a handy 250W solar panel on the roof and, being a solar panel and mounted in the dusty extremities of this trailer, it is recommended that any owner carry a means to keep the solar panel dust free and operating at maximum efficiency. Use plenty of water when cleaning to prevent scratching and keep your sponge on a stick in the handy locker under the rear wall.



The Adventure Xtreme is, in fact, a system package. This might not be the correct phrase, but what I mean is that you can stop and overnight in the wild and decide to what extent you are going to unpack ‘the system’. Leave it attached to the car and not set up camp or put the corner steadies down and start erecting one, two, or the third roll-out awning. It’s a two-person job. And the rest of the system is easy to unpack, for the SnoMaster fridge/freezer is on a slide-out as too is the kitchen table, the two burner stove, and big storage drawers. Even though the two-berth model is meant for two, we had the benefit of additional sleeping capacity of a roof top tent on the car. Should you have more than two people on your adventure, fret not as the Adventure Xtreme comes with crockery and cutlery to cater for 6 people. It also offers a hot shower from a big, generous shower hose. But know that this luxury uses water, so adopt the wet, soap, and rinse showering method, whereby the water is saved by being turned off during these cycles. There is a single 105-amp deep-cycle battery with a Smart battery charger in the large nose cone locker, as well as gas geyser and 5kg gas bottle. The toilet is inside the Xtreme and concealed behind a curtain and it comes from Tentco.



The two-berth model has a floorplan that divides it into two: rear bed and front storage. There are doors both sides of the body, with substantial fold-down steps. One door is accessed from the galley outside and the other from the outside shower area. The front portion offers five deep lockers, plus a wardrobe with four shelves – all for clothing and other holiday necessities. The slide-out is not for the weak, it requires a bit of push/pull but it is all worth the effort, as once extended it offers a bed that measures 2 130mm long by 1 300mm wide. There is a slide open window with a mosquito screen at the foot end and two small LED reading lights at the head. A tip for when packing away or retracting the slide-out bed: put the shorter mattress under the longer mattress and line these up to fit inside the slider-out extension. It will make this operation much easier when packing up camp. I must say, I liked the extra thick mattress, it was really comfortable.



As with anything, the Adventure Xtreme will appeal to the right owner for the right reason. Buyers may have vastly differing needs, especially when it comes to their holidaying preferences. That being said, the Xtreme is rugged and ready and can be further customised as and when required. The design and build lends itself to easy add-ons, should one want to, and there is a healthy payload of 620kg to play with. I was originally surprised that the gas water heater was in the same compartment as the gas bottle, battery, and electrics. Perhaps moving the gas bottle outside of the front nose cone locker might be a safety suggestion when using gas. As a camping trailer, it is going to give endless holidays in far-away places, and if its gets scratched, so what. Fit a padded blanket to the front to prevent stone chipping or carry a can of black spray paint – why worry, go camping, the price is right!


Available in Standard or Deluxe models, and two or four-berth

(The Adventure Xtreme 2-berth sells for R199 999 for the Standard model and R242 000 for the Deluxe version.)


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