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Why the Air Spring Supply Company and Firestone Industrial products?


Why the Air Spring Supply Company?

The Air Spring Supply Company is proudly South African family business which was established in 1983 representing world renowned companies such as Firestone, OESP, Viair and Airlift for the core product they offer Firestone Air Springs and Air accessories.

Air springs have many advantages when dealing with actuation and vibration isolation. Specialising in these fantastic products has been interesting and challenging working with design engineers from many different sectors including diverse applications such as Mining, Paper mills, Trailer manufactures and Recreational vehicle applications.

Air Spring Supply Company has been instrumental over the past thirty seven years in providing the transport industry with unique air suspension products covering a huge range of vehicle applications.

They pride themselves on supplying well designed and easy install products. If you have a particular idea their knowledgeable team can help you bring it to fruition. Their aim is to continuously improve on product and service and respect all people and organisations they deal with.

We have to mention the awesome team at Air Spring Supply Company who buy into the company philosophy completely. With their energetic and motivated team the Air Spring Supply Company will reach their goals and outperform their own high expectations creating a company that prides itself on exceeding the customer’s expectation while having fun.

Products on offer at the Air Spring Supply Company:

1. Firestone – Heavy Duty Adjustable Air Helper kits for Coil and Leaf Spring Suspensions

With any Steel Suspension or Steel Suspension upgrade there is a compromise between Load Carrying Capacity and a Comfortable drive, especially in un-loaded conditions. Loaded or un-loaded, Firestone Air Helper Springs allows you maximum adjustability to give you the ride and handling you want when you want it.

These are the advantages of Firestone Air Helper Springs:

• Keep the vehicle level – improve steering control and braking effectiveness, level headlight beams and reduce tire wear.
• Level off-centre loads – individual inflation valves allow for adjustment side-to-side.
• Reduce suspension fatigue – keep leaf springs from permanent sagging under repeated or constant load.
• Air adjustment improves the ride – allowing the air springs to be matched to the load.
• Reduce bottoming out – protective air cushion softens contact between the axle and frame.
• Increase vehicle stability – absorbing road shock providing ideal ride conditions for passengers and load.

How will the Firestone air springs assist when towing a Caravan?

When you hitch up your caravan or trailer, you can inflate the Firestone Air Springs to stop the sagging in the rear end of the tow vehicle. Then when you unhitch you can let some air out of the Firestone air springs to bring the ride height back down so that your vehicle is level again.

Firestone Air Springs are highly recommended for owners towing medium and heavy caravans and trailers. They stabilize the vehicle, putting more weight over the front axle improving steering and braking under all road conditions. By adjusting air pressure to level the towing vehicle, Firestone air springs give an improved ride and make the vehicle far safer particularly on wet roads and at higher towing speeds.

Air Spring Supply Company has made a commitment to provide their customers with premium Firestone air helper spring kits. Firestone has become synonymous with quality, durability and with customer support truly second to none. Each application is specifically designed to maximize the safe load carrying capacity, stability, and ride quality of the vehicle.

2. Viair – Heavy Duty High Performance Compressors and Air Accessories:

Viair offers the most comprehensive line of fractional horsepower DC oil-less air compressors & air accessories for on-road, off-road, and industrial markets, as well as specialized markets such as medical devices. Their quality-engineered compressors and components are also used in the OEM segment and have become the industry standard for both 12-volt and 24-volt automotive aftermarket applications worldwide.

VIAIR is also active in market segments ranging from Oil Service to Aerospace and from Agriculture, E-commerce to Healthcare. In the Automotive segment, they are currently working with 5 leading European Motorsport racing companies.

VIAIR compressors are currently deployed to every corner of the globe, in the world’s harshest environments – from arctic climates to the world’s most unforgiving deserts.

3. Firestone Truck and Trailer Air Springs:

When it comes down to it, trucks are your livelihood and keeping your truck running and on the road is crucial. So you outfit them with only the best. Like Genuine Firestone Airide air springs. The very first name in air springs and quite likely what your truck was originally built with. Truck manufacturers know and trust Airide so should you. Firestone patented the first air spring in 1938, otherwise known as the Firestone Airide Air Spring. That’s one thing about being the first, the original, they set the standards and the bar is high. Comprehensive testing by Firestone Industrial Products shows that Genuine Firestone air springs outperform the competition but being the best simply isn’t good enough for Firestone. That’s why they continually work to develop new products with improved features, better materials and enhanced performance. Why Firestone air springs? The better question is why settle for anything less?

4. Firestone Industrial Air springs and applications:

Firestone air springs improve countless industries by enabling technology to work more efficiently. They test their products rigorously for durability, high pressure, extreme temperature and more to foresee issues and exceed expectations for performance. That’s why their Airstroke actuators can withstand challenging environments from the hot and cold to pothole filled roads in deep and dust-filled mines. Firestone air springs are used to provide force or motion in can making machinery, scissor lifts, shake tables and more.

Why Firestone?

For more than 80 years, Firestone Industrial Products Company, has been a global leader in manufacturing and marketing products for air suspensions, meeting the needs of some of the worlds largest automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers, suspension manufacturers, distributors and their customers. Firestone also provides air springs and related products to industrial manufacturing, agricultural, mining, and the air springs aftermarket. Firestone created a revolution in the transportation industry when it introduced the Airide air spring in 1936. In 1938, the company patented the first pneumatic suspension device, the Firestone Airide™ air spring. As the automotive industry grew, Harvey Firestone recognized an opportunity to expand beyond tires. Through his close, personal relationship with Henry Ford, Firestone understood the challenges of navigating early American roads and invented and patented the air spring to create a more comfortable driving and riding experience by working closely with Firestone tires to better control vehicle movement.

Quality and Reliability:

Buy, ride and haul with confidence, that’s a Firestone promise. Their rigorous testing, commercial grade materials and adherence to strict local and global standards are just a few of the reasons why commercial vehicle OEMS, automotive OEMs and everyday drivers around the world select Firestone as a suspension partner.
Firestone engineer and manufacture each product to provide years and thousands of miles of trouble-free service. Firestone Air Springs have a reputation for outlasting other original equipment, like shocks and bushings and reducing suspension fatigue and tyre wear. Their proven reliability is one of many reasons we work with the top vehicle manufacturers globally.

How do I get my hands on Firestone Industrial products?

Air Spring Supply Company (Johannesburg – 0113976390 / Durban – 0312052293)

To enquire on any of the products mentioned in this article use the enquiry form below.

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