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LeisureWorld is a premium outdoor, caravan, camping accessory, and caravan parts supplier with outlets throughout South Africa and Namibia.

The group was formed out of a necessity to look after the needs of their customer base when parts supply from their main supplier, Jurgens-Ci, was not forthcoming. “In addition, dealer viability was also at stake,” said founding member Alize de Goede, who had almost 20 years experience with the Jurgens group as Senior Purchasing Manager.

Based on the contacts and friendships made over the years Alize was able to secure import and export permits for caravan parts and camping equipment. This meant that the supply disruption was kept to a minimum and they were now able to offer top-quality accessories from local and international sources at highly competitive prices. The caravanner’s investment in his caravan was therefore secured.

Their ranges include: camping chairs, outdoor furniture, freezers, fridges, coolers, kitchen and braai cooking utensils, lighting, appliances, sleeping and travel gear, overland vehicle and caravan accessories, awnings, and travel blankets, among many other accessories. Considerable effort was also put in parts supply and procurement, to ensure that caravan maintenance remained at high levels.

On the staff front, LeisureWorld is proud to announce that Gerrit van Zyl has joined the ranks with Alize, and brings with him 37 years of industry accounting and administration experience as Financial Director. Gerrit joined Jurgens in the ‘old days’ and worked for Oubaas Jurgens when the factory was alongside the old Jan Smuts International Airport.

LeisureWorld continues to go from strength to strength as their repeat business customer base grows. Their accredited outdoor centres are filled with quality accessories for all your camping and caravanning needs. “What makes this group unique is their diversity,” said Alize. “Our group is multi-franchised with regards to the caravan and trailer brands that we market. They do however have one thing in common – they are all independently owner and managed businesses with probably almost 500 years collective industry experience.”

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