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What are the essentials for a caravan camping starter kit?


Are you a newbie to this caravan camping life or simply in need of upgrading your essential caravan camping starter kit?

For some, this camping starter kit might seem essential, for others desirable, and for the rest, it’s an open discussion that might lead to disagreement or debate.

We’ve put together a caravan camping kit list with products and accessories that can be found on Caravan SA’s product directories page.

Towing mirrors

According to the experts, it is always important to have towing mirrors that allow you to see at least 20 metres behind you, and four metres on either side of the caravan while towing.

Gas products

From charcoal starters, to gas stoves, and more, gas products are becoming popular, not only for caravan campers, but in households due to loadshedding.

Awnings, gazebos and shelters

Like an awning, gazebos, as well as shelters, play a big part in preventing sunburn and blocking the wind from blowing the sand into your delicious meal. Awnings always come in handy for any season of the year too and they double your living space.

Potty and caravan chemicals

Many caravans have a separate flush tank. There are various liquids and sachets to drop into your toilet cassette that can break down all the goods, making it easier to dispose of.

First aid kit

Although we may not have this in our product list, it is always good to keep a first-aid kit on hand to prevent a trip to the emergency room. A first aid kit should consist of the following as the basics:

• Bandages (assorted sizes)
• Closure strips: For use as temporary wound-stitching until you see a professional
• Sterile dressing pads: To apply pressure to open wounds and to stop bleeding
• Non-adherent sterile dressing: To cover blisters, burns or lacerations
• Gauze rolls: To hold dressings in place and to absorb any excess blood
• Adhesive tape: To tape dressings in place
• Small utility toolkit: Make sure that it includes a knife, scissors and tweezers
• Safety pins: These can help remove splinters, fasten arm slings, etc.
• Antiseptic ointment: To help clean wounds and keep them from becoming infected
• Cotton swabs: For removing foreign objects from eyes or ears, or for applying ointment
• Burn dressing: In case of fire accidents
• Painkillers: Including aspirin and ibuprofen. For relief of pain, fever and inflammation
• Latex gloves: For wearing while dressing wounds to avoid infection
• Rehydration packets: In case of severe dehydration.

For more information on first aid kits for caravans, pets and more, click here.

Portable lighting, solar lighting, and solar power kits

The thing with solar-powered products such as lighting or power kits is the fact that it does not require any battery power, just the natural energy from the sun to recharge itself. Portable lighting comes in all different shapes and sizes, all accommodating for those dark nights too.

Caravan and camping appliances

From electric cookers to insect zappers, our caravan and camping appliance product page is where you can find all your needs and wants for your next memorable camping experience with friends or family.

Camping kitchen products

Are you in need of some new kitchen products for your next camping adventure? Take a look at these camping kitchen product options that include the portable Remoska Cooker, a 3-in-1 jaffle iron, dinner sets, and so much more.

Outdoor camping furniture

Camping chairs, folding tables, and other outdoor camping furniture all offer a much more comfortable camping experience. Whether it be sitting around a fire telling campfire stories or sitting around the table with family for a lekker brekkie, we have so many options to choose from.

Customers who require the products and services listed on our online product directories can engage directly with these product suppliers and manufacturers by completing and sending them an enquiry form from the actual product page.

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