Listen up: We like music at the campsite


Does loud music bother you at campsites? Reader Johann Bosman has a controversial proposal to make, and it involves some late night jamming!

I just know this letter is going to cause much response! Why do many campers complain about late night music? (One of the reasons why a reader recently left the caravan lifestyle behind!) In rural areas, the bush and game parks naturally this is a no-no. Also “doef-doef” music is out. But in a normal, decent, clean, well maintained caravan park which is frequented by normal, decent, clean, well-mannered campers of all ages, please bear with all!

We are in our mid-sixties and yearly caravan for the summer holiday is a small sea side caravan park on the Garden Route. Nearly all campers know each other after many years camping at the same park. All contribute to keep the park neat and clean and stick to the rules… well, most of the rules.

After a year’s hard work, many of the younger and middle-aged campers relax and unwind, and occasionally have a bit of a late night with fellow campers, good music and a good laugh.

Please note, this does not happen every night, but most of the campers get their turn once during the holiday!

If the elderly or direct neighbours for some or other reason did not join the party, a genuine excuse is made the following morning – often with a peace offering!

I must say, after a day on the beach, an evening braai and a drink or two, we sleep when our heads  touch the pillows! Occasional late night music is not a problem for us.

Campers who don’t contribute to keep a park, ablutions and their own campsite neat and clean and who do not discipline their kids cause much more inconvenience.

There is a difference between a bush retreat, a caravan park / holiday resort and an old age home!

Please let the sun shine on all!

Johann Bosman

Bush camping

In rural areas, the bush and game parks, naturally music this is a no-no.

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