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UK Camping & Caravan sites are set to reopen soon


While South African’s are patiently waiting to hear when the government will allow citizens to go camping again and to travel, it looks like domestic travel regulations are being lifted across Europe, and trends are arising of holidaymakers pursuing domestic camping trips. The trend is already making its way across Europe, with the UK swiftly following suit.

The UK government is slowly beginning to ease lockdown restrictions and accommodation businesses are aiming to open on July 4 which will include campsites, caravan, and holiday parks. The 4th of July is currently the earliest possible date for the reopening of campsites and caravan parks, but this will only apply if the government’s tests have been met.

As many people across the world are planning to explore their “own backyard” rather than to travel internationally, holidaymakers are now choosing a more independent form of travel that is more sanitary and isolated – and what better way to this than to go camping. Many of the campsites in the UK has seen tremendous growth in domestic bookings since the news of the ease of the lockdown restrictions has been announced. Currently, caravan and camping holidays are considered the “safest” way to travel or spend your holiday due to it being in an outdoor environment that makes it easier to isolate from other people.

Caravan parks and campsites have begun to get various health and hygiene guidelines in place that will help to keep the spread of COVID-19 to a minimum. Campsites will be reducing its booking capacity to ensure that there is better control. This is also great news for many caravans and campervan rental agencies in the UK.

Campsites in the Netherlands are already open for visitors, but common sanitary facilities will remain closed until 1 July at all campsites and holiday parks. Spain and Austria are also allowing camping, but under strict conditions, and so is Italy. As of the 1st of June France, has also been allowing citizens to camp and from the 7th of June, Switzerland will also allow camping. In Belgium, you are also allowed to go camping as of the 8th of June.



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