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Tuinroete Caravans Top 5 Best-Selling Caravans of 2023


As we firmly close the book for 2023, we were very interested to know which caravans were more sought after, than others during the past year. During the recent holiday period, we managed to catch up with one of the Western Cape’s leading caravan dealerships situated along the popular Garden Route coastline – Tuinroete Woownwaens. Their Caravan showroom is managed by Echard and Kobus, who together share over 18+ years of combined experience with new and used caravan sales, which we felt was a fantastic benchmark for local caravan sales knowledge for both our industry and their region.

In addition to this, it must also be known that Tuinroete Woownwaens is one of the older and more established dealerships in Southern Africa that specialises with multi-franchise caravan brands which are manufactured and sourced locally within South Africa. Their expertise in working alongside some of South Africa’s most sought-after brands helps us to closely identify market trends, caravan popularity and industry consensus based on the direct caravan sales made off of their customers.

For us, knowing which caravans are more desired than others helps us to keep abreast of resale opportunities and trade-in offers based on caravan popularity. Remember, if you own a popular caravan brand, and look after it – it should hold its resale value extremely well while you and your family benefit from the enjoyment of using it when you set off for your adventures. This is one of the biggest benefits of owning a newer model caravan. The table below indicates five of the most popular new caravans sold by Tuinroete Woownwaens for 2023.

Popularity Make and Model Berths/ Sleeps Manufacturing Province On-road/Off-road
1st Infanta Enkulu 3 4 Sleeper Western Cape Off-road
2nd Tuff Cats Mbada 2 Sleeper Gauteng Off-road
3rd Nayela X 2 Sleeper Free State Off-road
4th OKTO Chateau 4 Sleeper Gauteng On-road
5th OKTO Gravellor Ensuite 2 Sleeper Gauteng Gravel Roader


A brief look at their best-selling caravans for 2023
Looking at the information above, you can certainly see some interesting trends starting to emerge. Firstly, three of their top 5 best sellers are 2-berth caravans, and the majority of their best sellers are originally manufactured in Gauteng – but that’s not all. You will see that three of their top 5 new caravans sold are off-road caravans, which compliments similar feedback that we have received from other dealerships across South Africa and are not only specific to the Western Cape.

Historically, it has always been on-road caravan sales that have dominated the new caravan sales market in our country. This begs the question: why are new off-road caravans becoming more desirable than their on-road counterparts? Are our roads deteriorating so much that it has influenced caravan buying power to choose off-road as opposed to on-road? Generally, there are three main types of caravans manufactured in South Africa. These are on-road caravans, off-road caravans and gravel-road caravans. Each will require a purpose-built axle and chassis to handle your adventure pursuits, often matching the capabilities of your tow vehicle. In short, off-road caravans can venture on-road, however, on-road caravans are not always backwards compatible which is suffice to say, if you use your on-road caravan off-road or on more challenging terrain (other than tarmac), you do so at considerable risk.

Before we start to dissect the information above any further, we should mention to everyone that Tuinroete Woonwaens stock a few popular and well-known brands under their roof. These include Bushwakka, BushLapa, Okto Caravans, Nayela, Infanta 4×4, Edge Out, Quantum Caravans and Tuff Cats. It seems to us that this niche sector of the Garden Route is perfectly poised for anything off-road, on-road, gravel road hybrids or anything in-between. In fact, with such a diverse range of caravans available and on show at their premises, customers visiting Kobus and Echard can quite easily gauge and narrow their caravan choices based on specific needs, adventures, packing space, sleeping requirements or family sizes. Whatever you might fancy or dream of – these guys can make it a reality!

Looking at the data table above, another conclusion that we can make is that most of their new caravan sales are geared towards young families and pensioners. Most of these new caravans were sold in either 2- or 4-berth caravan models, with 2-berth caravans in the lead over 4-berth models in new caravan sales. This is usually indicative of older couples and pensioners because not every young couple can afford a new out-of-the-box caravan. However, if you have an older model to trade in when you decide on an upgrade, it does make circumstances more enticing and feasible. As a matter of curiosity, we also picked Kobus’ and Echard’s brains to find out which caravans were most popular in their pre-owned fleet. Which yielded its own set of interesting results as you can clearly see below.

Popularity Caravan Model Berths/ Sleeps *Average Sales price Terrain type
1st Sprite Tourer SW 4 Sleeper R 300 000* Gravel
2nd Jurgens Xplorer 4 Sleeper R 300 000* Off-road
3rd Sprite Swing 4 Sleeper R 250 000* On-road
4th Jurgens Penta 4 Sleeper R 270 000* On-road
5th  Jurgens Exclusive 4 Sleeper R 350 000* On-road


A look at the most popular pre-owned caravans sold in 2023
Looking at this table above which focuses on Tuinroete Woownwaens’ five most popular pre-owned caravan sales for 2023, do you also notice that the greater portion of this data reflects on-road favourability over off-road abilities? Or more accurately, why do customers seeking pre-owned caravans choose 4-berth on-road caravan models instead of off-road models as in the case of new caravan models sold? Could it be that newcomers to this towing leisure lifestyle prefer to test the waters and gain towing experience and knowledge with their families on-road before upgrading and choosing great and wild off-roading destinations? Or do you think that most families that caravan, downscale and upgrade from 4-berth on-road caravans to 2-berth off-road caravans when the kids leave the house?

We may have to do some more data research to find out. Perhaps it may be worthwhile to eat this apple from the other side as we invite you to give us your feedback for participation. Do you prefer off-road caravanning in the wild or off the beaten track? Or do you prefer your local on-road caravanning experiences at your local resort by the sea or dam? Then lastly, what factors would entice you to upgrade or trade in your old caravan for a new one? Would it be the price, capabilities, or simply a leisure lifestyle choice that would enable you to access any remote destination throughout Southern Africa – like from Maputo to Hartenbos? We are extremely eager to know!

Let’s compare apples with apples, and put you in the driving seat of our shoes. Click here for a direct link to the Tuinroete Caravans website. Take a look and see what they can offer you in terms of a trade-in and let us know specifically what would entice you to trade in your old faithful for something newer and vastly improved, and if you too would prefer the offroad leisure lifestyle. After all, this is Africa right? Once we have received all your feedback, we will endeavour to report back.

To receive a quote on trading in your old caravan or upgrading to a newer model, please use the enquiry form below. Remember to state the make and model of your caravan, or if you simply want a quote on purchasing a new caravan. The team at Tuinroete Woonwaens is standing by to assist you.

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