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Try a change to camp meals-pack this handy mini oven


“What? No ways!” my wife said, when I showed her the box from the Czech Republic.

“But we can have braaied chops in every possible way,” I replied.

“And if it ruins the meat you are paying for it!” my wife added.

“The instructions say that it can be used by children of eight years and older, surely my five score and ten puts me at an advantage? After all, how difficult can it be putting chops in an oven?” I replied.

To cut a long story short, we discovered a new way of enjoying fine dining in the great outdoors because we have never, but never, had such a tender rack of lamb chops, ever! Not even in fancy restaurants.

For camping, the Remoska is just so easy. We bought a rack of lamb, preflavoured with rosemary and other spices, from the local supermarket, placed it into the Teflon-coated Remoska dish along with a few par-boiled potatoes, plugged it into the side of the caravan, put the lid on and flicked the switch. Some 40 minutes later – it was like pulling the proverbial rabbit out of a hat – just like magic, the lamb was cooked to perfection, as in the picture. Some of the potatoes closer to the lid also browned nicely and we had eight of the most succulent, tasty and tender chops ever.

A meal for four.

The Remoska is not a slow-cooker but rather cooks faster than a conventional oven, due to the compactness in size and less space to heat. Some meats may require extra browning in a frying pan if that’s your preference, and the interesting recipe book provides handy tips on the oven’s use. And that’s not all, the next best thing is that the Teflon dish washes so easily, no hard carbon or burnt fat to scrub off. All it takes is warm water, a sponge and dishwasher liquid to be sparkling clean – and the Teflon surface seems to disperse water, less to be absorbed on the dish cloth.

How does it work? The Remoska comes in three basic parts: a stand to insulate the base of the pot, a Teflon-coated pot with handles, and a lid that contains the heating element.

The lid, as such, never gets washed, only wiped. And it draws only 400 Watts – that, the instructions quote, is equivalent to four or five light bulbs (the old non-LED type!).

It requires 220-volts, comes with a fused 3-amp, three prong (15 amp) plug and it has an on/off switch that glows red when on.

After dinner I noticed my wife had developed an interest in reading the cookbook included in the box. This appliance does everything you can do in an oven: baked sweet potatoes and apples, apple and almond cream pie, Camembert baked in the box, Turkish Pilaf, sticky sausages, fish, bread, cake – you can even warm up leftover pizza!

It can be used for preparing all types of meat, vegetables, savoury and sweet dishes, as well as for thawing frozen food.

The lid also has a window, useful for keeping an eye on how the meal is progressing.

For men, you don’t have to read the instructions, just some bro common sense and you too can be the naked chef or foul-mouthed whatshisname – it’s that easy to use!

There are two models available: a 2-litre 400 Watt (ideal for a couple or servings for four people), or a bigger 4-litre capacity, 580 Watt model.




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