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Travel: Live life, go camping!

By Bernard & Cathy Watson.

My wife and I were married a year ago but have been an item for three years. Over the past year or so, we had been putting together a camping equipment collection so that one day we might be brave, pack up, and hit the road for a few weeks. Time ticked along, and my wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. This was devastating news, since she had been in remission for 12 years prior to this return.

Six months of chemo and medication took a heavy toll on her as a human being, both physically and mentally, but she showed huge progress after the treatments.

We decided that it was time to do what we’d wanted to do for so long, and go camping. I took three weeks leave, and with my double-cab bakkie packed, checked and full of petrol, we hit the road to ATKV Drakensville.

From the time that we arrived, we were made to feel welcome − not only by the staff of the resort, but by fellowcaravanners and campers alike.

The vibe was amazing. When we ran out of ice, a neighbourly caravanner brought us some; when a camp stool was torn, a camper next to us said, ‘Let’s sew it back together’. Whenever my wife used the ablution facilities, she was always away for a long time, as people chatted to her about her cancer and wished her well. It is just amazing to see campers pull together in support of each other.

We made friends who joined us for a braai − we chatted, exchanged numbers, and just had a great time. This was our first trip but it certainly will not be our last. Life is too short; make it an amazing experience… and GO CAMPING.


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