Travel: Exclusive goes off-road

By Elana Grunder

We women like to know that we are always right. In any situation that we find ourselves, or in forecasts that are made, we have the right answer − or we think we do. But this time, I was proved very wrong.

We had a Jurgens Xplorer, but my husband wanted something with more space inside to move. He’d always had a great love for the Jurgens Exclusive, and (after he’d begged and pleaded) I agreed to sell our precious Jurgens Xplorer, but on one condition: that the Exclusive had to be able to go where the EXlorer went. Well, you all know that isn’t possible, but my husband accepted the challenge.

After long hours of planning and late evenings of hard work, he managed to put bigger wheels on, and spacers in, and had done various other things. (I don’t always understand his technical vocabulary). In the end, the Exclusive was 90mm higher than before, and ready for a bit of gravel road and 4×4-ing.

Our first kind of “off-road camp” was at a place about 30km outside Lamberts Bay, and one of its requirements was to have 4×4. We do have a 4×4 vehicle, but we don’t have a 4×4 camping trailer… we have a huge, enormous caravan. I had a lot of trust issues about how we would get this thing to the camp site in one piece.



We did get there, with low tyre pressure and some bumps and scratches, so the first thing that I went to check was whether all the eggs had survived. To my surprise, everything was in the place that I had packed it.

I enjoyed the fact that we only had to open the door, take out our camping chairs and make a fire, and −voilà! − we were camping. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this caravan and all the space that it has inside.

I will miss the Xplorer, but the Exclusive just takes it that step further when it comes to comfort. In the end, I was proved wrong; I’d thought we’d only be able to stick to tar roads, and that our days of off-road camping were over, but it seems to me that we have a lot more challenges waiting for us. My husband can’t stop smiling, because he got to tell me: “I told you so.”


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