Towing Test: VW Cross Caddy 2.0

Story by Godfrey Castle Photos by Godfrey Castle and Alex Dunsford-White

Happy Chappy

So you’ve been a Golf fan since Pa fell off the horse, owned a GTi in your young and single days, then you met the girl of your dreams, had kids, bought a caravan and… goodbye GTi! But you’re a VW man through and through, and now you need a family wagon… preferably a Volkswagen. Well, fasten your safety belt, because the good times are here again. We have probably had more reader requests for a tow test of the Volkswagen Caddy than any other vehicle in recent years; and, as the saying goes, sometimes the best things in life are worth waiting for!

What is the Cross Caddy?

Following the success of the Cross Polo, which has been jazzed up with a few extra cosmetic trimmings to create a more exciting package, Volkswagen have recognised the need for an upmarket version of the popular (but somewhat austerely styled) Caddy. This Cross Caddy has dull chromed roof racks, and trim in important places such as the lower radiator grill, attractive alloy wheels, upmarket cloth-covered seats, stability control, bluetooth functionality, and steering-wheel mounted controls, to name but a few. It’s a package which, together with the lively paint colour, attracts a lot of attention wherever you stop. What’s more, while this model appears to have the interior space of its much larger Kombi sibling, it’s so much more compact and easier to drive − not to mention light on fuel!

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