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The ultimate camping gear destination just swished in with more Black Friday jingles and bells for our Western Cape readers.


November is handing out specials on a platter and we at CaravanSA decided to lend a hand and curate the ultimate Black Friday deals-list that promises to add flair to your caravan and camping game.

Tuinroete Camping & Caravans just brought Black Friday Month (yes, 2020 is giving back, finally!) to the Western Cape with some fantastic caravan and trailer bargains.

For Johannesburg deals with Carnival Caravans in Boksburg please use this link for a different set of new and used local caravan specials.

But why is everyone getting starry-eyed (ok, going a bit nuts, really) when they hear Black Friday?

A quick history lesson… The earliest reference to the month of savings was coined by local police in Philadelphia (US) when the heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic would congest roads and stores on the day after Thanksgiving, which falls on the last Thursday of November each year. This was the day when shops would realign themselves with the upcoming summer period by clearing out inventory at reduced prices.

Due to its growing popularity with bargain hunters, the stampede of shoppers steadily spun into a full-on frenzy, taking matters “out of the red, and into the black”. And so Black Friday came to birth.

We at CaravanSA are excited to announce that Tuinroete Camping & Caravans has decided to launch Black Friday specials on ALL their big-ticket caravans, trailers and more – even the new models! See Tuinroete Camping & Caravans’ stocklist below for all their caravan and trailer deals.

You can use our quick-entry contact form directly below for instant access to all Tuinroete Camping & Caravans advertised specials. And while in the spirit of things, add some discounted bells and whistles to the cart; on offer are fridges, travel blankets, awnings, rally tents, and much more.

Tuinroete Camping & Caravans’ Echard is also on standby to take your call at 044 695 2602 for specialist advice and to attend to any personalised requests.

So share this link with your family and friends on email, social media or WhatsApp. This helps us to broadcast more great specials like these for the benefit of our whole local outdoors and travel industry. There’s so much to go round!

All specials and deals are listed below, and remember, T&C’s apply – and first come is first served. 😉

Check out the New Caravans carousal images below

Tuinroete Karavane SPECIALS pricelist


Original Price

2020 Special

You Save

New Caravans & Trailers

Jurgens LT1500 Trailer R19 200 R18 500 R700
Gypsey Lite Caravan R153 900 R149 900 R4 000
Gypsi Impi Caravan R163 900 R159 900 R4 000
Sprite Sprint Caravan R245 000 R229 000 R16 000
Sprite Swing Caravan R275 500 R260 000 R15 500
Safari Tourer SP Gravel Road Caravan R319 000 R299 900 R19 100
Sprite Tourer SW Gravel Road Caravan R324 400 R304 400 R20 000
Safari Xcape Off-road Caravan R349 900 R329 900 R20 000
Jurgens Classique Caravan R422 000 R399 900 R22 100
Jurgens Exclusive GS Caravan R444 900 R424 900 R20 000

Check out the pre-owned caravan selection in this carousal below

Pre-owned Caravans


Original Price

2020 Special

You Save

2015 Jurgens XT120 Off-road Trailer R65 000 R59 900 R5 100
2015 Jurgens XT140 Off-road Trailer R69 900 R59 000 R10 000
2008 Gypsey Romany Caravan R149 900 R139 900 R10 000
2008 Jurgens Classique Caravan R209 900 R199 900 R10 000
2010 Jurgens Penta Caravan R199 900 R189 900 R10 000
2012 Gypsey Regal Caravan R165 000 R155 000 R10 000
2015 Jurgens Penta Caravan R275 000 R265 000 R10 000
2015 Sprite Tourer SW Caravan R239 900 R229 900 R10 000
2016 Jurgens Classique Caravan R349 900 R339 900 R10 000
2016 Sprite Splash Caravan R249 900 R239 900 R10 000
2016 Sprite Tourer SW Caravan R249 900 R239 900 R10 000
2018 Sprite Sprint Caravan R219 900 R209 900 R10 000
2018 Sprite Swing Caravan R239 900 R229 900 R10 000
2015 Jurgens Xplorer Off-road Caravan R285 000 R275 000 R10 000
2020 Jurgens Penta Demo Caravan R329 900 R299 900 R30 000
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