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Moremi XLT

Dynamite in a small package: The Moremi XLT built by Custom Canopies


Overlanding and camping can be an expensive affair – unless you do it right. We’ve developed a compact camping trailer that will change the way you travel for good.

The Moremi XLT builds on the success of its predecessors, bringing off-road trailer camping to those without an EB licence. Why? Because the Moremi XLT has a GVM of just 750kg and a tare of 250kg.

We’ve even towed it using a Suzuki Jimny, and the 1.5l petrol engine had no trouble at all. If you’re concerned about towing with a CVT gearbox, that won’t be an issue either.



The importance of accessibility

Although overlanding in South Africa isn’t a new trend at all, there’s still so much room for more adventurers to join the fold. However, accessibility has always been an issue, especially for aspiring campers who simply can’t lug a massive trailer around.

The solution is usually to fit a rooftop tent to one’s car – and our Moremi Sport Rooftop tent is perfect for the job – but some travellers need the extra storage and equipment that comes with a trailer.

Even though the Moremi XLT is just 800mm tall, 1350mm wide, and 2000mm long, its efficient design ensures that you can haul a fridge, kitchenette, and all your other camping equipment. For the taller amongst us, the Moremi XLT is also available in a length of 2200mm.

The trailer’s built-in rooftop tent comfortably sleeps two, and you can leave your bedding tucked away inside when it’s not in use. You can even opt for USB ports and lighting inside the tent – perfect for those cold, rainy days in the bush.

Furthermore, if you’re pedantic about the location of your tent in the campsite, the XLT is so light that you can move it around by hand. That comes in handy when hitching up, too.

[TESTIMONY] I’ve done over 8000km in 14 months with the Moremi XLT

Dynamite in a small package

If you’ve gotten to this point in the article and still have some doubts, perhaps this will sway you.

One of our unbraked – yes, unbraked – Moremi XLT trailers has already conquered the roughest roads in the Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park and wet season in the Okavango Delta. This trailer can however also have a braked axle fitted.

It’s fully sealed against dust and water, so you never have to worry about your precious cargo getting ruined by the forces of nature.

Let’s not forget that the Moremi XLT is designed to turn heads, too. Aside from the steel trim and minimalist design, it can also be painted to match the exact colour of your vehicle.

We’re confident in the quality of our product, and we hope to welcome many new campers to the overlanding tribe with this new level of accessibility!


For more information regarding the Moremi XLT as well as a list of standard features, optional extras, and finance options, please use the enquiry form below and a member of the Custom Canopies team will get in touch with you.



The expert team at Custom Canopies manufacture a range of affordable camping trailers, with more than 8 years’ experience. You can visit their website on for more information.


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