The Inflatable Tent

Story & photos by Kobus Botha

Tired of getting to camp and struggling in the dark or wind with guy ropes, tent pegs and an irritated spouse? Why not just blow it up (the tent, that is, not your dear spouse!).

Yes, it’s an inflatable tent! This tent most definitely introduces a new era of camping. However, it may be used not only for camping, but also as a cover for your camping kitchen, for private functions, for events and promotions, for temporary housing… and the list goes on. Although they are already extremely popular with eventing and promotions companies, these tents were, in fact, originally designed for disaster management: to provide people with temporary shelters. They proved so popular and reliable that the industry targeted this great product and made it available to the public… and it’s an excellent addition to one’s list of camping must-haves.


The whole tent inflates in less than four minutes; and it is built using materials of exceptional quality, so it will last you a lifetime. (The PVC itself is durable for at least 20 years.) There’s no construction in its erected form, as there are no poles; it’s freestanding, very versatile and can withstand strong winds. It will require anchoring only under extremely windy conditions.

But how is this possible? Well, because of its unique design, when a strong wind attacks it from any side or angle, the wind pushes one of the sides down, which effectively presses the tent even more firmly to the ground. When the winds ease off, the pontoons will simply pop out again and the tent will be restored to its original shape.

There are no stitches in the materials – the seams are all welded and are made from waterproof, UV-resistant and treated fabrics to ensure that the tent will last for many years, even when fully exposed to sunlight. The tent is also fire-retardant to SABS specifications, won’t rot in wet conditions (unlike some cotton tents,) and is also washable.

It also has excellent ventilation because of its large doors and the netted windows on all four sides, while another four vents in the roof offer respite from stuffiness even when the doors are all closed. The tents can also be interlinked (and still be fully waterproof) without any extra attachments. All fittings are rust-proof as well.

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