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The easiest way to sell your motorhome


There are two main methods of selling your motorohome and these are privately or through a dealer. The latter is by far the safest way to conclude the sale. Here are our top reasons why you should sell your motorhome through a registered and reputable dealer.

  1. Selling through a dealer will guarantee you a sale. That is of course if you are willing to accept the price being offered. Remember, a dealer will always offer less than the suggested retail or perceived retail because they want to make a profit when selling the motorhome to the next buyer.
  2. Selling your motorhome privately is fraught with problems. These can take the form of fraudulent payments, scams and various other means to elicit the motorhome from you without payment. For these reasons it is always the safest option to conclude the sale through a reputable dealer and not at Honest Joe’s Motorhome Mecca. Selling privately often takes much longer than selling to a dealer because prospective buyers either need to have cash or arrange bank finance and this can take time.
  3. Is there a good time to sell a motorhome? Well, typically summer is a good time when people are in holiday mode, but quite honestly, there is such a short supply of used motorhomes, any time of year is a good time to sell. Motorhome dealers are always looking for affordable used stock and this benefits the seller who can command greater prices for their used motorhomes and conclude the sale quickly.
  4. If you are trading in your used motorhome on a new one, then the dealer is just the place to do it. Firstly, you can often command more for your trade in because the dealer wants to sell you the new unit, and secondly, there is often good profit margin in new motorhomes which the dealer can use to sweeten the trade in price they offer you.


  1. Your motorhome should be spotlessly clean when the dealer appraises it.
  2. Make sure the license is up to date.
  3. If your motorhome is financed by the bank, have those particulars available for the dealer who will need to get a settlement value on the motorhome as part of the appraisal process.
  4. Have a copy of the motorhome’s registration document available so the dealer has easy access to chassis number, registration number and year of manufacture.
  5. If you have a service history, make this available to the dealer. A full service history will improve trade in values.
  6. Never dive headlong into a deal. Rather, take the quote and trade in value home with you so you can reflect on the deal for a few days before signing on the dotted line.

Trading in your used motorhome need not be a torrid affair but rather it can be done with relative ease through a reputable dealer. We suggest that you shop around at the various motorhome dealers to find a new motorhome that completely suits your adventure needs and then conclude the deal without any problems.

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