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Tempting tagliatelle with mouth-watering mushroom sauce


Comfort food always comes out tops! Cooking the tastiest tagliatelle and combining it with a mind-blowing mushroom sauce is a must for those cooler autumn evenings where the whole family comes together for this saucy dish. Always, yes always cook more than the serving suggestion in your Remoska Standard or Grand cooker because without fail, there will be those who pitch up like Oliver Twist for more.

Put the oil, shallots and mushrooms into the Remoska and cook until soft. Add the sauce, fill the empty sauce jar with the water and stir in. Add the tagliatelle, stir to coat with the sauce and cook for approximately 15 – 20 minutes. Season to taste. Cooking time is the same for the Standard and Grand.

Standard Grand
Serves 3-4 4-6
Oil, olive 1 tbsp 2 tbsp
Shallots finely chopped 4 6-8
Mushrooms, finely sliced 100g 4oz 200g 7oz
Mushroom sauce, jar 1 x 340g 2 x 340g
Water, warm 150ml 5fl oz 300ml 10fl oz
Pasta, Tagliatelle, fresh 100g 4oz 200g 7oz
Salt and black pepper

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